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    6 years ago

Thursday, July 28, 2016


Super excited about my trip to Nashville for work - yep, I get to come to Nashville with my closest friends all as a part of my 'job' if you can call something you love so much work (I love my job).

But it didn't come without lots of snuggles from my little guy - I said goodbye to him a day before I left as he was headed to visit Nana and Pa with Daddy!

And then it was my turn!!  Here's one of my very first Team Members - we were the only ones on my team to attend last year... Now my team is up to 100 and there are seven of us here - next year there'll be even more!

I am looking forward to some rejuvenation during this trip.  Since the miscarriage I've been struggling a lot with some basics including going back to biting my nails and being inconsistent with flossing.  I took the trip as an opportunity to get my nails done and start fresh.  It just feels so good to have that mental commitment to bettering me.

The second my feet hit TN soil my excitement flew through the roof.  We picked up our recognition medals and lasses for various live workouts (yep, we get to workout with the actual trainers from the fitness programs).

And then as we waited for the team to get in, we started with a Team Workout streamed on the iPad through the hotel gym - country dancing anyone?!

And here it is, all cleaned up, half the team exploring the city!

And the whole team in one of the many amazing trainings we got to participate in!

And of course... Group workouts! Why I love this community - you are never alone - there is every shape, size, gender, age, ethnicity and we are all happy and working on our health. 

Post workout!

The weekend also had some fun - complete with a Billy Idol concert decked out in 80s garb!

One of the things that really hit me was the saying 'be unapologetically you' - meaning by being me the world does get value - but only if I'm me and not trying to be someone else.  So each day I work on being me, and being proud of it. 

Here's something I'm super proud of - I got to get in front of 30,000 other coaches and be recognized for a level of leadership in our organization.  When guy love what you do, the recognition follows 💕

And visiting Shaun T 😂

This is a screen shot taken from a video of our super workout - we shut down Broadway Street in Nashville and did an hour long workout.  This part really hit me.   A year ago I saw another coach do this move and I thought 'I won't ever be able to do that'. But then one day I tried it, and here I am a year later and the simple act of trying got me to where I can not only do it, but well!

We did so many other things, but summing it up with my food news!

Lots of drinking Shakeolgy 😜

Making it in the room was so easy with the immersion blender!

And we packed lunches each day - veggie burger, veggies and hummus on a wrap.  And did you know you can cook corn in the husk in a microwave?!

Oh yeah, more Shakeology!

Another hotel trick... Scrambled eggs in the microwave! We put tomatoes, chives and eggs in a container and microwaved every 30 seconds scrambling it until it was cooked.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Time to Chisel

Weekly Update: I decided last week enough was enough of 'vacation mode' - I took new photos, and a weight (didn't look but I sent to a fellow coach friend for accountability) and measurements.   I have noticed my strength has gone down the last 3 weeks, and I'm ready to be back to me.   My push ups are now on my knees, but I know by the end of the next 30 days, I'll be back to my normal push ups!!

In the mean time, I'm not letting myself get down about it.  Here is a reminder (same dress) of how much my body has changed in the last 3 years!

And here is a reminder how my life has changed.  Because of coaching, I get to spend my days with THIS guy - something never in a million years did I imagine.

So here is one of the photos I took- not happy about it, but I WILL get my strong arms back.

Food is prepped, which means I'm serious! Unfortunately our fridge broke just hours after all this prep - luckily we have a few other spaces to put the food (helloooo mini fridge).  So far this week has been GREAT!

Here is a favorite that I hadn't made in a while - butternut squash crust pizza - delish!

And this was a last minute make once I saw we had TONS of beans!  Beans (3 varieties), onion, tomato, salt, pepper, oil and vinegar - SO GOOD!

I made these with my son - it was his request, we actually made them TWICE this week.  Totall healthy pumpkin muffins.

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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Home Sweet Home

Weekly Update: We ended vacation this weekend and came home - the last day of vacation I told my little guy I would let him workout with me at 5:30am.  We had a 'sleepover' - I slept in his room at the cabin and told him when the sun came up to wake me up - and he did! At 5:26am I hear 'morning mommy, it's workout time!' So we packed up and crossed the yard to go to the attic of the garage.   Here we are post workout!

Then we hit the boat for one more trip on the lake - we had planned to waterski, but decided not to once we got on the boat and realized it was raining.   I am still super happy about our week - being able to waterski with no issue and being able to help my son waterski for the first time is totally priceless.

While my nutrition wasn't perfect on vacation (and actually was pretty crummy), I am proud of myself for not missing a workout and for really focusing on my time with this guy.  

Some fun news when I got home - I got my certification renewal in the mail for my personal trainer certification.  While I coach as my main job, I love to teach fitness classes and help others through in person training as well - getting this renewal was exciting!

I also got home to some great goodies from the company I coach for.  They never cease to amaze me - my husband and I both finished fitness programs last month and submitted our photos.  Just for submitting we received t-shirts, a cookbook and a 'performance line' sampler.  I also got my "1 Star" tank top which signifies a significant promotion in my coaching business.

Once we got back it was time for a serious food overhaul.  My food hasn't been perfect since being back, but it's been MUCH better. I started with some stuffed shells using basil from the garden, rice I cooked up and some sauce I had made and frozen before we left.

Then with the leftover basil I made fresh pesto!

This was an experiment 'inside out stuffed shells' - spinach, butternut squash, eggs, ricotta and mini shells in a casserole dish - delish!

Here's the finished product of the shells!

And of course, my week and days would never be complete without this amazing superfood drink!

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Thursday, July 7, 2016


Weekly Update: No update this week on weight, intentionally - but I will still give an update!   So this week we are in NH for our family vacation which makes for a lot of fun.   I decided early on (before vacation) that I was going to let myself indulge in food, but not skip workouts.

I have a few observations.   First one, some foods are worth indulging in (my favorite ice cream sandwiches) and some are totally not (chips!).    Second one, I LOVE my morning workouts, and actually even on vacation prefer to do them at 5:30am.   This may sound crazy, but especially as a mom, I feel like at 5:30am I have no distractions and nothing else I could possibly be doing  - but when I sleep in (my husband was awesome and let me sleep to 8am a few days), I feel rushed and like I missed out on my ME time.

For me it's about the workout but also the half hour I get after just to relax and enjoy the post workout bliss.

That being said, I have LOVED vacation.  The above photo is of my son and I on our first day - I taught him how to waterski (while holding him the entire time) which brought me SO much joy.  It may sound silly, but my original reason for starting my weight loss journey 2 years ago was because I tried to waterski, something I've done my entire life, and was too big to get up.

I wish I could say it was originally to be a good example for my son, but it was actually selfishly because I couldn't do something in life I loved.

What makes me so happy about THIS year is that not only could I ski, but I also could teach my son to ski  - and he wanted to because he has grown up WATCHING me do it!

This photo above is a non scale victory I had while doing my workout one morning of vacation.  I saw some muscles in my leg I've never seen before! My food may be wishy washy this past week, but I am still strong!

I also wasn't all bad with choices, I stuck to my morning banana and Shakeology - my absolute favorite breakfast!

Now here's to a great week of getting back in my habit post vacation!

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