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    7 years ago

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Weekly Update:
This week I was up exactly 1lb.  I actually attribute this gain quite a bit to some poor choices (high in sodium) yesterday as a result of eating out for lunch.  That being said, I am confident that I will lose weight next week and I am not discouraged by the gain.  I am still down 42lbs and 42 is much more of an impact than the 1lb gain.  While I did not hit my New Years goal of 50lbs lost, I got pretty darn close in just 6 months time.   Here are my new goals both short and long term:

Short Term (end of February):
✔️ Complete all 60 Days of Insanity Max:30
✔️ Drink 75-100oz of water daily
✔️ Reach 50lb Weight Loss (minimum)

Long Term:
✔️ Hit healthy BMI by July 4th (145lbs) - a year after my journey started 
✔️ Sign up and register for a road race (thinking Manchester, but maybe one prior as well)  
✔️ Continue to motivate and inspire others to find or maintain their health by sharing my passion and story

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In other news....

In my head this photo was cuter, but my son came down with a terrible cough, runny nose and double ear infection on the 23rd hence the blurry eyes.  This was a fun spin on leaving cookies for Santa - trying to help him shed some pounds we decided to leave him Shakeology and PiYo :)

Luckily his cold didn't stop his spirit, he totally loved his first Christmas as a toddler.

Halfway through the week I got a photo from a dear friend that I've had the pleasure to coach through her weight loss journey.  She's primarily used the 21 Day Fix paired with PiYo and now is graduating to Insanity Max 30 and 'craving' her workouts! Down 50lbs and now working on toning as she's only a couple pounds from her goal!

One of my favorite Christmas gifts was this bag with my business logo on it.  I officially launch on Tuesday in two locations with a third coming in a couple weeks!  This is all so exciting, I can't wait to meet the new moms that will be coming to my expanded class offerings!

While I was pretty on track this past week, I decided to run a 3 Day cleanse to jumpstart 2015, I can't wait to be back to 'normal' eating as well as to do this with the amazing group of over 20 others who decided to join in on the cleanse with me!  I'll share my results in next week's post.

Due to the extreme interest in the cleanse, I had to buy some Shakeokogy from a fellow coach to fill the orders.  It's always good to meet up with friends 😊

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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Back on Track

Weekly Update:

Well this week I got quite off track.   I did SO well last week, and I felt so great!   I had lost enough weight last week to put me into the next calorie bracket (less containers on the 21 Day Fix).  This is a good problem to have, but for me something about it started to cause me to go off the wagon.  While I wasn't eating all my containers, something mentally/emotionally struck me and the change in my routine as a result of the change in containers made me go off course.  Instead of cutting my containers down, I spent a good part of the week going completely off track and eating anything (and I literally mean ANYTHING) I could find.   It wasn't until yesterday that I decided to reach out for help from my network on my Fit & Healthy page that I realized that keeping my calories to the prior amount would actually be beneficial (oddly enough, this is advice I had given a friend but forgotten about!).   Because the lower calorie count was actually causing me to eat significantly more out of rebellion.    So all this being said, this week I wasn't surprised to be up +2.8lbs.  But I still consider it a victory given the masses of food I ate all week as well as the fact that with Thanksgiving week, I'm still DOWN over the past two weeks, and I've still had a total weight loss of over 40lbs (40.2lbs as of today).   I consider this a victory, and a reminder that sometimes you go off course, but it doesn't mean you can't pick back up again instead of staying off course.

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This quote is great, it's a reminder that you need to make a change to see change - complaining about being off track wouldn't help me, but getting back ON track will!   I actually felt so gross and lethargic this week, it was enough to scare me into wanting to eat well again!

I took the opportunity to find a non-scale victory after my weigh-in.  Instead of getting down on myself, I realized the coat I was wearing was my 'weight loss reward' coat that I purchased several week's back.  The coat was snug in the store but zipped, just a few weeks later it's feeling bigger and I'm loving what it represents.  It's nothing fancy, but it is one of those coats that goes just above your knees so I feel really good that I can zip it comfortably over my legs, hips, waist and chest with no struggle!

Some other fun things from this week, included a holiday brunch/crafts show with our mommy friends.  This get together was a reminder that we no longer have little babies!  Our first brunches last year consisted of sleeping babies, or ones that would lay on their backs on the ground while we all chatted.  Those days are long gone!  We were all running around after screaming toddlers who kept trying to do things like run up the stairs!

Going to the holiday brunch got me in the Christmas mood  (I had been avoiding decorating like a real Grinch).  We went out and got ourselves a tree and put on music and spent some time decorating it!   I actually had a lot of fun.

And on to the fitness news!   We had class again at the library, and our little Delia decided to bust into a downward dog pose.  This girl is hilarious - she is also a big fan of plank (and she's only 14 months old!)

My friend Katie also had a fun experience this week running her first 'Shake and Share' - sharing all about some of the products that have worked so well for a bunch of us mommies including Shakeology and the 21 Day Fix.  

In food news...

I saw this idea and LOVE it.  I think I have to do it for my next holiday party.  I may decorate the tree with things like cucumbers too and maybe instead of carrots put red peppers around the outside (I love red peppers), but in general I thought this was a creative and festive healthy appetizer.

I also saw this idea, and love it for work.  We have so many mason jars from various things and this is a perfect use for them.

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Friday, December 5, 2014


I'm so excited this week to announce a -3.6lb loss! That puts me at a 43lb total which is 3 pounds more than my goal 'loss' for the week (I had set a goal of losing 0.6lbs so I could 'hit' 40 as my running total).  I'm still marching towards a 50lb loss by New Years, which I realize is aggressive but I'll do my best!   I feel so empowered by this week's loss especially given the holiday. 

This week, I was good leading up to the holiday and then stuck within some basic guidelines for Thanksgiving dinner.  My problem was with the leftovers phase of the day. What's interesting is that I could have totally avoided the leftovers as I wasn't even thinking about them, but my cousin was staying over and made herself a plate.  So after feeling great, I decided to make plate too..then my mother remembered she forgot to put out the blueberry pie, so I had a slice (and then another) of that.  Needless to say, I had a whopping stomach ache as a result.

Friday we hit the road early in the morning for a road trip to see family in North Carolina - I've actually learned how to eat well on road trips thanks to the 21 Day Fix, so I was pretty proud of my choices during our 14 hour drive.   Then Saturday and Sunday I stayed on track and Monday-Wednesday I committed to doing the '3 Day Refresh' which was awesome - 

In light of the holidays, I wanted to share a photo I saw earlier in the week.  I absolutely love what it says.  Something I struggle with historically is throwing in the towel when I slip up, but that's the best time to get back on the saddle.   "Avoiding" reality has never made me lose weight, get stronger, or get fitter - and even worse as the time passes it makes me GAIN weight, LOSE strength and LOSE endurance.   Making progress, even if it's slow and even if it's up and down is still progress.  I'm really working on looking at the big picture this time around and hoping to make it my LAST weight loss story.

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Here is a picture of my plate on Thanksgiving.   I did go up for seconds, but for much less than what is pictured here.   What you see: green beans, twice baked potato, squash, broccoli casserole, sweet potato, carrots, quinoa stuffing (and the Turkey was for my son).  Not terrible seeing as none of the veggies had butter!

And one thing I've consistently done since starting this journey in July, is "push play".  We talk about pushing play a lot in Beachbody, and it's so simple, yet so effective.   For you it may not be 'pushing play' it may be hitting the road if you're a runner, or getting in the car if you go to a gym.  Regardless, it's that FIRST small step that is the hardest but once you make it your workout is already a success.  Not once have I pushed play then quit.  Not once have I gotten in the car to go to the gym and decided to go to a drive thru instead.  Not once have I put on my running sneakers and gotten on the pavement and turned back.  Regardless of how long or hard you go, doing something is still better than nothing.  This photo is of my teeny, tiny, mini DVD player that I bring with me literally everywhere.   Since we drove, I was also able to bring my barbell (love love love my barbell).  I did a Body Pump DVD or a 45 minute walk (or both) each and every day we were in NC.

A week (and road trip) wouldn't be complete with out my Starbucks.  I know it's not the healthiest thing, but it's what keeps me on the straight and narrow. I know I'll get my Starbucks once a day, so it keeps me from eating things off the snack table at work, or other 'treats' that pop up over the course of a day.   This photo was taken at one of our rest stops, when they decided "Kem" was a better name for me then "Kim".

Being on vacation, I had some time to go through some photos.  I love this collage I created as it really explains my journey.  The photo on the left is of me waterskiing a few years after college.  It's a bit blurry, but I have a huge grin on my face.  This photo was taken after a 60 pound weight loss. I had been overweight my entire childhood and lost 60 pounds in college on Weight Watchers.   Fast forward to the middle photo, I was 2 months away from giving birth to the best gift in the world.  During my pregnancy I thought it meant I could eat whatever I wanted - despite what the doctors told me.  I don't know how much I gained during my pregnancy, but in the months that followed I continued those terrible habits with my sleep depravation and stress.   Then this summer, when I tried to ski in July I couldn't get up. It tore me apart.  Even at my heaviest as a child, I was always able to ski, but with pregnancy/post pregnancy gain I had put on so much weight that my body literally got in the way and I couldn't get small enough to get my hands on the rope with a good grip.   In the water, teary eyed and angry, I vowed to lose 20 pounds and get up on my skis by the end of the summer.  So on my son's first birthday, we went up and I gave it my all.  I was down 22lbs and determined.   The photo on the right is me skiing on that day - this was my first goal and the most important that I've hit so far in this journey to shed 100 pounds.

In food news, I shared that this week I did what's called the 3 Day Refresh. I've done this 3 times so far and love it.  It involves a combination of nutrient dense shakes as well as real foods (but no animal proteins) and is done over the course of 3 days to reset your body.  I love how I feel on it (although this round I had a bit of a caffeine withdrawal), and I love how I feel after.  I spent Sunday doing a little meal prep and here is my food for the 3 days!

I ended the week with another great victory - wrapping a 'small' beach towel all the way around my waist.  For those of you who have struggled with weight, you will understand just how huge of an accomplishment this is.  

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