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    6 years ago

Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Weekly Update: This week we had a lot of travel (and stay tuned, more next week!).   We went to our favorite family escape - "Great Wolf Lodge" which I love because it's all in one place and you can bring all your own food!  Only down fall is they have the worst hotel gym I've never seen (but I know this so I know to plan my workouts, I also know that I'll always get the room to myself!).

I moved around my workouts a bit, because the gym has literally zero free weights, so I did the one cardio one that I have on my schedule and made our other day a rest day.  I was feeling pretty sluggish, then looked at some of the videos I took during the workout and was pretty proud of my leg muscles in this one and the fact that I made any air time!   Simple things like getting off the floor have been hard, so it's fun to me that I'm still able to workout even if it's not at the same speed.

I wasn't the only one to get moving - every morning they offer Wiley yoga - here's my little guy doing some poses before we hit the water park!

Then it was back to reality just in time for a giant snow storm - between that and day light savings it's not so much fun to get up, but as you can see (this is the before photo, below is the after), it's always worth it!

It amazes me how a quick workout can literally lift my energy ten times over.

Balance hasn't been great, so I do what I can and take breaks as I need them!

I also got my workout buddy for TWO workouts this week. He's getting older so playing more which has been fun - he used to get bored depending on my workout, but now he comes and goes giving me hugs and building his train (and critiquing my joke!).

In food news, this is what our fridge looked like for our trip.  When I say we packed all our food, I wasn't kidding! They are great about it, you get a really large mini fridge (about 3x the normal size) and a microwave.   Two coolers later we had PLENTY of food for the week!

One of my favorites recently has been bananas with PB on top - easy and satisfying.

Another staple for travel - hummus and a veggie burger with red pepper (or any veggies) on a wrap.  I can eat it hot or cold!

And when I got home, I made my new favorite, eggplant crust pizza!


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