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    6 years ago

Monday, August 31, 2015

Little by little becomes a LOT

Weekly Update:   This week I am down 0.4lbs for a NEW total of 75.4.  As you recall, I started a new fitness program last week called "Body Beast" the nutrition is a lot more food than I'm used to as a result of the weight training.  That being said, I'm really working on adjusting to it and trusting that my body will regulate!

The workouts are also longer than the ones I had been doing - some close to an hour, which means I have to get up even earlier!   I've been taking a photo every morning as 'proof' to a friend and fellow coach who gives me a 5:30am wake up text every morning - here is  one of the lovely shots I sent her.

The thing is, I continue to do it, it's worth getting up - because those small changes and that extra half hour that I give myself by getting early DO pay off.  Whenever I am having a struggle, I look at my photos and remember how far I've come.   When I started, I was so discouraged and could barely do anything - even on my hardest days, I am still so much stronger than I was just over a year ago.  

And so much happier.

I got to get in a hike this weekend - I wish I had more photos of my legs from when I started, this photo really  made me realize how much my body has changed - I did my best to do a comparable 'before" photo - but my before photos are lacking since I was struggling to even look at myself in the mirror last year.

What's great is that regardless of feeling perfect, I feel proud.   I haven't worn a two piece in over 2 years, and while I'm still in my one piece at the beach, my bikini's are fitting again and I'm taking advantage in the privacy of my own yard!

I don't talk often about my coaching, but it brings me so much joy.   I got this message from a friend and someone I am coaching through the 21 Day Fix.  I truly feel that when you love what you do, you never work a day in your life.   I am passionate about helping others, empowering others, having others achieve things they didn't even know where possible.    What an amazing set of messages to get this week from a dear friend.

The process isn't always easy, but we all deserve to be healthy and happy and we all are capable of doing it with the right tools, love, and support.

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Part of what I know makes me successful is when I prep.   I spent a good deal of time this weekend preparing for the week - that includes cutting up my fruit in advance.  If it's cut up I don't have to 'think' about what to get - I have colorful easy choices ready for me!

This is another really easy staple in my house - I always have all the ingredients on hand so it's a great one to make in a pinch as well as to use for picnics and last minute events.  

I made this salsa last week, holy amazingness.  It did take some time to prep and my chunks were sort of big because I lack in the patience department - but regardless of how chunky it was supposed to be it was amazing!

Another super simple snack or side - cucumbers, tomatoes, dill, apple cider vinegar (I use Braggs organic) and a bit of pepper and olive oil!

I'm loving this time of year as well for my garden - tomatoes and basil freshly picked!

Even my husband is on board!  We made him this really yummy smelling 'sloppy joe' recipe from the Fixate cook book (another love of mine!!)

This is an oldie but goodie, I love my omelettes for dinner, I never tire of them and either does my 2 year old son!

And for dessert, I always have my shake! These days I've been doing Vanilla with honey, cinnamon and bananas - so good!

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Thursday, August 20, 2015

I Love Me

Weekly Update:  This week I am down 0.2lbs for a total of 75lbs!!  This week I had an unexpected trip to NC, I was doing SO well with my nutrition last week.  Finally back at it after a long summer of ups and downs (a general plateau all summer). I haven't beat myself up, and for me that is huge. I just keep pushing forward.  My food choices were as best they could be with the last minute trip, airport travel and lack of control over my food.   I am really proud of myself for doing the best I could!

I titled this sort of in a funny way "I Love Me", but it's true, I DO love me.  And I didn't always.

I love my imperfections, they  make me compassionate.

I love my struggles, they make me relatable.

I love my body, because it is strong.

This photo is of me 'in the raw'. I was talking to someone I am coaching the other day.  A frank conversation about losing weight and what your body looks like after.  We don't all lose it the same way, but I decided it was time I show my 'real' body. not to say the photos I usually post aren't real, but of course, they don't show my full stomach, because my clothes cover it.   

I have had kids, yes, but my stomach looked like this before too, from the years of being overweight, it is a momento I carry as a reminder.  But instead of hating it. It's a reminder of how far I've come.

I share those photos with you, if you look the same or worry what you WILL look like. I promise you it is still worth it.

Now for some other photos!  These are my 30 Day "Cize" photos.   What is Cize? A program that does not at all feel like a 'workout' because it's dancing!! Even I can dance - that says a lot. I was having so much fun I questioned if I would see results.  I was amazed to be honest. I lost 3 pounds and  6 inches total - and I swear my posture even got ba

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And then there is THIS!! Check it out!! I have abs.  Well, at least the beginnings of abs.  Back to the photo I posted of my 'lower stomach'.  I could focus on that, but instead I chose to focus on my ABS!

And also the fact that I'm a positive role model for my son.  I take him to classes with me, he sees me being happy and healthy and he does not see me hating my body. He sees me loving my body for all that it can do.

Many years ago, I lost weight for the first time in my life I was a 'normal' weight.  The problem was, I lost it in a very unhealthy way. Sure, I thought I was healthy - I was losing weight after all!  But food literally consumed my mind.  The scale ruled me. I would work out for hours obsessing over what I could eat as a result.   These photos represent that time in my life. I had lost 60 pounds after about 12 years (my entire youth) of being overweight.   

Today, I see a thin girl who was clearly physically fit as well.   
The day they were taken, I saw a girl with an imperfect body.  
I saw a girl who had 13 more pounds to lose.
I saw a girl who had a cupcake in secret and thought everyone could 'see' that I had gained weight from it.

I look at where I was back then, and it's no wonder I gained all the weight back plus 40 more.  I wasn't happy, and I wasn't truly living or loving myself.

Today I focus on things like what i can DO.  Like being able to dance for the first time in my life and ENJOY it.  Or, starting my newest program "Body Beast" - a program with heavy duty weights!  I feel strong.  Really strong.  I feel unstoppable.  I weigh 30 pounds more than the girl above, but I'm so much happier.

I am OK with taking a photo like this and sharing it with the world.  It shows my progress, it shows that in 90 days, I will look even STRONGER.

I have fun! I enjoy my workouts not for 'how much I can eat' but because I truly enjoy them!

And I enjoy food, whole food. I don't eat 'fat free' any more. I eat real food, and it satisfies me.  

Back in college, there is no way I'd ever put oil in a meal, but I'd have no problem downing a can of fat free whipped cream.  

Here is a meal I made this week - all veggies, eggs and a dressing made out of pepper flakes, coconut oil, sesame oil, braggs liquid amino acids (soy sauce substitute), and sunflower butter.  And the thing is, it satisfies me way more then a 100 calorie pack ever did.

Here is a tomato soup I made with fresh garden tomatoes, garden basil & oregano, garden jalapenos and some almond milk.

These were some awesome melons we got from our CSA - baby melons!

And you know what?  Sometimes I eat cake.  Yep.  I eat it. And I don't work out for 3 hours to 'make up for it'. I eat it, I enjoy it and I MOVE ON from it.  

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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Plan, Prepare, Succeed!!

Weekly Update: This week I am down 0.8lbs for a total of 74.8lbs since July.     I'm feeling really good this week after a great, but rough weekend.   I'm really proud of myself and I continue to push forward instead of regretting and lamenting about poor choices, and it paid off! Next week I intend to get 'back' to 75lbs lost and stay there!  

This photo made me really happy, every year my husband takes a 'birthday dinner' shot - the one on the left here was 1 month into my journey, I had just finished the 21 Day Fix and I was feeling SO proud. I had lost 10.5lbs, I remember pushing my birthday dinner off a bit so I could enjoy a meal after finishing a solid round of the 21 Day Fix.    Fast forward a year later, and I can't get over how much different I look!
I know I posted last week about my 'birthday photo shoot', but it's fun because this week I got to actually see some of the photos. I'm not going to share many yet - I will be speaking at an event on August 20th (let me know if you'd like additional details), but here are two of my favorites!

Here I am with my friend and make-up artist, Lindsay.

Here's a great head shot from the shoot!

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I'm also continuing along with my classes, this week was particularly fun because we had a 'real' mermaid for our mermaid stretch!

So coming along with getting back on the bandwagon, I decided to stop skipping my night time shake. When I skip it I go crazy in the kitchen, I KNOW this about myself but for some reason it's taken a little time to get back into the habit.   But I'm back!!

And with that also comes healthy breakfasts.  What I love about the 21 Day Fix is that even my son can enjoy the foods, because it's how we ALL should be eating.  Here he is having what I typically eat for dinner - eggs (not just egg whites), spinach, cheese and a blueberry/basil Shakeology.

I also got back to speed with prepping.  I had some peaches and nectarines that we weren't going to be eating in time so I cut them up and froze them for future shakes!

Same with bananas, and I put them in individual bags so I know exactly how much I'm eating!

I think I've posted this before, but I LOVE my vegetti spiralizer.  This is zucchini and squash 'noodles' with julienned eggplant, corn, sundried tomatoes and kale pesto (kale, lemon, garlic, olive oil, pine nuts).

And the finished product!  Got my foods prepped and ready to go! I have to say it feels GREAT to be back on track. I have more energy and I'm feeling a lot less overwhelmed.  A little planning goes a long way.

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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Happy Birthday to me!!

Weekly Update:  This week was awesome, it was my birthday weekend (complete with Hiking Mount Washington - a big goal of mine this past year to be able to do it 'again'), a Red Sox game (and yes, I indulged in my favorite...a soft pretzel!) and cake!  I am happy to say I am DOWN 0.4lbs.  My total is currently 74lbs.  And it will continue to get higher, I'm sure of it.  One day at a time!

While I was hiking, I had a lot of time to think, I thought of all the photos I had collected this past year, I thought of my 'story' and I thought maybe I could put it into a slideshow to show people my journey.   If you have 2 minutes, I'd really appreciate you checking it out!

On top of the awesome weekend, and weight loss I got REALLY exciting news. I was approved for Life Insurance!    I am so happy to be healthy enough to be able to receive insurance and provide for my family in the event anything would ever happen to me.

I put this photo together showing my year's progress.  One thing hasn't changed..I still love GREEN!   But other than that, everything has changed.  My health, my happiness, my outlook on life. But I didn't do it all at once. I did it one day, one pound, one goal and one victory at a time. That's the same way we reach any goals.  That's the same way I was able to climb a 6,000 foot mountain this weekend - one foot in front of the other without looking too far ahead!

One of my favorite parts of this journey has been the ability to teach again. I discovered Pilates in college when I originally lost weight (about 60lbs on Weight Watchers).  While I didn't have a healthy relationship with food and exercise on the Weight Watchers program, I DID discover how much I loved fitness.   Being able to teach again and bring my son with me to classes has been an amazing experience.

Now on to birthday weekend!!!   I started the weekend with some waterkskiing - my favorite thing in the world.  I literally could ski for hours if there was enough gas and the people in the boat didn't kill me for doing it.  But for now, I settle for 30 minutes at a time.

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The weekend kept getting better - my one birthday request was to be able to hike Mount Washington. The weather listened to me too, it was a gorgeous day.  We had some sleet on the way down, but who cares? It made it more fun!

The only thing that comes close to my love for waterskiing is my love of hiking. I  didn't always love it.  In fact, the first time I hiked Mount Washington was back when I was about 13 and weight close to 200 pounds. I literally thought I was going to die, I cried most of the way up and it took well over 5 hours (this weekend it took me 3 to get up - so that should be a nice comparison).   But the feeling of accomplishing it (and this was years before I would ever experience what it was like to lose weight  and truly get healthy), well that feeling was enough to hook me on hiking for the rest of my life.

A mountain is so much like a weight loss journey. I thought a LOT over the 6 hour total hike (3 hours up, 3 hours down).  You have this big mountain ahead of you, but you don't tackle it all at once. You can't look too far ahead, you need to just have faith that your legs will carry you there.  One single step at a time.  And those steps add up, before you know it you've reached the summit!

And you are so proud of yourself you don't even know where the time went!

Similar to a weight loss journey, there are also lulls, those things we call plateau's.  Those things that people tend to cringe at in a weight loss journey. I am actually at one myself. I have been hovering at and around the 75lb marker for weeks, if not months.  But the thing is, a plateau is an opportunity.  It is a chance to look around and really enjoy the scenery, take a deep breath, relax and be proud of all the distance you have already covered.  It's a reward.

Birthday weekend continued onto my actual birthday - I got to be pampered complete with makeup, hair and a little bubbly (which I NEVER do, so it was fun!). I was asked a few weeks back to speak at an event about my transformation as well as have some photos taken of me for the event.  It's way out of my comfort zone, so what did I do? I said YES.   When I push my comfort, I always am pleasantly surprised.

A big take away from this week, and this year, is that I am now HAPPY.  Here are the many shades of my happiness!

Never forget to....

Food news!

We were in NH with limited food since it was a short trip...I scrounged around and made this amazing recipe.  Quinoa, spinach, red peppers, turmeric, garlic and ground pepper stuffed in a red pepper and baked.  SO GOOD!

One of the best parts of NH in August is the blueberries. We have wild blueberries outside my parent's house and it was so great to be able to collect enough for the winter.  

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