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    6 years ago

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

17 Weeks!!

Weekly Update: This week I hit my 17 week marker in the pregnancy and we found out we are having a baby BOY! That's two boys total for this family - it's going to be a fun 18 years!

I've been struggling big time with feeling sick - around 1pm every day it hits and sticks with me. It's brutal!  As a result my nutrition has been wonky, so I'm making a commitment that once I feel better to clean it up and quickly.     

That being said, I have been taking weekly photos and this is the first set where I think I see a baby in there!  Week 4 (left) versus Week 17 (right).

I've been able to do every workout with some modifications, but I'm playing around with the active maternity series available to me and those I coach - what I love about it is the EDUCATION that comes with it - it's a half hour of workout plus learning about fitness during pregnancy so you can do ANY workout after.

I now stream all my workouts which has made travel easy - and I have been playing around with streaming them using my projector as well!

Getting back to my comment about food - I am realizing that it's affecting my overall body composition (not just my stomach...that part I'm ok with!).   So my goal for January and February is to get my arms stronger again! Here is my Day 1 arm photo.

Speaking of GOALs...2 years ago I set a goal to be a "daily $500 winner" - once I found out that the company financially rewarded people for losing weight, I put on my goal list (see inset photo) that I'd be a winner - and after 2 years of working my butt off on my personal goals, I not only got healthier and happier but I got the fact TWO emails. I won $500 for the daily winner AND $1,000 as a monthly winner.  How cool is that? Basically the company paid me back for all the programs I purchased to lose my weight (plus some extra spending money!)

Another reason I love being a customer AND coach is that the company really rewards you with things that are linked to progress, here's another example.  For ever program you finish, they mail you a free t-shirt or tank top to show off your progress.   Here's my latest tank top from my newest program!

And some quick food news...two of the foods I continue to eat and enjoy on a daily basis....Shakeology (of course), 

And Bananas!!!

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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Slow and Steady

Weekly Update: I've been struggling a lot with workouts - getting up, feeling winded, you name it!  I was actually getting down on myself because I'm not really showing yet (16 weeks) but I've gained enough weight for an entire pregnancy.  I needed to level set so I wanted to remind myself how far I have come.  I've been stressed over this pregnancy, pretty much paranoid every single day that I'll lose it.  I've also been sick but starving causing me to eat pretty weird things.    But one thing I am super proud of is despite being sick, and despite my workouts literally 'sucking wind' - I'M STILL working out.   When I started on my journey I had let working out fall to the bottom of my priority list for close to a full year. 

This time will be different, for my mental health I need my workouts.

Here's what I mean by struggling....mornings have been HARD.  My 5:30am wake up has turned to 6am which is also making me feel rushed - but I am not skipping a day, because I know from experience one day can become 2 can become ten can become a year.   Even if it's just 15 minutes, I am committed.

And here's part of why- this little guy is USED to me doing it.   This photo is symbolic - his outfit is about 2 years too small, but he loves it.  He calls it his 'running suit' - he likes to wear it because him and Mommy run together.    I want him to continue to see me as someone who puts my health first.

The food hasn't been all bad - I'm pulling back to some of my oldies but goodies that I know I like and are easy.   Like my pb/banana wrap!

Another huge thing I did this week was spend some time cutting a ton of veggies up. I stored them individually so I could cook, use for salads or do whatever I wanted with them over the week!

Mainly I've been doing salads though! And they've been super refreshing.

But the carrots I also steamed last night for a little different flavor (no butter, just carrots!)

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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Progress not Perfection

Weekly Update: I've been feeling very challenged with my food choices recently - I start the days strong but by 2 or 3pm I start to feel sick, and then the food seems to make me sicker even though I'm starving.  I  keep holding on to the fact that now that I'm at 15 weeks, there are only a few more weeks of the weird food aversions (I hear 18 is the magic week?!).  I have been feeling weaker in my workouts and generally frustrated with my strength but then I remember that as long as I KEEP moving I'll be stronger than if I were to stop for the next 6 months.

In the mean time, while we haven't told my son yet, we've been prepping him by having him read books and watch movies about big brother helpers.  Here he is helping rock a baby in class who was upset - he took the job seriously!

And here he is making banana pancakes 'just like Daniel Tiger does' when he becomes a big brother to baby Margaret. 

Back to my original note about feeling sort of icky and weak - I took this photo for someone I am coaching to show a modification for a side plank.   The first thing I saw was my cellulite and it totally grossed me out.  But then I looked further - I saw my perfect form, I saw the photo of my son and I on the wall above my head doing Pilates together, and I saw a mom that despite feeling frustrated with her nutrition recently, won't give up!

I had to share this photo because it's literally the only one we have with Santa with a smile! I totally get it too, Santa is a stranger so the idea of sitting on his lap is sort of creepy if you think about it! At first I thought it was weird that I had to be in the photo, but then realized how precious it is to have this photo with my little guy.

Here I am after one of my morning workouts.   They have started to 'slide' and start around 6am recently instead of 5:30 - I'm grateful they are only 30 minutes because I do have that buffer to press snooze.  When I was pregnant with Ben I continued to workout but I did it on my lunch breaks - now my days are scheduled differently so mornings work best (plus it makes me happier all day), but getting up is proving to be a challenge!

In addition to my workouts, I'm trying to combat the fatigue with my Happy Lamp.  I'm starting to realize part of my struggle may be seasonal as well.  Every little bit of extra positive energy helps!

...including HYDRATION.  Something I've been slacking big time on as well. It's been hard since my stomach hasn't been 100% to remember and be able to get my 100 ounces in, so I've been making sure to start each day with a solid 24oz to get my pallet ready for a day of water!

Some food news, this week I created a new recipe inspired by something my husband was making.   "fried rice" - olive oil, braggs liquid amino acids, eggs, onions, mixed veggies, tempeh and brown rice.  SO GOOD!

And I've been back to my daily Shakeology as well and I can't believe how much I MISSED it.  It helps my digestion, helps me absorb the nutrients in my food and helps with my energy big time.

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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

A week of fitness!

Weekly Update: This week I had my 14 week ultra sound appointment and left feeling like a big weight was lifted off of my shoulders! Since my miscarriage this Summer, every appointment brings me a lot of anxiety and worry.   This one was a 'big' one because it marks that I am officially in the 2nd trimester and past when I had my loss (12 weeks) this past summer.  

I celebrated the good news with a week's worth of fitness.    I love this first photo because it explains my 'teaching' these days.  I LOVE to teach, and for years wanted to open my own studio.  The issue with fitness and studios is that to be able to replace an income, you would wear yourself so thin teaching (at least for me) that it ceases to be fun.

So why did I share this?  I get to teach, but on my terms and only as frequently as I can to still enjoy it.   And the reason is because of my coaching business.   I truly feel blessed to be able to do two things I love on a daily basis and contribute to the family in a way that allows me to stay home with my son and work a flexible schedule, teaching classes when I want and how often I want.

This photo was taken by a mom in class, I love it because I rarely get photos of myself teaching!

And for good reason - because I'm usually the one taking the photos!!!! 

In addition to our new mommy & me classes this week - my son and I did a 5K together with a friend and her daughter.   He has done many 5K training classes with me - but usually watches me the day of the event from the sidelines.  This was the first race he 'completed' with me - and a good one too!  They gave all children their own medal and 'post race' hot cocoa at the end!

The last 'fit' content for this week is me and my morning routine - I have continued to stick to it despite being a little extra tired these days with a growing baby.  I am here to show you that you can run, lift weights, and do Pilates even when you are pregnant (barring no out of the ordinary medical concerns).   My doctor is so happy to know I'm doing all these things, and my baby will be more 'fit' as a result do to the increased blood flow in my system!

I even managed to bump up my weights this week!

Another important post of the week - I have fallen in love with this plant oil, Jajoba - it's got one ingredient and glides on my face like pure hydration without feeling overly oily.  I struggle (and always have) with very dry and dehydrated skin, especially in the Winter.  This oil in addition to my new routine has made an extreme difference in how my face feels (and the lack of pain I feel!) on a daily basis.

Food news!!!!   I have been getting really bored with food and had some food aversions so I've had to get a little creative in order to 'meet' the carb cravings and still give my body the nutrients it needs.   One of my favorites from the week was 'fried' rice - brown rice, eggs, tempeh, braggs liquid amino acids, olive oil, onion and mixed veggies! It took minutes and was amazing.

Another staple has been my Shakeology as well as this zucchini casserole that's packed with protein (eggs), and veggies (zucchini, corn, tomato, squash) but also has a 'carby' feel.

Remember that tempeh and brown rice from the fried rice?  Well here it is before I mixed it together - I had the tempeh (marinaded in braggs amino acids, maple syrup, garlic), rice and some carrots the night before for dinner.   

And here is my zucchini casserole before I cut it up!

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