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    6 years ago

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Special Edition: Ultimate Reset

This blog post is a special edition where I have shared each day of the Ultimate Reset and how I felt. Click on each title to see a YouTube video of me on that particular day!

I'm happy to help you with your journey, please contact me via or create a free account under me to connect: (select Join --> Free Account).

Food Prep & Program Review

This entry is about my food prep and reading through the materials in advance.  I also created a grocery list by category to make navigating Whole Foods a little easier!

Week 1: Grocery Shopping

This was taken in the parking lot after tackling my first grocery store trip for Week 1. I opted to get all of Week 1's ingredients at the same time.  My thought is a lot of the oils and amino acids and herbs will be used over the 21 Days so next week's trip will be a lot easier.

Week 1: The Night Before

This is taken the night before Day 1.  Excited and scared!

Week 1: Day 1

I'll be posting photos of my food for each day - I have to say, the food prep stressed me out but the actual food was amazing and super filling.  And the prep itself wasn't hard, just coordinating in my head what I needed and how long it would take to make.

Day 2 and still going strong.  The food is unbelievable. I had some time today to do some prep for later in the week as a few meals I'll need to take 'on the go' for full days out of the house.   I feel better knowing the food is prepped.   I haven't felt hungry at all which is saying something!  Slight headache today and back pain (but I'm not 100% sure that's related).

The food today was amazing again! I was really excited about breakfast because I love eggs, more than anything and the pine nuts in the spinach/kale makes it taste really good.   I was most skeptical about the nori rolls for dinner because the seaweed in the Miso soup is really getting to me, but they were good! I'm excited for them again tomorrow for lunch.   I made two sets yesterday in anticipation which means less work tomorrow!  No side effects today, feeling like it's a ton of food and not at all challenging so far.

Week 1: Day 4
Today's food was still amazing! I had to cut open and shred my first coconut for breakfast which was fun.   I couldn't finish the whole salad, but saved it for my snack for tomorrow.  The Nori rolls were still amazing as was dinner!  Still feeling good - no aches or pains.

Week 1: Day 5

Feeling a little hungrier today, but that being said I didn't finish my hummus and veggies at lunch so that could be part of it. I definitely noticed the portions getting smaller - so it could be a mind game too!   Regardless, the food has been amazing!

Feeling amazing still. A little tired mid-day but I was up later than usual last night so that could be part of it. I woke up a little hungry, but of course the food was more than enough. I LOVED the root mixture (added rosemary) and the soup was great, I had it cold.

As you can see from the photo, the food is getting a little less as Week 1 tapers down.  That being said, I wasn't hungry at all and loved my food! I  actually got pretty full at lunch with the micro green salad and zucchini cashew soup.   Dinner was great, it's the third time for the baked tempeh so I knew I'd like it.  Tomorrow starts Week 2- the food is all prepped!

Week 2: Day 8
Spent the day in Boston for Mother's Day and loved every minute of it! I requested a 'picnic lunch' so I could bring my Reset foods and it was a success.  I was a little emotional in the morning but got over it quickly and enjoyed my day and my food.

The food continues to be amazing and I'm not feeling hungry at all despite the 'dwindling' portions.  Today I'm actually extremely tired, it's not terrible but I haven't felt this tired in such a long time and I don't like it!

One word: TIRED.   That pretty much sums up how I feel today. I never do this, but I was so tired I took a 45 minute nap.   I don't feel sick and other than feeling a little hungry before dinner (I didn't finish my lunch, so I had the leftovers as a snack when I got hungry), but the fatigue is a little hard since I rarely feel this tired.  I do have a few changes going on with my 20 month old son, so I think part of the fatigue is a result of that. Perfect timing for Week 2: RELEASE Phase!

Here it is, Day 11!  I'm halfway through, I can't believe how fast the time is flying by.  I feel better today - a little tired still, but really not even worth mentioning.    The food still continues to be more than enough - and I actually wasn't able to eat all of my food today because it was just too much!   I had the Coconut Squash Soup for lunch (a little off with my day 11 foods because I had to switch around a few foods for travel later in the week).  I have to say this soup was not nearly as good as I was expecting - nothing in comparison to the Pepper Sweet Potato Bisque!

Week 2: Day 12
Here's my food! I'm still a little tired, but nothing crazy.  I have two days left of Phase 2 and can't wait to get some protein back into my system!  I had a wonderful compliment today that it looked like I'd "suddenly dropped a significant amount of weight". This is from a good friend who sees me weekly. I have lost 1.2 in the past 2 weeks on the Reset (70lbs total in the past 10 months), so this compliment told me that the Reset really is changing my body!

Day 13, I can't get over how fast the time has flown! I loved my breakfast and got creative with it.  The tahini stuffed squash I was really looking forward to, and it was good but not nearly as good as some of the other foods.  I am also amazed that after nearly two weeks I'm not sick of the micro green salad, I actually LOVE it.  Energy levels are back up too which is great.

Today was a bit of a challenge with food, I got up at 10 (not typical) so my food/supplement timing was all off and I had a wedding. I brought my edamame salad (which was AMAZING) with me for lunch, but then got all messed up with when I could eat things. As a result I had to make the best choices possible at a wedding I went to (sorry for the lack of photos). I am feeling good about myself and feeling a lot less tired!

Today Starts the first day of Phase 3: Restore.  A new set of supplements and a new phase of food. I have thoroughly enjoyed the food in Phases 1 and 2, and the variety of recipes.  However, for this phase due to a complex schedule for the final week, I decided to do the Reset in a Crunch plan - which gives you a few options for each meal (pick A, B or C for recipes basically). This works well for me since I was able to make a large batch of foods and grab and go easily for the week.  As a result the photos may all look similar!

Feeling great today! A little bummed that I ate the same food as yesterday, and I think it's because I've been getting so used to all the variety!  The preparation was really easy since I did it all in a large batch this weekend, but I miss all those yummy variety of recipes.   The microgreen salad with 1/8 of an avocado and 1/2 a sweet potato is pretty amazing though.   I feel great today - no sleepiness!

Feeling great! I realized today my 'digestion' has slowed down a bit (it ramped up Week 2 I think as a result of the "Detox" drink).   My energy is still strong, and I feel great.   I'm really curious now more than ever how I'll feel at the end of it since I'm getting so close to day 21.  I can't get over how FAST it flew by.  On a side note, I had to do the 'Reset in a Crunch' based on my travel schedule this week, but if you don't have to do it, I wouldn't recommend it.  I really miss all the great variety of meals from the first 2 weeks.

Today's food!  I didn't end up having the Miso Soup for dinner tonight, but instead upped the zucchini soup a little.   I'm really going to miss the micro green salad, especially with the sweet potato and avocado in it, it is truly amazing.

Feeling so great today and I think it's because I've gotten a handful of compliments specifically today for some reason!  My weight loss has been pretty consistent with the past 10 months (I've lost 5lbs in these 19 days), but people are commenting left and right on how good I look and I have to imagine it's more than just 5lbs worth of  change - it's the full body effect from the Reset.    I also have to say one of my favorite foods from today was putting the baked tempeh IN the zucchini soup (and heating up the soup - I had been eating it cold).

Today was an amazing day for me, while not totally Reset related, I'm sure it has had a part of it.  I went shopping today to get some new bathing suits and clothes and for the first time in the longest time everything I tried on fit. I got extremely emotional realizing just how far I've come in the past year.   The Reset is just a part of my 75lb weight loss, but it really is making me realize just how much I've changed in the last 10 months.  My food was amazing today, as always and I have absolutely no 'symptoms' except immense gratitude!

Final day!  Feels like the past 21 Days literally flew by.   I can't say I had any crazy emotions or detox symptoms, but I do feel great and I'm proud of myself for sticking with the program.  The food has been phenomenal and I can't wait to use some of the recipes in my regular eating (I follow the 21 Day Fix plan 80% of the time).   I would strongly recommend the Ultimate Reset and plan to do it again at some point!

And here are my results...

While this isn't about weight loss, I feel like that's a question that comes up a lot so I will share my weight and measurement changes.  Most importantly, I FEEL great and thoroughly enjoyed the food.   I didn't miss cheese at all (this is huge for me), and I never realized how much I could love salad when I put the right things in it.    

Weight Change: -5.8lbs
Chest: -1/2''
Waist: -1''
Hips: -1''
Left Arm: none
Right Arm: none
Left Thigh: none
Right Thigh: none

I'm happy to answer any and all questions!  Shoot me an email at or find me on Facebook: . 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Weekly Update: This week I am down another 1.0 for a total of 38.2!  I had a really good week initially, then had a bit of a setback mid week - it involved chocolate covered pretzels and a little box called Kraft.   In the past this would have completely derailed me, and may have caused days if not weeks of going 'off track'.  Instead, I dug up some photos and compared them - seeing that 37 pounds that no one can take away from me, not even a box of Kraft (10 or 100 maybe, but not one).   This photo to me is a very powerful tool showing me just how far I've come and got me back on track finishing the week strong.  There are so many ways to measure success, weight is just one of them - photos and measurements another, compliments, strength milestones, reaching fitness goals.  I challenge you to look at the whole picture and not just the number on the scale.

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Another huge accomplishment for me was getting back at the gym.  As of this Tuesday, I officially have my own class teaching at my old gym again!  What's fun about this is that I'm building my connections with my old clients at the gym and also now on the subbing list.  As a result of the holidays, I have lots of opportunities to sub and this week alone taught 5 classes!!  How cool is that?  5 months ago, I couldn't even get up on my waterskiis and here I am in November amidst the holiday season teaching FIVE classes in one week as well as my nightly workouts.  I'm so proud and excited for this accomplishment that I can barely contain myself.

As I build out my new business, Fit and Balanced Mom, LLC, I'm working to identify what makes MY brand.   There are so many amazing stories of weight loss and success building a healthy lifestyle.  What makes me different, what makes my Pilates classes different?   One of the key elements to the class offerings that I have is the fact that it enables mothers with busy schedules to be able to fit fitness into their days without having to leave their children or find child care.  But more importantly, a huge goal of mine is to build a community.  

What I found most important over the past year is the community of mothers that I found along the way.  These are the same mothers who have challenged me to become a better mother, a better self and better friend.  They have supported me along the way without judgment.   If I can create this community for even a small subset of mom's out there then I will feel like I've helped make the world a better place.  I truly believe that everyone needs a community they feel welcome and encouraged that fosters positive growth and development. 

Along these lines, several months ago I also started my Facebook Page "Fit & Healthy" to help foster an environment of women where every member could feel safe to share their accomplishments, struggles, goals, insights.   As I read the posts and watch the communication between the members of this group, I get that warm and fuzzy feeling inside that I'm helping make a change through building a community.  While I post questions, tips, commentary and personal progress in the hopes to inspire others, it's the eclectic background of women in this group that truly brings about an unstoppable force of inspiration and positivity.

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10 Days to Christmas

Weekly Update:

I'm happy to say after ten days of eating like a mad woman, this Monday I got myself back on track and I feel phenomenal.  The scale showed it too with a 2lb weight loss for 42.2lbs total!

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This week, my sister sent me this quote and I absolutely love it as it describes where I am at my life right now.   I've been struggling for years - since my freshman year of college - to figure out 'what I wanted to be when I grow up'.   I went to college as an education and math major - thinking I would be a teacher, then I decided I would go into Insurance because going with my personality picking a nice 'predictable' and 'stable' job was a sound solution to my problem of 'what I wanted to be when I grew up.'  

During the end of college, I discovered Weight Watchers and lost 60 pounds after being overweight my entire youth.  Through the program, I was encouraged to get 'active' so I could eat more (who wouldn't want to eat more!?).  I discovered Pilates and Running.  I became hooked on a healthy lifestyle. In those early ears after college I often got frustrated thinking "If only I knew this passion 5 years ago, I would have been a different major".  I researched programs where I could become a nutritionist - they were all too long or too expensive or required too many classes.   

Always taking the safe route - I was afraid to leave my nice comfortable insurance job.   So I decided I would make a compromise with  myself and in 2007 I became certified to teach Pilates.  If I couldn't be a heath & fitness professional full time - then maybe I could get my 'fill' from part time interaction.   For 7 years I taught Pilates, and eventually Boot Camps and even Personal Training. I soaked up any and all knowledge that I could - feeding my passion.  I used that knowledge to help my Pilates students, to better my own health and to share with those around me.   

Fast forward to last year, I was 4 months postpartum and in a total 'rut'.  Up 100lbs, and unable to do simple movements I decided I needed to make a change.  On a whim I purchased T25 (25 minute workouts) while trying to work the Weight Watchers program that had saved my life in the past.   But for some reason, the program wasn't working for me anymore.  As a mom, the Points system didn't seem so easy anymore.   I was approached about a program called the 21 Day Fix - color coded containers to help guide your food choices during the day.  Sounded simple enough, so why did I need to buy it?!   I have to say, for a full month I kept saying no to it, I COULD use Weight Watchers because it had worked in the past.  Problem was: It wasn't working and I was gaining at a terrible rate (20 pounds in less than a year).  

My life changed the day I purchased that program.  Not only did I have this phenomenal tool, but I was also introduced to the concept of "Coaching" through Team Beachbody.  As a coach, I was motivated to start my own fitness page (Fit & Healthy) and start blogging.  Through these exercises I held myself accountable - as a coach I was a role model and I needed  to demonstrate that.  With this accountability I have tasked myself with being more open and honest and raw than ever in the past - and it's WORKED for me!    As a coach, even with 100 pounds to lose, I was able to start to share my knowledge and passion with a group of amazing women.   Some of whom have seen success with  Beachbody products - but others who I have just inspired through posts and conversations to help guide them into healthier lives.  I am so grateful that I found this profession and am excited for what it brings for me in the future!

One of the things I love about this program, is it enables me to workout while I'm at home, but I still feel like I have the support of all my friends, which is what I loved about being at the gym for all those years between college and having my son.  Here is a photo of my little guy snoozing while I fit in a 30 minute workout today.

Through my journey, I set some very specific goals.  One of my goals that I set in July of this year was to be able to teach Pilates again by September.  This was a hefty goal as in July at 100lbs overweight and postpartum, I couldn't even engage my abs (a very upsetting reality after years of teaching Pilates!).  I worked so hard over those 2 months, and come September was approached by some close mommy friends about my willingness to teach them Pilates in an environment where our kids could come with us.  And so "Fit and Balanced Mom" was formed.  Starting in January, I have my official "Launch" with both daytime and nighttime series offered for moms who want to get out and about, but can't or don't want to leave their children with someone else.   This has been such a great roller coaster, and I can't wait to see where the business goes!

This is a photo from this past weekend, me and my "WHY".  My son is my reason for getting healthy and staying healthy.  I want to be here for him, and to be a good role model for him!  

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The Value of Photos

Weekly Update: I am still noticing physical changes on a daily basis, and really haven't been doing anything 'crazy' other than sticking to my 21 Day Fix clean eating plan (feel free to ask me more details on getting you started if you're interested), and my 30 minute daily workouts.  This week in down an even 2lbs, my total is now 53.8lbs!  I feel great and never deprived.  I continue to really enjoy this journey and where it's taking me!

I think I've mentioned this before, but I'll say it again.  It's really hard for me now that I am about halfway through this journey to find ANY before photos.  I took a few 'formal' ones but they are blurry and my face isn't clear in them (about 10 pounds in I took very formal ones, but I wish I had more at my heaviest).  

I found this set of photos that my Uncle took when he was in town from Scotland. They were among the ones that I didn't delete and that is ONLY because they were in my email.  I just found them looking for something else, but I'm really happy to have them.  They were taken in July literally at my heaviest (236.6lbs).  

My Advice Is this.... Don't be camera shy, for two reasons.  First, regardless of your size, your family will love you and wish they had photos of you.  When my son is older, he will have very few photos of me from his first year of life and I regret that.   Secondly, once you start to get through your journey (whatever it is), you will really wish you had them.  I have a few that I remember forcing my husband to delete from us swimming this summer, and I can't tell you how much I wish I had them.
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For those who have been following my progress through Insanity Max 30, I am making my way to the end! I have a week's left of workouts left and can't wait to post my 'final' results.  I feel great, and I actually notice a huge improvement in my calf muscles.  I love this, because it's one area I noticed really changed with my weight gain (I couldn't even feel a muscle as I had lost all definition and strength from being so sedentary).

Here is a great shot from our Tuesday morning Pilates Class through Fit and Balanced Mom.  Classes are geared towards mothers and caregivers.  Children always welcome to attend (but not required, if your kids are in school feel free to come and enjoy the positive energy of all the kiddos!).  The older kids like to workout with us, while the younger ones enjoy the freedom to play in a safe environment.

This past weekend I also hosted my first Health and Fitness event at our house.  It went over really well and I can't wait to have another one!   I hosted it with two fellow coaches, and we had lots of fun fitness demonstrations (PiYo, T25, 21 Day Fix) as well as raffles, snacks and a display of a 'day in the life on the 21 Day Fix'.  This program, as you may know is what really has enabled me to lose weight consistently every week without feeling deprived and without having to eat 'weird' foods.   I can't say enough about it.   Below is a sample meal using the containers.   My information (including ordering instructions) is at the bottom of every post, so if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask me.  I'd love to coach you through your journey!

To give you an idea, this counts as 1 Purple (Fruit), 1 Green (Veggies), 1 Yellow (Carbs), 1 Red (Protein), 1 Orange (Healthy Fats) and 1 tsp (Oils).

You get multiple of each container depending on your weight.

Here are some tasty "Shakeology Energy Bites"   they were as good as they look!

We also had some yummy fruits & veggies for our guests.

And then on to food news.  I love my Sunday prep days.  This weekend I made ziti bake, butternut squash soup and fajitas for the week.   It only took about an hour to do it all!

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Seeing & Feeling Changes

Weekly Update:  This week I was feeling really really good, and I'm excited to announce I am down 3.8lbs for a total of 57.6lbs since July!  

One of the key things I liked about this week was feeling prepared.   I know having to 'prepare' is one of the biggest complaints I get from people, but honestly it's the best piece of advice I have to share.  When you are prepared it takes the guess work out of your eating.  It doesn't mean you don't have choices, but what it does mean is that you have GOOD choices and you don't have to worry about getting so hungry that you would eat your own hand.  I'll talk more about being prepared and what I did this weekend later on in the post.   

As always, as you're reading my blog if you have any interest in the programs I've followed, please email me or comment.  There are links at the bottom of every post!

I'm just over halfway through my weight loss journey, and I saw this quote this week. It's so fitting to my journey. I didn't 'wake up' but I had a wake up moment while trying to waterski and realizing ignoring my weight and health (and making excuses) had finally started to inhibit my life in ways I wasn't willing to put up with.   I decided to make a change. You are never too old, to overweight, too unfit or too busy to start.  I had a young baby, but that was an excuse and my health was going to get in the way of my ability to be the best mom I could be.  

I've taken this journey one day at a time and loved every step of the way.

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This is another great quote.  When I started I couldn't really move at all, the workouts where HARD.  I had to modify. I struggled.  But I did it every day.  Even on the days I didn't want to, and eventually those workouts got easier.  I also committed to a 21 Day Food plan (I could do anything for 21 Days, right?).  And you no what? I lost 11pounds and started to really believe I could do it.

This week I'm really feeling and noticing changes.  The last time this happened was over the holidays, so I decided to go back and take a look at some photos.  The photo on the left here was taken Christmas Eve. I felt AMAZING.  This was one of the first 'pre-weight gain/pre-baby' shirts I could fit into. I felt great.  Well, having that same feeling of greatness this week, I snapped another photo (while drying my hair, so excuse the face!).  Again, wearing a shirt from pre-baby.  And I see huge differences.  This is only 2 months apart.   I'm very excited to take my 'formal' photos from these two months as the biggest change was incorporating the Insanity Max 30 workouts into my days (I still follow the 21 Day eating plan - see my links below for more details).   

Here I am almost done with Month 2 of the Insanity program.   I feel so amazing to have completed a full 60 day program.  

We go on a vacation next month to an all inclusive resort. I decided to start trying on some bathing suits the other day to see if I was going to need to go shopping. Much to my surprise a few fit!  So again, in my excitement I snapped a photo.   This is a 54lb difference as well as lots of exercise and good eating which is helping me tone and strengthen.   Aside from how my looks have changed, I feel amazing.

In food news...

Here is a sample of my dinner on the 21 Day Fix Extreme. I have 'graduated' from the regular 21 Day Fix and started the "Extreme" version which is a tighter eating plan and harder workouts. I love how it keeps me on my toes with eating!   A grilled sprouted grain english muffin, cheddar and spinach omelet and some celery with almond butter.  So good and so satisfying.

This week we also got the whole family on board to do the 3 Day Cleanse.   Here is my cart full of food for the week.  I love this cleanse because it enables me to drink my Shakeology and eat some really tasty meals plus I feel great!  We had a group of about 40 doing it together which made it that much more fun.   

I packaged up lunches for my husband for work, three days worth of healthy foods all portioned out!  You can see my mom in the background helping chop and prepare for the week.  We made Saturday night 'prep' night which was a fun family activity.

And then we started the cleanse!  I was 'on' my mom to drink her water, my tip was to drink four of these shakers in a day - using rubber bands to know how many she had. You move a band down for every one you finish.  It worked, and she listened! Win, win.

I brought my secret weapon to the store again later in the week.  My yummy chocolate Shakeology. I can't imagine life without it! I hate to food shop hungry, so I sipped on this while I picked up some things for later in the week.

Here are a few of my favorite cleanse foods.   

Red Pepper & Hummus

Mixed Berry Salad

This one was for my husband - chicken with cumin in lettuce wraps

Cucumber Dill Salad with Lemon Vinegar Dressing

Herbal Tea

And of course, prepping wouldn't  be the same without my homemade veggie sauce!  

We are following two plans in the house - the Fix Extreme (me) and the Original Fix (my mom and husband).   I took recipes from both books and made foods that would work for everyone.  Being a vegetarian, I am used to making a few 'versions' of meals.

While I don't eat meat, this one looked amazing.  It's a meatloaf recipe that uses salsa in it - genius!

And of course my standard pasta bake.   So good and so easy! I always have a batch of this and my Butternut Squash soup on hand.

Another easy staple to have available for when I get hungry is this veggie and quinoa salad.

Here was another recipe from the 21 Day Fix Extreme book - beef stew.  My husband made it and it smelled so amazing (again, as a vegetarian this is saying something!)

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