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    6 years ago

Sunday, June 21, 2015


Weekly Update:  This week I am up 2lbs for a total of 73.2lbs.  I continue to tango around the 75lb mark,  but I know I'll get back there and surpass it.  While I've been struggling the last few weeks I will not let it define me or my journey, I will keep picking myself up and I will continue to be successful.  I'm not mad or frustrated because I know this is all part of the journey.  In the past this would have derailed me - but not anymore! 

With bathingsuit season here, I can't help but get excited at how AWESOME I feel strutting my stuff in a swimsuit.   Honestly, I may be joking a little, but I really have zero reservations going swimming in public places this summer and it feels great.

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If you know me, you know I LOVE food.  So here is my 'food news' for the week!

Starting off with my absolute favorite, BANANAS. I got this shirt at a live workout event with celebrity trainer Shaun T, and I love wearing it because I love bananas.  

This is an example of what my grocery cart looks like every single week.  Yep, that's right - four bunches of bananas.   We go through them like candy in this house.   You can eat them whole, put them in a shake, dehydrate them, freeze them and then make 'ice cream', turn them into pancakes just by adding an egg...and the list goes on!

Bananas are great for you headaches, cramps, relieving water retention and so much more.

That being said, I love this time of year because it's finally CSA season again!  Here is our 'loot' from week 1.   I love this particular one because we get fresh eggs too (and the only thing I consume as much as bananas is eggs!).

We got kale in our CSA, and I know kale is great for you but I always struggle with what to make of it so I polled some friends and ended up making kale pesto.  Genius idea and it was amazing. I blended up 2 cloves of garlic, 2 juiced lemons, some olive oil and pine nuts as well as the bunch of kale we got in our bag.   It made so much and was so delicious.

This is the finished product - kale pesto topped over zoodles (zucchini noodles using my veggetti spiralizer), sun dried tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, corn, fresh parm and a veggie burger.  Delish and totally 21 Day Fix approved.

Another favorite protein and veggie packed meal is my 'cauliflower pizza'.  The dough is made of cauliflower that was put in the food processor, microwaved and then drained using a cheese cloth.   Then I mix it with some eggs and bake it - topping it with all the veggies I want and some cheese!

My final food photo of the day - dehydrated yummies.  Shown below are zucchini, watermelon, figs and bananas.

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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Don't underestimate gratitude

Weekly Update:  I am down .8 for a total of 75.2lbs.  This week was similar to last, eating got a little hairy after my weigh in and through the weekend.  I decided on Monday to buckle down and had a GREAT three days.   I am committing here to having a solid week coming up, no more slippery slides through the weekend.    I have a vacation coming up, and I want to be eating well going into vacation so that I can enjoy myself and not go overboard on food and feel lethargic as a result. I want to go into vacation with a clear head and plan of attack. I will enjoy some foods, but I also don't want to turn it into a food fest and not enjoy myself.

Here are some photos I took this week to remind myself of my progress. I'm upset my 'befores' are all pretty blurry. I encourage you if you are just starting out to take really good photos. I know it's painful, but you'll wish you had them!

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I loved this quote so I wanted to put it with some photos taken just shy of a year apart.   The time passes anyway, a year ago I was miserable, and now I'm the happiest I've been in years.  There's no better time to start then today, those days add up and eventually you'll realize how much progress you've made.

Speaking of which, this journey back to fitness has lead me on an unbelievable journey sharing health and fitness with other local moms through Mommy & Me fitness classes.   I want my son to see me living a healthy and happy life so that he knows that he can too!

This weekend I ran a 5K with a group of mothers who I trained over a 10 week program.  It felt so great to be out on the race course again and to have so many wonderful moms with me.

In food are a few fun ways to drink my Shakeology!

Pina Colada - Pineapple, Coconut Milk & Vanilla Shakeology. YUM

Mocha Chiller - I got a giant Starbucks decaf coffee and used a packet of Vegan Chocolate from my car - amazing, filling and packed with too many nutrients to list!

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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Feeling Awesome!

Weekly Update:  This week I am Up 1lb  for a total of 74.4lbs, but I know I'll get back to 75 next week.  To be completely honest, his week was challenging, and I know I've said this before, but I clearly haven't mastered it yet so I'm going to keep saying it until I figure it out!  Whenever I hit a goal, I tend to get a little off course. I don't know exactly why, but it's definitely a 'trend' I've noticed.  It may be excitement, self sabotage or something else - but regardless it's something I need to work on.    Hitting my 75lbs last week was something I had really been focused on and this weekend was a BLAST but I gave into some temptations I wish I hadn't (some, I don't regret, but a few I do!).

One of the best parts of the week was going to Boston with the family (below). I decided to get spruced up and wear make up, and it made me feel that much better.  It's funny how something so simple can have such an impact!

Our weekend I wore make up again for a family photo shoot - again, so simple, but it prolonged me feeling awesome.  All last summer,  I stopped wearing make up because quite honestly, even make up didn't make me feel good. I used to LOVE wearing make up and playing around with colors, but at my heaviest weight it just seemed like a chore.

Here we are enjoying a really fun day at a Fair with my little guy!

Week's like this past one, I like to look for non scale victories, because regardless of what the scale says, I have still come a long way from where I was less than a year ago.  Here is a 'back' progress photo of me in January when I had lost 50lbs, and then this week at 75lbs down - it's 'only' a 25lb difference but I'm really proud of the visual change!

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In food and fitness news!   I decided to make my private women's group have a little fun with some daily challenges including a water challenge early in the week.  Here I am guzzling my first bottle of the day as 'proof' for the group!

Everyone should shoot for 64oz of water a day, and if you can handle it, half your weight in ounces is ideal!

One other way I like to get hydrated during the day is  my Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar 'Cider' - local honey, with Organic ACV and Ceylon Cinnamon mixed with hot water - delish!  And more importantly it has so many health benefits.

A few other fun food photos.   Cucumbers are so great for cleaning out excess sodium, here are some prepped cucumbers ready for snacking!

I also am really enjoying using my dehydrator again for fruits and herbs.  I had some apples that were about to go bad, so I decided to crisp them up into chips.  So good!

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Back at it and 75lbs GONE!

Weekly Update:   This week I am down 1.8lbs for a new total of 75.4lbs and SURPASSED my 75lb goal!!! I am really proud of myself because last week was hard as was the beginning part of this week.   Whenever I get really close to a goal, or surpass one I tend to go a little 'off' for a while.  In the past, this would have started an unstoppable transition back to my old ways, but NOW even if it's a week or two, I always get myself back on track.   Starting Monday I recommitted to the 21 Day Fix nutrition plan with a 'refresher' in tracking and using the containers.   I FEEL amazing as a result.  

When I feel great, I like to snap photos - here is one of me wearing my newest zip up that I feel I earned through sweat (literally).  A few week's back I got certified to teach Insanity Live.  I love group fitness so this is a really fun certification to have under my belt.  If a year ago you had told me I'd be certified to teach Insanity, I would have called you insane!

We also had a really fun Fit Club at my house.  It was very casual, but involved a group workout on the lawn (21 Day Fix Cardio Fix), mingling and snacking on watermelon, cucumber water, Shakeology energy bits and samples of Shakeology!

As I said, when I feel great, I like to snap photos. I was walking through the grocery store feeling pretty amazing yesterday so I had my mom snap a photo of me in the parking lot.    Yesterday I also got a "Time Hop" photo pop up from a photo shoot we did exactly a year ago (left shot).  This was still a month out from me making the decision to "try that container program".    When I look back at the past year, I am grateful every second of every day that has passed.

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Here are some of my favorite foods from the week!

My 'leftover veggie' sauce is alway yummy and always different.  Here are our leftover veggies from the week boiled and blended into a really tasty sauce that we've used on all sorts of things from cauliflower pizza to rice to pasta stuffed peppers!

And here is the cauliflower pizza - one blue, one red, 2 greens - and amazingly delicious!

I like that I can even make smart choices eating out on this plan, my day got side swiped and I had to eat out unexpectedly, I got this amazing salad, 2 greens, 1 red, 1 orange.

As I said, I'm recommitting to measuring for the  next 21 Days to keep myself honest.    Here is a stir fry I made with 1G of lemon tarragon stir fried veggies, 1/2Y of brown rice, 1/2B of cheese and 1R of tofu!

I've posted these before, but I LOVE them as does my 2 year old son.  1 banana mushed up and mixed with 2 eggs.  Counts as 2P and 1R and they are so tasty.

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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Emotional Weekend

Weekly Update:  This week was an amazing week for me, the weekend stirred up a lot of emotions (in a good way).   However, as a result I think I let my food choices take a back seat.  I can't say I regret it though, because in total this week was nothing short of amazing for me emotionally.  I am up slightly 0.8lbs for a total of 73.6lbs.   My goal is to hit 75lbs by next week!

As I said, this was a very emotional weekend, and it led me to take a handful of 'progress' photos.   I will get into why it was so emotional as the blog continues, starting with each photo.

My first victory this weekend, was going bathing suit shopping.  Last year at this time I did the same thing, I was clearly not going to be wearing a bikini, and my maternity suits were actually too tight as well.  Not thinking too much of it, I went to target.  Not a single thing I tried on fit. Finally, I found a suit that fit - it wasn't my 'choice' as much as it was literally the ONLY option and I needed a bathing suit.  This time in the dressing room, EVERY suit fit.  Literally every. single. one.  What an amazing feeling!

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I continued one from the bathing suit shopping to get a few more clothes as well.  Last summer I had given up on myself for a bit, and when we moved in May I got rid of  most of my pre-baby clothes thinking "I'm a mom now, I'm destined to be overweight".   As a result, my closet has minimal options the smaller I get (no complaints here!).  Similar to the bathing suit experience, every single thing fit!   I cried a few times in excitement.  All my hard work led to an extremely different experience then just 12 month before.

Here I am on the boat with my little guy, last Memorial Day weekend vs. this weekend.  Don't give up on yourself, SO much can change in a year.  Last May I was still 2 months away from being 'ready' to make a change, but once I was ready, my small consistent changes really started to add up.

Summer has always been my favorite season. I love the warm weather. I love water. I love flip flops.   When I lost weight in college it became my favorite season for so many more reasons. I love hiking, I love running, I love walking outside.  

I also have always loved waterskiing.  I started when I was 7, and no matter my weight I have always been able to do it.   Last summer in July, just before I committed to the 21 Day Fix, I got in the water and for the first time in over 20 years I couldn't get up. I was devastated and sat in the water crying.  One of my first non scale goals was to be able to get up.  Between July and September, I lost 22lbs and got up on those skis.  It wasn't easy, but I worked my hardest and losing the weight and gaining strength made it possible.  This memorial day weekend, my only thought was about getting up on those skis. I did it with NO effort and stayed up for over 10 minutes just soaking up the experience.  

This week I'm also recommitting to morning workouts.  I am currently coaching a few 'early birds' and together we text or message every morning to make sure we're up and ready to go for the day.   I took the first photo here just to privately message a friend as proof that I was working out, then decided it would make a good 'before and after' shot - so here it is!  Even my hair enjoys a good morning workout - the sweat tamed it down!

In addition to my morning workouts and waterskiing, I also got back on the paddle board.  I got the paddle board 3 years ago, and loved it.  I didn't go on it while pregnant (2 summers ago) for fear of falling and risking my pregnancy, and last summer I honestly was too embarrassed that it might sink if I stood on it as I was well over the weight limit.   It felt so great to be out on the lake, so calm and so relaxing.

And here I am on a walk with my little guy! When I say I love the summer, I really mean I LOVE it.   Any outdoor activity just makes me so happy and I'm beyond excited that I can comfortably do all my favorite things this summer - and the summer hasn't even officially begun!

I also had some fun 'revamping' my closet with the new additions to my wardrobe.   I forgot to take a before photo, but here is the 'after' of my newly color coded closet!

And now on to food news.  Saturday night, we had a blast at 'bingo' (I won $40!) and instead of hitting up the concession stand, I brought my mocha Shakeology - so much better than anything I would have bought there!

Here are the last few days of the Ultimate Reset (see my Ultimate Reset blog for information on my other meals and results).

This was a salad I got out at a restaurant but it was so good I needed to document it. It's super easy to replicate at home too - spinach, tomato, roasted red pepper, cubed baked egg and balsamic vinegarette.

Tuesday I was back home and back at the grocery store - my favorite place ever.  I got to go without my son which made it that much more relaxing. I seriously love to grocery shop and explore my food choices.

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