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    7 years ago

Monday, May 11, 2015

On to the Next!

Weekly Update: This week I am exactly the same!  My total is still 69.6lbs.   I hit the new 'decade' last week of 160s.   And I knew I was starting the Ultimate Reset this coming week and as a result I had a bit of a slip up on Friday and Saturday.  I hate to say it, but this voice inside of me was just screaming at me to be 'bad'.  What's interesting is that I ate a ton of food - but the learning experience was in the fact that I could really see the food for what it was and WHY if I ate all that food on a daily basis I would feel sluggish and be overweight.   A year ago, I was actually eating that much food - now I am spending my time connecting with others, working out, and focusing on happiness instead of obsessing over food.

I put these two photos together this week just to check out how much I've changed this year alone.  In four months I'm so proud of how I've transformed my body - and this doesn't even take in to account the 40lbs I lost in 2014.

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One of my biggest tips to give people, is to look for the good in every day. I found this quote and loved it.

Something I do in my Accountability Groups and with my Challengers is share accountability.    I love this photo because I took it in 'response' to a Challenger's photo that was texted to me.  This particular Challenger had a really hard workout and sent a super silly photo after.   This back and forth with so many people working on their health and fitness on a daily basis is why I love what I do these days.

Here's one I shared with my challenge group later in the week after a particularly sweaty workout.

This week ended my "Max 30" Round 2 experience.   My first round I saw a 15.5lb loss (just after the new year), and this round I am down a total of 12.7lbs over the 60 day program.  I love having a calendar up where I mark of each workout with a sticky note (I don't use pen, because I don't want to write on the calendar!)

Here are my results!  I see the biggest difference in my face this time.

And on to the next!   PiYo and the Ultimate Reset go together really well since PiYo is no impact and I can moderate the intensity depending on how I feel over the upcoming 3 weeks.

So what is this "Ultimate Reset" thing?  It's a 21 Day Full Body Reset - the first week you start to phase out meats (although I will be following a vegan option all along), then you phase out grains and the final week you are fully cleansing using mainly fruits, vegetables and healthy fats.    I have heard amazing things about this program from a few friends who have done it and I am so excited.   I will be creating a 'video blog' along the way and creating a blog post specifically sharing all of my videos!

Here are some of my yummy meals so far - Days 1 through 4.  The food is AMAZING!

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