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    6 years ago

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Final Countdown!!!

Weekly Update:  We are literally in the final weeks! I have 4 weeks left of my current program, 5 weeks left of this pregnancy.   I am amazed on a daily basis how I can continue to do my workouts, and teach classes but doing basic things is hard! Rolling over, putting on shoes, moving boxes. The good news is, all that would be so much harder if I wasn't focused on nutrition and fitness!

I am also excited that at the last 2 appointments my weight has pretty much stayed the same, it's like night and day where with my first pregnancy they commented at each appointment on my weight gain each week - this time some weeks I lose, some I gain some I stay the same.  So far I've gained a total of 25lbs (versus 85lbs with my first!).

I posted this photo and quote in one of my private groups this week - after my son was born I didn't work out for almost a year.  Starting over was HARD.    I know after this baby comes it will be several weeks before I am cleared to workout, which is why I'm focusing NOW on moving and staying fit - to help with recovery and to help keep me on track once my body is ready again post partum to move.

I also realized that when I started my health journey about 3 years ago, I was exactly 7 months post partum (I started with fitness and gained weight then added the nutrition in a month later and that's when the magic happened).  My very first before photo at 7 months POST partum versus where I sit today at 7 months pregnant.   I'm about 30 pounds less and so much stronger (and happier!).

And here's another interesting comparison.  I don't look super different (although it's hard to tell since I have clothes on in one and and workout gear in the other), but here I am at 30 weeks pregnant with my first pregnancy and now.   I'm a little older, I don't wear make up as much - but I'm also SO MUCH stronger, so much happier, so much more mobile AND I feel so much better. On the left, I was basically eating processed crud all day long - on the right I am eating very differently so I feel so much different! 

Another healthy habit that I've been really trying to focus on this pregnancy is FLOSSING.   Ideally I'd do it daily, but I've been doing it more like 2-3 times a week. During pregnancy you gums (along with eyes, and other things) can go wonky, so I am doing my best to avoid all health related issues!

Food news, I think my new favorite workout beverage is not just water - but water with Chia Seeds. Normally I have them at the end of the day or mid day as a pick me up, but I've been extra hungry doing a weight training program and being pregnant so the Chia Seeds are really helping keep me from getting super hangry before my son gets up and we eat breakfast together!

And of course my SHAKEOLOGY!!  I am so grateful I have this this pregnancy as well as for post partum for those late nights when all I want to do is eat a bag of chips!

More food news - this is my son's plate and my plate - all week when I ask my son what he wants he responds "exactly what you're having" - I'm not going to say kids always eat this way, but it's proof that they DO watch us and don't need the 'crummy foods' - If I make him spinach he won't eat it, but if I'm eating it too it's all he wants!

I had posted about my food prep the other day - but here it is again, I have been making 2 of every meal the last few weeks so that I have one for now and one to freeze for when the baby comes. So far so good!

Here's a favorite quick go-to meal - eggs, homemade sauce and a little cheese if I feel like it!!


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