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    6 years ago

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Feeling Awesome!

Weekly Update:  This week I am Up 1lb  for a total of 74.4lbs, but I know I'll get back to 75 next week.  To be completely honest, his week was challenging, and I know I've said this before, but I clearly haven't mastered it yet so I'm going to keep saying it until I figure it out!  Whenever I hit a goal, I tend to get a little off course. I don't know exactly why, but it's definitely a 'trend' I've noticed.  It may be excitement, self sabotage or something else - but regardless it's something I need to work on.    Hitting my 75lbs last week was something I had really been focused on and this weekend was a BLAST but I gave into some temptations I wish I hadn't (some, I don't regret, but a few I do!).

One of the best parts of the week was going to Boston with the family (below). I decided to get spruced up and wear make up, and it made me feel that much better.  It's funny how something so simple can have such an impact!

Our weekend I wore make up again for a family photo shoot - again, so simple, but it prolonged me feeling awesome.  All last summer,  I stopped wearing make up because quite honestly, even make up didn't make me feel good. I used to LOVE wearing make up and playing around with colors, but at my heaviest weight it just seemed like a chore.

Here we are enjoying a really fun day at a Fair with my little guy!

Week's like this past one, I like to look for non scale victories, because regardless of what the scale says, I have still come a long way from where I was less than a year ago.  Here is a 'back' progress photo of me in January when I had lost 50lbs, and then this week at 75lbs down - it's 'only' a 25lb difference but I'm really proud of the visual change!

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In food and fitness news!   I decided to make my private women's group have a little fun with some daily challenges including a water challenge early in the week.  Here I am guzzling my first bottle of the day as 'proof' for the group!

Everyone should shoot for 64oz of water a day, and if you can handle it, half your weight in ounces is ideal!

One other way I like to get hydrated during the day is  my Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar 'Cider' - local honey, with Organic ACV and Ceylon Cinnamon mixed with hot water - delish!  And more importantly it has so many health benefits.

A few other fun food photos.   Cucumbers are so great for cleaning out excess sodium, here are some prepped cucumbers ready for snacking!

I also am really enjoying using my dehydrator again for fruits and herbs.  I had some apples that were about to go bad, so I decided to crisp them up into chips.  So good!

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