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    6 years ago

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Week 2

Week 2 of my newest program and I'm feeling it!! Food has been a little off mainly because I've been not at 100% and so my appetite has been off - but the workouts are amazing (and hard!). I love them because they are do-able and challenging at the same time..and the time flies.

Here's a photo I took for my private accountability group one morning after I tried to walk for the first time that day!

The workouts are a little longer, but getting up 15 minutes earlier hasn't really been that hard.  As one of the women in the cast said today...this program is GIVING me energy, so the 15 minutes less of sleep really is a non issue.

Plus it's been fun to eat this yummy thing before I even get moving!

And this amazing deliciousness after!

An added perk of this particular program is that it's with my little guy's favorite trainer, so he doesn't mind hanging with me and watching her/doing some of the moves.

The smile says it all!

Next week I'll be on the go! Headed to California for a leadership conference and I do not like packing (it makes me really anxious), so I typically start a few weeks in advance.  Here's my pile so far...packing for fun, training, fitness and exploring!

Some food news, a friend made me some amazing soup this week with just these ingredients and some spices.   She made it look so simple!

It clearly would not be a week without LOTS of bananas.  I've shifted around when I have them, it's been later in the day recently (closer to lunch instead of at 5:30am).  I like it!

Can you see the happiness in my eyes?  Here's my Day 11 photo!