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    6 years ago

Friday, October 30, 2015

Day 21!!

Weekly Update:  First and foremost, I'm EXTREMELY proud of myself for finishing a solid 21 Days using the 21 Day Fix program.  This is something I haven't done since I started last summer at 237 pounds.   I learned so much those first 21 days that I honestly didn't need to do a 'strict round'.  I learned how to manage my days and continue to get stronger and lose weight.  That being said, the few weeks and months leading up to these last 21 days were getting more challenging, and I wanted to see just what I could accomplish where I am now.  I am happy to report that I'm down 2.2lbs for a NEW total of 78.0lbs down!!!

I also had some extra fun this week teaching classes that I don't typically teach! Like a Ball Pilates class at the gym in Hartford where I work.  I love using the ball, there are so many great uses for it!

One thing I am super proud of is that I have not only been consistently working out, but consistently doing it at 5:30am (yes, even on the weekends!).  I find that routine really works for me, and it gives me some calm in the mornings before my day starts.   I do always 'question' myself when my alarm goes off, then I remember how GREAT I feel when I follow through with my early morning "ME" time.

This was a fun comparison that I have been dying to do.  A few months ago, I tried on this dress being pretty sure it would fit.  It didn't - and as you can see it wasn't even that close to fitting. I knew it WOULD  fit though, so I snapped a photo. I was packing for an upcoming vacation and saw the dress. I decided to try it on - and it fit like a glove! Funny thing is, it was only about a 10 pound difference, but the changes in my body from my consistent workouts (and Body Beast!) have made a huge impact on the shape of my body and how clothes fit.

This photo is not at all fitness related, but it's family related. I had a blast this weekend with my little guy celebrating the silliness that is Halloween, I love that I can run around with him and play and walk around 'trick or treating' without being tired or winded! 

Here is one of my favorite progress photos so far, my nails! I used to be a nail biter, and managed to stop for a few years, but recently for whatever reason it's been creeping back up on me.  For the past maybe 2 or 3 years I've been nibbling away.  I looked down at my had a couple weeks ago and said 'enough is enough'. I reached out to my private women's group (link listed at the end of the blog) for support. I got some great ideas, and with the help of my group have managed to kick the habit!

Here is a fun transformation photo from just 15 days into my 21 day recommitment to my nutrition, it's amazing how much you can SEE all the fruits of my hard work with the workouts when the nutrition is in check!

And of course, the food news!!

So I have to say, there have been a handful of times over this last 21 days that I wanted to make 'exceptions', but the thing is there will be time for that AFTER. I promised I'd re-set my pallet and do a good 21 Days, no excuses, no exceptions.   Going out to breakfast is one of my favorite meals and easy to make healthy, but I do usually let myself have toast and homefries. I knew that to stay on course, I had to choose one, so I asked if they could substitute the homefries, and they did! With veggies too (most places do fruit, but I'd much rather have veggies).  

I got to go out, enjoy a fun meal AND not have to go off -course!

This weekend was super busy with Halloween activities that I forgot to food prep, I'm really happy that I was able to round up a few things including some pomegranates for the week! The key is to prep in advance, this way you have 'fast food' without having to do anything.

Another quick thing I made was 10 individual servings of curry - I threw a ton of stuff into a crock pot and let it hang out overnight - then I have been adding rice if I want to as I eat it. SO good!   

I'm also totally hooked on these salads. I am typically not a salad person..well I love salad, but I hate lettuce, which just leaves me with cut up veggies.   But discovered when I did the Ultimate Reset (there is a specific blog post on what that is), that I LOVE arugula.  Who'd have thought?  So here is my simple yet tasty salad with a veggie burger on top and then grilled Ezekiel bread as a side!

I never tire of this 'oldie but goodie'  cauliflower pizza crust topped with amazingness!   

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Sunday, October 18, 2015

14 Days Strong

Weekly Update:   Well I did it, I'm at 14 days strong with my clean eating plan - I haven't been this dedicated since I started last July over a year ago.  This week I am down .8 for a total of 76.8lbs.  I have been extremely successful in general, but after this summer of maintaining (still a big win), I decided it was time to really step it up and make a commitment to 21 Days of clean eating and I am feeling amazing.

I love this photo from this weekend - I feel like I look happier and healthier even in the past week.   And here I am with my little "WHY Guy" - he is one of my WHYs.   He is WHY I am so dedicated each day to my health and fitness. I want to show him how to be healthy, but more importantly I want to be alive to see him grow up and have kids of his own.

This week was really cool for me - I was able to face one of my biggest goals and fears - public speaking! I've been dabbling with it here and there and accepting any opportunity I get, but this weekend was the biggest public speaking event I've ever done. I sat on a panel with four others and shared my story in front of a group of 250 individuals.   It was terrifying and exciting all at once!

The event I spoke at is a quarterly event for coaches and their guests.  The first time I attended one of these events I went alone - I knew no one, and I almost chickened out, but that event changed my life.

This photo on the left is from the second 'Super Saturday' I ever attended (I don't have photos from the first one unfortunately).   The photo on the right, is me this past weekend - I have the same determination, but I am such a different person just 9 months later.  Instead of sitting in the corner afraid to look anyone in the eye, I was right up there on the stage addressing everyone in the room!

Here are some more progress photos - these are different from what I typically share.  These ones are my 'one week' on clean eating progress photos.   I feel it is important to share these because it shows just how much proper nutrition really does matter.    I have been working out consistently since last summer, and getting stronger, but when my nutrition is off, my progress is off.   These are literally only 6 days apart - and the only difference was that I started eating cleanly again.   If you're curious what that means - shoot me a message, I'd love to work with you (

Another progress photo - my nails!!  Over the last year I've changed so many things besides just my weight.  I've learned the importance of washing and moisturizing my face daily, I've started flossing daily, and as of two weeks ago, I stopped a chronic nail biting habit.  It's funny how something so small can be so empowering.

And my final 'transformation photo'. This one I'm particularly proud of.  This is a woman who has grown to be a good friend of mine. I met her for the first time this winter at a Mom's Club event - she was 50 pounds heavier and no where near ready to make a change for her health.    We sit here, 8 months later, and I was fortunate enough to be in the room to see her displayed on the big screen as a "Transformation Success Story" - she has changed so much and watching her grow as a person as she continues through her weight loss journey has been nothing short of amazing. 

This photo I guess could be classified as a transformation photo as well, it's  proof that it doesn't take much to get up and get going in the morning. I have really gotten into the habit of morning workouts, despite the fact that every morning at 5:30am when my alarm goes off I cringe.  I know that 5 minutes later I'll be happier and 45 minutes later, I'll have so much more energy then had I slept those 45 extra minutes.

Here are some fun "stability ball" exercises - this is one of my favorite fitness materials of all time - they are so versatile (aside from the fact that they take up a bunch of space!), I literally could do all my workouts with just my body and this thing.

Food news - I've been so busy eating good stuff I forgot to take photos!  But that's ok, because this one is seriously my favorite from the week - spaghetti squash with cut up veggie burger, tomatoes, garlic, Italian spices, asparagus and a little fresh parmesan cheese!

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Special Edition, in the press!!

I wanted to post two cool things that happened recently!!  First, I was approached to be featured in a Health & Fitness Blog!! How cool is that?!   The blog interview can be found here:

Blog Spotlight:

The second, was a big goal of mine - I set it about a year ago - and it finally came true!  A year ago I attended an event called "Super Saturday" that changed my life.  I had already decided to become a coach, but I was still very early on in my transformation.   I thought to myself, "One day, I want to be up on that stage sharing MY story".   Here I am exactly a year later, on a panel sharing my story in front of over 250 people. 

Full Panel (25 minutes):

My Responses Only (5 minutes):

Monday, October 12, 2015

Back and it feels so good!

Weekly Update:  This week I am down 6.2lbs for a total of 75lbs! Last week I opted for the first time in over a year to not look at my weight. I vowed to myself that I would reset and give it my all starting Friday, after a week of totally out of control eating, I started fresh and recommitted to a full 21 Day round at 100% dedication (typically I do 80/20 since my first round last year at 100%).  

How did I snap out of it? I said, enough is enough!   I worked way too hard for this to blow it in a few weeks and start to slide back to a place I don't want to go back to.

Here are my 7 day progress photos - beyond the weight and photos I just FEEL better!!

I also have this little guy to remember - he is part of my WHY.   And a simple part of it is that I want to have ENERGY for him!!   When I eat poorly, I'm tired and don't want to play, and I hate feeling that way.

This week was perfect timing too - I got my free 21 Day Fix shirt for submitting my photos, I love it!!  I don't know why I waited so long to submit them, but here it is - and it's true, I get Closer Every Day.

...and sillier! I have an awesome morning workout group on Facebook and we do silly challenges - like best morning workout attire. I have to say, it was a game time decision and I formulated my 'outfit' at 5am while half asleep - but here it is!  I raided my kitchen trying to find an alternative to putting sharpe under my eyes and ended up with chocolate Shakeology which meant I smelled like chocolate the whole workout! But it was worth it!

Another fun thing happened this weekend! I was featured in a blog! How cool??? Check out my online interview:

Here is another favorite from the week from my Mommy & Me Boot Camp.   I love when the older kids participate - this little 5 year old was a trooper, here she is doing renegade rows with her mom (she has 1 pound weights, don't worry!).

I had a fun NSV this week too, I went to the spa with my husband and some friends and as I took off my robe for the hot tub realized it was a small!! They pre-loaded our lockers with robes and last year when I went I had to ask for a 'special' (aka plus sized) one.  How cool was it to be wearing a small and have no idea!

This was a fun weekend for so many things, including a 5K I ran with a group of awesome moms in my Couch to 5K class.  We had a blast!

Now that I'm back on track, I have some awesome food news!  When I'm on track, you can tell, because you get extra photos of food! Here is a spur of the moment arugula, grilled pear and veggie burger salad, I topped it with homemade honey balsamic - so tasty I had it two nights so far this week!

I also did this again (last week it was so good!), a spin of the 21 Day Fix Turkey Chili recipe.  Last week I used chopped up veggie burgers and tempeh as my protein, this week I used tofu - we'll see which is better!

I whipped up the chili and these snacks for the week in under an hour - and without a trip to the store!  It's amazing how easy it is with just a little practice to have solid food for the week with very little time.

Vegetarian chili with grilled Ezekial bread - SO good!

Here's a variation of my pear and arugula salad with pine nuts - so good!

And here's the honey balsamic!

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Friday, October 9, 2015


Weekly Update:
This week was non traditional, I weighed in but opted not to look! I have it so I can look next week and see the variance, but I didn't want it to derail me, so I'm accountable to the fact that I felt crummy as a result of some poor food choices and mentally I didn't need to see the impact on my weight.  I'm moving on and am sure that there will be a loss next week!

I love seeing just how far I've come, and focusing on the non scale victories - like being able to 'shop' in my own closet.  Not that long ago, I was confined to one outfit, I had it in several colors but it was the only one that fit.   Every item I wore was maternity, even though my son was 8 months old.  

What a cool feeling to open my closet and pretty much anything in it fits.  I still have some dresses that I put on that don't fit (I have sensory issues and don't wear pants), but for the most part, almost anything fits!

Another huge non scale goal, is getting stronger each and every day.   As I lifted my 35 pound weights this last weekend, it occurred to me, as heavy as the weights were to lift, I was carrying more than that on my body day after day.    How cool is it to feel how much I lost and be able to lift it up with the strength I've developed.

I'm back at my morning workouts after a weekend of letting myself sleep in a little bit - my favorite part is that once my workout is done, I can relax and have some more 'me' time with my feet up and enjoying the calm before the day starts.

I don't often talk about the classes I teach, but it is a big part of my week - I love my Mommy & Me Pilates, Boot Camp and Running groups. I have had some fun incorporating props in Boot Camp these days and am loving class in the crisp Fall weather!

Food news!  

I think I've shared this recipe before, but here it is again!   My son LOVES them.  Two eggs, one banana and a pinch of cinnamon and you have 'pancakes' - it really is that simple!  The key is to make them small, about the size of a silver dollar.

Another favorite using cinnamon is my Apple Cider Vinegar "Tea" - a cup of hot water, a teaspoon of ACV, a teaspoon of local honey a pinch of cinnamon.   Delish!

And another fall favorite - Chili!!  I made this vegetarian style, adapting a recipe from my favorite 21 Day Fix cookbook!

Another 21 Day Fix recipe, roasted acorn squash - so yummy!!

As our CSA comes to a close in the next few weeks, I'm enjoying cooking up the Fall foods like these wax beans and garlic.

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