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    6 years ago

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Back on Track

Weekly Update:

Well this week I got quite off track.   I did SO well last week, and I felt so great!   I had lost enough weight last week to put me into the next calorie bracket (less containers on the 21 Day Fix).  This is a good problem to have, but for me something about it started to cause me to go off the wagon.  While I wasn't eating all my containers, something mentally/emotionally struck me and the change in my routine as a result of the change in containers made me go off course.  Instead of cutting my containers down, I spent a good part of the week going completely off track and eating anything (and I literally mean ANYTHING) I could find.   It wasn't until yesterday that I decided to reach out for help from my network on my Fit & Healthy page that I realized that keeping my calories to the prior amount would actually be beneficial (oddly enough, this is advice I had given a friend but forgotten about!).   Because the lower calorie count was actually causing me to eat significantly more out of rebellion.    So all this being said, this week I wasn't surprised to be up +2.8lbs.  But I still consider it a victory given the masses of food I ate all week as well as the fact that with Thanksgiving week, I'm still DOWN over the past two weeks, and I've still had a total weight loss of over 40lbs (40.2lbs as of today).   I consider this a victory, and a reminder that sometimes you go off course, but it doesn't mean you can't pick back up again instead of staying off course.

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This quote is great, it's a reminder that you need to make a change to see change - complaining about being off track wouldn't help me, but getting back ON track will!   I actually felt so gross and lethargic this week, it was enough to scare me into wanting to eat well again!

I took the opportunity to find a non-scale victory after my weigh-in.  Instead of getting down on myself, I realized the coat I was wearing was my 'weight loss reward' coat that I purchased several week's back.  The coat was snug in the store but zipped, just a few weeks later it's feeling bigger and I'm loving what it represents.  It's nothing fancy, but it is one of those coats that goes just above your knees so I feel really good that I can zip it comfortably over my legs, hips, waist and chest with no struggle!

Some other fun things from this week, included a holiday brunch/crafts show with our mommy friends.  This get together was a reminder that we no longer have little babies!  Our first brunches last year consisted of sleeping babies, or ones that would lay on their backs on the ground while we all chatted.  Those days are long gone!  We were all running around after screaming toddlers who kept trying to do things like run up the stairs!

Going to the holiday brunch got me in the Christmas mood  (I had been avoiding decorating like a real Grinch).  We went out and got ourselves a tree and put on music and spent some time decorating it!   I actually had a lot of fun.

And on to the fitness news!   We had class again at the library, and our little Delia decided to bust into a downward dog pose.  This girl is hilarious - she is also a big fan of plank (and she's only 14 months old!)

My friend Katie also had a fun experience this week running her first 'Shake and Share' - sharing all about some of the products that have worked so well for a bunch of us mommies including Shakeology and the 21 Day Fix.  

In food news...

I saw this idea and LOVE it.  I think I have to do it for my next holiday party.  I may decorate the tree with things like cucumbers too and maybe instead of carrots put red peppers around the outside (I love red peppers), but in general I thought this was a creative and festive healthy appetizer.

I also saw this idea, and love it for work.  We have so many mason jars from various things and this is a perfect use for them.

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