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    6 years ago

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Hammer and Chisel...Pregnant!

Weekly Update: This week I started a new program - I did it almost exactly a year ago before getting pregnant the first time last Spring.  It was my FAVORITE program. I did the math and realized that at 26 weeks pregnant if I wanted to do it, I better start soon, so the next 8 weeks will be intense but I'm already feeling so great!

Here is me doing Burpees - not the same as how I 'used' to (same with push ups), but I'm super proud of myself either way!

A few more from the week - mornings are never 'super easy' but I'll say with March here I am noticing it being lighter and lighter and it's been amazing to finish my workout to a bright outdoors!

And regardless of how tired I am when I start - I'm always wide eyed when I FINISH!

It may sound weird, but doing workouts at home 'alone' has been a great experience compared to last pregnancy in the gym - I feel like in a weird way it's some quiet bonding time with the baby before he comes.

We are also trying to soak up some last family moments with being a family of 3 - life is about to get amazing but also crazy (I know from having my first!), one of my favorite things to do is snuggle with my son while he talks to the baby.

This photo cracks me up - during my reverse plank my son decided to jump on me and the baby - another mom in my class snapped this shot of us doing a '3 person plank'!

Here we are prepping food last Sunday - we had a friend come over to takes some photography of our 'daily routine' and I'm so happy she captured this! It's a big part of our weekends!

With this week really focused on nutrition I did some awesome prep - and am starting 'post partum' prep as well - meaning every meal I make, I'm going to make twice as much and freeze for post- baby so I don't live off of hundred calorie packs again!

I find myself making this sauce weekly - I LOVE IT!

Another new favorite - 'fajita pitas' - they were out of my favorite wraps so I got pitas instead and it's yummy to put some avocado and fajitas (peppers/onions/tofu) inside! Easy and tasty.

This pizza continues to be an all time favorite as well - SO GOOD.   Not as decadent as the butternut squash one that I like to make, but more 'pizza like' and made out of eggplant!

And another oldie but goodie - PB on a wrap with a banana! Easy to transport for long days on the go!


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