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    6 years ago

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Final Countdown!!!

Weekly Update:  We are literally in the final weeks! I have 4 weeks left of my current program, 5 weeks left of this pregnancy.   I am amazed on a daily basis how I can continue to do my workouts, and teach classes but doing basic things is hard! Rolling over, putting on shoes, moving boxes. The good news is, all that would be so much harder if I wasn't focused on nutrition and fitness!

I am also excited that at the last 2 appointments my weight has pretty much stayed the same, it's like night and day where with my first pregnancy they commented at each appointment on my weight gain each week - this time some weeks I lose, some I gain some I stay the same.  So far I've gained a total of 25lbs (versus 85lbs with my first!).

I posted this photo and quote in one of my private groups this week - after my son was born I didn't work out for almost a year.  Starting over was HARD.    I know after this baby comes it will be several weeks before I am cleared to workout, which is why I'm focusing NOW on moving and staying fit - to help with recovery and to help keep me on track once my body is ready again post partum to move.

I also realized that when I started my health journey about 3 years ago, I was exactly 7 months post partum (I started with fitness and gained weight then added the nutrition in a month later and that's when the magic happened).  My very first before photo at 7 months POST partum versus where I sit today at 7 months pregnant.   I'm about 30 pounds less and so much stronger (and happier!).

And here's another interesting comparison.  I don't look super different (although it's hard to tell since I have clothes on in one and and workout gear in the other), but here I am at 30 weeks pregnant with my first pregnancy and now.   I'm a little older, I don't wear make up as much - but I'm also SO MUCH stronger, so much happier, so much more mobile AND I feel so much better. On the left, I was basically eating processed crud all day long - on the right I am eating very differently so I feel so much different! 

Another healthy habit that I've been really trying to focus on this pregnancy is FLOSSING.   Ideally I'd do it daily, but I've been doing it more like 2-3 times a week. During pregnancy you gums (along with eyes, and other things) can go wonky, so I am doing my best to avoid all health related issues!

Food news, I think my new favorite workout beverage is not just water - but water with Chia Seeds. Normally I have them at the end of the day or mid day as a pick me up, but I've been extra hungry doing a weight training program and being pregnant so the Chia Seeds are really helping keep me from getting super hangry before my son gets up and we eat breakfast together!

And of course my SHAKEOLOGY!!  I am so grateful I have this this pregnancy as well as for post partum for those late nights when all I want to do is eat a bag of chips!

More food news - this is my son's plate and my plate - all week when I ask my son what he wants he responds "exactly what you're having" - I'm not going to say kids always eat this way, but it's proof that they DO watch us and don't need the 'crummy foods' - If I make him spinach he won't eat it, but if I'm eating it too it's all he wants!

I had posted about my food prep the other day - but here it is again, I have been making 2 of every meal the last few weeks so that I have one for now and one to freeze for when the baby comes. So far so good!

Here's a favorite quick go-to meal - eggs, homemade sauce and a little cheese if I feel like it!!


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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Sedona Baby Moon!!

Weekly Update: This week we headed to Sedona for a last minute trip before the baby comes! I know from experience that once the baby is hear, travel is hard, sleep is hard, nutrition is hard and balancing life is...hard!   We were supposed to head to the Dominican Republic in a month but because of Zika and my pregnancy (I'd be 34 weeks) the doctor said not to go - so we did the next best thing and booked a trip to a warm but non Zika region...Sedona!

My big goal was to do some hiking - we got to see some amazing scenery, hike and swim. I will admit, hiking is a lot harder with a 7 month baby growing in your belly!  But still, so much fun.

When I hiked the Grand Canyon several years back my favorite part was the extreme heat and hiking and then going swimming in really cold refreshing waters - so we made it a part of our trip to find a hike where we could land in some water...and cold it was! But Still so relaxing.   It's been a long time as a mom since I've been able to just sort of 'do nothing' - so as you can imagine, it was a much appreciated vacation.

Baby's first chilly dip!!   He didn't put up a fight, so I'd say he likes cool waters as much as his mom!

I continued my workouts at the hotel gym (it was an amazing gym!), but I have to say I really missed my at home gym. I never in a million years thought I'd say that, but the truth is I have gotten used to really being able to push myself with out feeling like people are 'watching' me. I also really like not having to wear earbuds - when I put music on I start to feel very isolated and self conscious and out of tune with my surroundings.

One habit I have been really trying to keep up - HYDRATION!  Especially apparent in Sedona, with the heat and flying and pregnancy my headaches multiplied - the current goal is 120 ounces a day given my headaches and fitness levels.

And of course my beloved Shakeology!  It's funny, I swore I'd never drink any sort of 'shake' - but the truth is I was getting smoothies frequently which are basically liquid calories in sugar form disguised as fruit.  Shakeology gives me a burst of energy, and satisfies me instead of spurring up cravings like any 'shake' I ever bought at a juice bar did!

We tried to limit our eating expenses to really good meals and restaurants on vacation - so we did  quick trip to a local grocery store to stock up and used leftovers (like the guac and picco you see on my plate) to spruce things up.  Our hotel had a full kitchen with a mini stove and fridge so here's a breakfast I made for myself on our second morning. SO GOOD!

One thing I was super impressed about was the variety of vegetarian and vegan meals in the Sedona area. I had a veggie burger with salad or on salad at most meals, but mainly because all the veggie burgers were so DIFFERENT! Here is a beet burger, which was amazing.

And here is a vegan dill dressing with salad at an all vegan restaurant (one I'll totally go back to!).

I'm impressed my husband came with me twice to the same vegan place - the main selling point was their amazing drinks - ginger, lemon and turmeric - yes please!


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Spiced Pumpkin Chip Cookies (Healthy-ish)

Here's a recipe I recently found and adapted for my family, they were great!! My son is DEVOURING them and it was a creative way for me to use non perishables to get some veggies (pumpkin) in his system because we were low on groceries. 

What You'll Need:

  • 1/2 cup Butter Softened OR 1/2 Coconut Oil, room temp
  • 1/3 cup Honey 
  • 2 cups Canned Pumpkin
  • 1 Egg
  • 1 1/2 tsp Vanilla
  • 1 1/4 cups Flour (or Coconut/Almond Flour for a less processed alternative)
  • 1/2 tsp ground cinnamon (I use Ceylon)
  • 1/2 tsp ground nutmeg
  • 1 tsp backing soda
  • 1/4 tsp salt (I use Himalayan)
  • 3/4 cup chocolate chips (optional)
What To Do:

  1. Beat all ingredients together until well blended (butter/coconut oil and honey first, then add pumpkin, egg, vanilla then add flour and spices)
  2. Drop by teaspoons onto a sprayed baking sheet (48 servings)
  3. Cook at 350 (Preheated oven) until golden brown, about 10-12 minutes
  4. Store at room temperature or for longer storage the fridge/freezer


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Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Weekly Update: This week we had a lot of travel (and stay tuned, more next week!).   We went to our favorite family escape - "Great Wolf Lodge" which I love because it's all in one place and you can bring all your own food!  Only down fall is they have the worst hotel gym I've never seen (but I know this so I know to plan my workouts, I also know that I'll always get the room to myself!).

I moved around my workouts a bit, because the gym has literally zero free weights, so I did the one cardio one that I have on my schedule and made our other day a rest day.  I was feeling pretty sluggish, then looked at some of the videos I took during the workout and was pretty proud of my leg muscles in this one and the fact that I made any air time!   Simple things like getting off the floor have been hard, so it's fun to me that I'm still able to workout even if it's not at the same speed.

I wasn't the only one to get moving - every morning they offer Wiley yoga - here's my little guy doing some poses before we hit the water park!

Then it was back to reality just in time for a giant snow storm - between that and day light savings it's not so much fun to get up, but as you can see (this is the before photo, below is the after), it's always worth it!

It amazes me how a quick workout can literally lift my energy ten times over.

Balance hasn't been great, so I do what I can and take breaks as I need them!

I also got my workout buddy for TWO workouts this week. He's getting older so playing more which has been fun - he used to get bored depending on my workout, but now he comes and goes giving me hugs and building his train (and critiquing my joke!).

In food news, this is what our fridge looked like for our trip.  When I say we packed all our food, I wasn't kidding! They are great about it, you get a really large mini fridge (about 3x the normal size) and a microwave.   Two coolers later we had PLENTY of food for the week!

One of my favorites recently has been bananas with PB on top - easy and satisfying.

Another staple for travel - hummus and a veggie burger with red pepper (or any veggies) on a wrap.  I can eat it hot or cold!

And when I got home, I made my new favorite, eggplant crust pizza!


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Wednesday, March 8, 2017


Weekly Update: It's officially here! Third trimester!! Here are some photos I took mid week - comparing my first pregnancy photos to my most recent one, and then last week to this week.   I actually feel like I see significant changes week over week (rounder belly but less bloated, and less bloated face!). 

Why's that?  Because I got my nutrition back in check!! And it was SIMPLE! And I feel amazing!!!

In addition, I am back to my FAVORITE weight training program of all time - balance is not what it normally is for me, but that's ok, the key is to just modify!

I may not 'look' perfect, I may be bigger than I anticipated, but I can still eat well and focus on being strong - two things that are super important when you are growing a baby.

They are also important when you are raising a toddler!   Showing this guy how important it is to be healthy is a top priority of mine.

Food news!

A new favorite: 2 eggs cooked in my homemade sauce with a toasted pita!

And I've also totally been on an Italian frenzy recently, point in case below!


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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Hammer and Chisel...Pregnant!

Weekly Update: This week I started a new program - I did it almost exactly a year ago before getting pregnant the first time last Spring.  It was my FAVORITE program. I did the math and realized that at 26 weeks pregnant if I wanted to do it, I better start soon, so the next 8 weeks will be intense but I'm already feeling so great!

Here is me doing Burpees - not the same as how I 'used' to (same with push ups), but I'm super proud of myself either way!

A few more from the week - mornings are never 'super easy' but I'll say with March here I am noticing it being lighter and lighter and it's been amazing to finish my workout to a bright outdoors!

And regardless of how tired I am when I start - I'm always wide eyed when I FINISH!

It may sound weird, but doing workouts at home 'alone' has been a great experience compared to last pregnancy in the gym - I feel like in a weird way it's some quiet bonding time with the baby before he comes.

We are also trying to soak up some last family moments with being a family of 3 - life is about to get amazing but also crazy (I know from having my first!), one of my favorite things to do is snuggle with my son while he talks to the baby.

This photo cracks me up - during my reverse plank my son decided to jump on me and the baby - another mom in my class snapped this shot of us doing a '3 person plank'!

Here we are prepping food last Sunday - we had a friend come over to takes some photography of our 'daily routine' and I'm so happy she captured this! It's a big part of our weekends!

With this week really focused on nutrition I did some awesome prep - and am starting 'post partum' prep as well - meaning every meal I make, I'm going to make twice as much and freeze for post- baby so I don't live off of hundred calorie packs again!

I find myself making this sauce weekly - I LOVE IT!

Another new favorite - 'fajita pitas' - they were out of my favorite wraps so I got pitas instead and it's yummy to put some avocado and fajitas (peppers/onions/tofu) inside! Easy and tasty.

This pizza continues to be an all time favorite as well - SO GOOD.   Not as decadent as the butternut squash one that I like to make, but more 'pizza like' and made out of eggplant!

And another oldie but goodie - PB on a wrap with a banana! Easy to transport for long days on the go!


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