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    7 years ago

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

21 Day Fix Strikes Again!

Weekly Update: The most exciting part of this update is that I'm officially into the second trimester!!! We go for a very light screening in a week to make sure things are developing correctly, but I'm feeling better and better each day.

I decided to spend the next 3 weeks between now and Christmas going Back to Basics with my nutrition and fitness.   So the 21 Day Fix it is!  Some of the moves are hard, but I remember the very first days of this program 2 years ago (photo on the left), and just how far I've come and it pushes me to keep moving forward.

I had a rough few weeks with emotions and the Thanksgiving foods - but I refuse to let that stop me.  A small set back doesn't mean I can't continue to work towards my health and happiness on a daily basis.  I loved this quote because it's so true.  There's no 'pill' - you need to do the WORK to really experience the benefits.

And by work - that even includes leg day (my LEAST favorite!)

A few food photos - here I am about to devour a Vegan Chocolate, banana, cinnamon and honey Shake! SO GOOD.

And my main course for the week is this amazing quinoa veggie bake - inspired by Thanksgiving!

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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

7 Days of Happiness!

Weekly Update: Struggling big time with food this week and it took me about 3 days to figure out why.  This is the week that I lost the last baby - 12 weeks.    Subconsciously, it's been eating away at me.    I am working hard to get myself back on track and one thing I did this week was participate in a 7 day "gratitude challenge" that I set for myself finding things each morning to be grateful for (shared below).

I also was fortunate enough to have a spa day to start this week - complete with a 'float' - you float in highly concentrated epsom salt water which is supposed to help with stress and anxiety and overall health.    For my first time I think I did well, but I want to try to check it out again now that I know what to expect!

The focus of this blog will be my 7 days of happiness.  Day 1 was my little guy - we took him away for a mini-mid-week vacation to Great Wolf Lodge which is basically an indoor waterpark/arcade - we had a blast! I'm so grateful that we had the resources to do this and the ability to take some time off to go in the middle of the week.  It was a great distraction for me.

I am also beyond grateful for the women's community I have created (Private Women's Group).   I didn't share the last pregnancy until my loss, but this time around I have been sharing it and it's been so great to feel joy as well as share my fears.    This group of women also keep me going and doing my workouts - even though I am 'alone' when I do them, I never once have felt truly alone.

Day 3, I chose "me" time - before my workouts I have gotten into the habit of reading 5-10 minutes a day.  Not just any reading, but reading that grows me as an individual - it wasn't until recently that I learned about how  many amazing 'personal development' books existed, and they truly have changed my outlook on things!

Day 4: My OBGYN practice.   These two doctor's in particular have been amazing.  I switched mid pregnancy with my son and am forever happy that I did.  They helped me through a complicated pregnancy (and post pregnancy with my son), my miscarriage and now have bee nothing short of amazing during my current pregnancy.

Day 5: This one hit me as I was hydrating before my morning workout.   I focus so much on water - but I am grateful that I have the opportunity and ability to drink as much clean water as I want - a privilege that I don't want to overlook.

Day 6: Technology!!   While I have access to a gym on vacation visiting my family in NH, I don't need one these days - my iPad lets me take my current program with me and I don't even need to leave the house!

Day 7: My mom!   This woman has sacrificed so much for me.  It wasn't until becoming a mom that I realized just how much.  And she has continued to show me what being a mom is really about.   I am so fortunate to have her.

Just a few food news photos today starting with a Thanksgiving favorite - butternut squash soup! Soo good and easy.

And another favorite - 'mason jar eggs' - travel doesn't have to mean eating out!!!  During our mini vacation I was able to make eggs in a mason jar with the fridge!

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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Ending Trimester 1!

Weekly Update: I am hitting 11 weeks pregnant and starting to feel more confident and on edge as each day that passes.   This is the week that I lost my last baby - and I just keep thinking if I can get past that 12 week marker I can breath a little.   I've been doing my best to focus on ME, my health - both mental and physical.     I'm approaching week 3 of my current program and loving it.

My son is loving it too - here he is post workout with me this past weekend - he kept asking for when we could take our sweaty selfie after.  So here it is!

I have been loving this program, because it is fast enough to feel challenged but slow enough that I can keep up.   I also love that it enables me to keep my core strong without getting on my back - which is fine in the first trimester but as I get bigger becomes more of a risk for prolonged periods of time.  I am determined to stay healthy during this pregnancy for all things that I have control over.   It will help my recovery (which will most likely need to be a repeat c-section) and my mental state during and after (because if I'm being honest, being a mom is the most amazing and most challenging thing I've ever done).

We've been taking time to do a lot of family things - including a weekly "Sunday Funday" - it's different depending on the week, this week we stayed local and visited our very own Hartford Carousel - the oldest in the United States! Two rides, lots of smiles and $6 later, we have some great memories.

This little guy is keeping me going - I look at him and think if I was able to make him, I can make another healthy baby.  We haven't told him yet - but I have no doubt he's going to be an amazing big brother.

A big part of my days are my nutrition. I actually realized pretty early on, what I thought was 'morning sickness' was actually carb overload - I was eating nothing but carbs which of course made me sick! Once I recommitted to my nutrition program, it all got easier.  Including the 'sickness'.  The only thing I'm missing is energy - but my understanding is that once I hit the 2nd trimester and my placenta forms more completely the energy will come back!

Here is a new favorite - an orange freshly squeezed (with pulp for fiber) and then 2 slices of sprouted grain bread dipped in 2 eggs with cinnamon - yep french toast!

And of course Shakeology!   This continues to help me with energy and just feeling good overall. 

The photo is blurry - but this is from a team dinner we did for the leaders on my coaching team - luckily we have a handful of vegetarians and vegans so we picked an all vegan restaurant and OH MY GOSH! SO good.  Vegan cobb salad, you're my new best friend.

Here is my food prep for the week - butternut squash stuffed manicotti!

And here is what food prep for a few nights away looks like!   I packed my manicotti, and eggs and veggie burgers, and other snacks so that we could eat in the hotel room during our trip as much as possible! Saves money and lets you know exactly what you're eating!

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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Week 1 In the Books!!

Weekly Update: This week has been nothing short of amazing.  I had my 10 week ultra sound and things are looking good. I'm still very scared after my miscarriage this summer, but feeling more confident each day.   My workouts have been a great distraction and while I'm much more tired these days, they help ward off the morning sickness and put me in a great mental state. 

That being said, you can tell by my morning mug shots that my sleep has been been very touch and go - my hair has looked like this literally every morning, meaning I toss and turn a LOT these days.

I remember this from my pregnancy with my son (yellow sweatshirt), but the exhaustion is insane.  We are still teaching our Pilates classes a few days a week, but I have to admit, the second I get home I nap when he does!  

Here he is after class with his buddy from class, they've known each other close to 2 years now!

I'm also trying to cherish every moment I have with my son giving him attention when I have the energy - which includes our 'trips to Mexico'.  We put on our swim suits and jump in the bathtub with tubes for a getaway that doesn't require an actual flight!

Given that I'm 'back on track' I have LOTS of food news this week.    My shakeology continues to be a staple, loving it after my workouts.  With the fatigue is also coming a LOT of hunger.  The first month I had way too many carbs which only made my sickness much worse.  After talking to my doctor we agreed I needed to balance my diet out so that I didn't have those sugar spikes - the balance of nutrients has really been helping!

Here is an example of what I eat on any given day - I am feeling SO MUCH better eating balanced foods instead of the comfort foods. It's funny, I thought the comfort foods would help me with the morning sickness but now that I'm back to my clean eating (the plan that goes with my fitness program), I'm feeling 10 times better.

Here's a veggie lasagna that I made with some leftover eggplant and zucchini from the prior week - so good!!

I've also been starting my days with one orange freshly squeezed and the little burst of sugar is helping me (but I keep the pulp for the fiber!)

Here is my son's 'workout' gear during our Saturday morning workout.  Looks suspiciously like mine! Weights, water and banana (he picked it all out).

Another favorite - SUPER easy, hummus, a veggie burger (I do morningstar spicy black bean) on a wrap with veggies). 

And here's my version of a vegetarian loaded baked potato!   Tofu, potato, cheese, and broccoli!

Celery with PB has been a crunchy snack on the go too. 

And this one I barely got to try - my son and husband devoured it!!!   Zucchini with homemade sauce and a dash of mozzarella!

We had a wedding this weekend and I wasn't sure when to expect food and what to expect so I headed into it with Shakeology on the drive over.

This was a super simple recipe - 'chicken' soup with no chicken.   Noodles, carrots, celery, and veggie stock!

And finally - calming for my tummy these days - fresh ginger boiled with local honey to make a really soothing tea!

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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Week 1 of 4!

Weekly Update: I shared this privately already, but I wanted to share here because it is a big focus (and will be) driving my nutrition and fitness over the next few months.   I'm officially pregnant again - and both very excited and very scared.   I am 9 weeks and will continue to monitor it closely over the upcoming weeks with my doctor.  

While I had no control over my miscarriage this summer, I do still want to do the best I can to be healthy for me and the baby.   I've been on and off pretty sick, but using it as an excuse to eat pretty unhealthy things.  As of this week I committed to a 30 day program, which includes a 30 day clean eating nutrition plan.

My doctor wants me to maintain my weight throughout the pregnancy which is more incentive to focus on good clean eating.  I'm officially on Day 2 and feeling great!

Here I am doing my newest program with a room full of other coaches - perfect way to start it out!

This program is no joke! I'll be taking each day differently depending on how I feel, but so far I am able to keep up!

So why did I start on a Tuesday?  Because Monday was Halloween and I wanted to be realistic!  I didn't go crazy on candy, but I wanted the option to be there.  

Here I am last week before starting my newest program trying out some of the maternity workouts - they are awesome!

This was a fun part of the week - we went to Pumpkin Town with some friends and my son saw this 'man' and immediately announced that it was "just like mommy doing weights" - totally unprompted!

I'm continuing to stick to my mornings, I may be extra tired these days, but I still really enjoy my mornings alone so it's worth getting up (even if I nap later!)

Within just minutes I have tons of energy!

And then I get my chocolaty treat after!

I've also been using one of my fruits to make a small glass of fresh OJ each morning.  It's been so tasty!

When I'm on track, I thoroughly enjoy the act of food prep.    Tuesdays are my crazy day, I teach two classes and am gone most of the day.   I packed a nice mix of foods for my first day on the program!

I've also been adding a little extra at breakfast.  In addition to my Shakeology, I have been having eggs with spinach and toast grilled with olive oil.  So good!

Here's one of my many snacks - cucumbers and hummus!

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