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    6 years ago

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Miracle Mornings!

Weekly Update: This past week I reset, and started taking FOOD PHOTOS again of everything I eat in a day - and guess what, it works! Plus when I eat well, I 100% enjoy my food better than when I eat crummy (healthy food actually tastes better, and satisfies me more..go figure!).

Another great habit I have been loving from the past few weeks is reading 10-15 minutes of Personal Development. I actually picked this book up and am loving it because it confirms a lot of what I love about my  morning routine.   If you struggle with mornings - you need to get it and read it!

Just because I get up early, doesn't mean my eyes always pop open - I'm human too!

But when I'm done with my workout (and sometimes I have friends too), my day is ALWAYS better as a result.   With the added reading, it sets me up to be super happy all day long (and energetic!).

I love this photo taken from one of my Mommy & Me classes this week - My little guy hanging on his mat during class!

The best part of this week...all the GREAT FOOD! So the food section will be larger this week - here's my night time cafe latte shake (tastes like coffee ice cream and is great as a dessert).

A snack from mid week - our tomatoes are slow growing, but I've been able to have 1-2 a day!

Thai peanut stir fry with eggs!

Leftovers from my son's 3rd birthday party - deviled eggs, mexican caviar, and a veggie burger on lettuce!

YUM! PB with choc chips on a wrap...savory

Dehydrated watermelon (tastes like son loves it too).

Quinoa salad with veggies, red wine vinegar and a little parsley.

Vegan chocolate energy balls (SO GOOD)

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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Mount Washington!

Weekly Update: This week was fun - I got to hike Mount Washington!! I wasn't expecting to this summer since I was supposed to be about 6 months pregnant - but then about a week ago I realized, WHY NOT?   Why not do something I totally love now that I can?  So on a whim I called my dad and up we went!  There is always something to find in life to be grateful for despite hard times - and I am grateful that I'm fit enough to be able to hike a 6,200 foot mountain on a whim.

It was perhaps the most beautiful day that I have ever experienced on this Mountain - a perfect day.

I packed my goodies for the trail including my banana/sunbutter/wrap!

And the BEST part was the next day Ben put on my hiking boots and said 'look mommy, I'm hiking!!' 

We also had some fun at home - every week when I teach my one class at the gym, my mom watches my son at the Science Center - this week there was a Train Ride outside - how cool!

And of course - it wouldn't be a summer week without Boot Camp.   The older Ben gets, the more full my heart is hearing him talk about how we teach class together. I'm not only fit for me, but I'm showing him that fitness is fun.

It's funny, you have seen a lot of these 'morning mug shots' over the years - I was thinking today about how I used to be a gym rat.  Literally would spend 3 HOURS a day in the gym.   Now I do my 30-40 minute workout at home, get better results and actually really just LOVE it.  At the gym I always felt isolated, even though there was tons of people.  At home, I feel surrounded by people (thanks to social media) but I get to be totally care free and move without fear of judgement.

Food news!!!!   There is now a brand new cooking channel available - it's AMAZING.  Most people I coach worry about food prep, what to make, how to organize foods for the week.  This channel is truly amazing.  If you want more info shoot me an email (

I love Time Hop for progress photos..but it also reminds me of fun foods - like this amazing one from a year ago! I made it again this week and wow it was so good.

Here is what I brought up the mountain for my satisfying!

And then on the top of the mountain I had their chili (best I've ever had..and vegetarian!).

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Thursday, August 18, 2016

My Team, My Family

Weekly Update: I stayed the same this week, but I'm not too surprised since the drop was huge last week! I've been loving every second of my new program and can't get enough of it!

I've been having Ben workout with me more these days - he has toys but sometimes he actually jumps in on the fun.

Usually I ask him if I look like the trainer - to which he'll reply 'she said to drink water, here's your water mom' or 'she said to get different weights, mom'

But this week unexpectedly Ben says 'you need to show your tummy like her, mom'

In the past I would have been mortified - especially since I had a video going on us.  But I said to myself 'screw it! The kid has a point, she DOES have her tummy showing'

The last thing I wanted was to freak out and have him pick up on any body insecurities - because I love my body and what it can do.

And I owe it all to my amazing team of coaches.  There are over 100 of us at this point, 2 years after I started as a team of 1.  

We had a recognition party this last weekend for some of the leaders (not all shown, we forgot to take the photo until the end!).  

As I sat back and watched, It occurred to me - we are family.  

You don't need to be blood to be family, and these women and their families have become my family.

Here are some more photos of my right hand man.  We teach classes together during the week as well, and last week I cut up a shirt to make it comfortable - hence the Rambo band on Ben's head!

Another big part of my life these days is reading with purpose.  I used to read random books, but now I have found this pocket of amazing books that help me as a person all aroubd.  I'm super pumped about my newest one!

Oh yeah, and in food news - let me show you how coaches throw a BBQ!! It's pretty freaking yummy.

Black rice and mango salad

Kale and lemon salad 

Fruit salad 

Mexican caviar 

Pesto pasta 

Balsamic pasta 

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Monday, August 8, 2016

No Boundaries

Weekly Update:  I've totally been avoiding the scale, something I promised I wouldn't do.  And it's doing exactly what it used to when I avoided it in the past...Going Up!   I don't need the scale to tell me, my clothes are telling me.

That being said, I sucked it up and decided to look - it's high, but I knew that.  And while I don't really care about the 'number' I need a form of accountability so here it is, my first week of country heat, I'm down 7.1 pounds with a new total of 57.7lbs.   Making my way back to 75lbs lost one day at a time!

Most mornings I workout with out my little guy, but this weekend made a fun exception...I asked and he said yes! to working out together Saturday morning.    He didn't really do much 'working out' with me, but he sure did have fun watching and playing and occasionally popping in to do push ups or pull ups with me. 

I'm glad we did our workout together Saturday because the rest of the weekend was a whirlwind!  Fun, but busy.

I love love love this photo of me.  When I became a coach 2 years ago, I attended a quarterly local event. I almost didn't go because I was terrified not knowing anyone.  But I went anyway, and as I sat there I thought "I want to be on that stage one day" - funny since I was so scared to be there to begin with let alone on the stage.

Well here I am, this is at least my 5th time on the stage in 2 years.  I am presenting to a group of over 300.  Me! The girl who didn't even like to talk in meetings of 5 people during my days in Corporate America.   

Go figure, right?

I still can't get over how this is work.  I get to hang out with some of the most amazing people, getting happier and healthier each day, and it's my job.  

Here's some of the wonderful women from our team - post workout, glowing.

And of course, I had to share my Day 1!   I don't dance, I don't have rhythm and I don't like country  yet I am loving this program!   Day 1 is in the books, and week 1 is almost over. 

For accountability, my Day 1 photos have also been taken.  In the past I would have thought "ew, you are so gross, months ago you looked like X" - but who cares what I was months ago? This is what I am TODAY and what I'm doing about my health tomorrow is what counts.

And that includes fun morning selfies with some of my favorite people.  We have a support group where we snap photos showing that we've gotten up first thing each morning - here are a few of my favorites from this week!

And of course with a renewed commitment comes TRACKING.  I'm using my new tracking system that I got while in Nashville - a visual anchor to remind myself where I stand throughout the day.

Food prep - stuffed peppers!

Zucchini bake using spinach, chives, zucchini, corn and parsley!

And zucchini lasagna - ricotta, zucchini layers, fresh tomato sauce and chives!

Here's a favorite snack during the week and it's SO easy.   Bananas (1/4), 1/2 teaspoon of PB and then 1/4 of a wrap each rolled up. I typically have 2 a day as a mid day snack!

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