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    6 years ago

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Sedona Baby Moon!!

Weekly Update: This week we headed to Sedona for a last minute trip before the baby comes! I know from experience that once the baby is hear, travel is hard, sleep is hard, nutrition is hard and balancing life is...hard!   We were supposed to head to the Dominican Republic in a month but because of Zika and my pregnancy (I'd be 34 weeks) the doctor said not to go - so we did the next best thing and booked a trip to a warm but non Zika region...Sedona!

My big goal was to do some hiking - we got to see some amazing scenery, hike and swim. I will admit, hiking is a lot harder with a 7 month baby growing in your belly!  But still, so much fun.

When I hiked the Grand Canyon several years back my favorite part was the extreme heat and hiking and then going swimming in really cold refreshing waters - so we made it a part of our trip to find a hike where we could land in some water...and cold it was! But Still so relaxing.   It's been a long time as a mom since I've been able to just sort of 'do nothing' - so as you can imagine, it was a much appreciated vacation.

Baby's first chilly dip!!   He didn't put up a fight, so I'd say he likes cool waters as much as his mom!

I continued my workouts at the hotel gym (it was an amazing gym!), but I have to say I really missed my at home gym. I never in a million years thought I'd say that, but the truth is I have gotten used to really being able to push myself with out feeling like people are 'watching' me. I also really like not having to wear earbuds - when I put music on I start to feel very isolated and self conscious and out of tune with my surroundings.

One habit I have been really trying to keep up - HYDRATION!  Especially apparent in Sedona, with the heat and flying and pregnancy my headaches multiplied - the current goal is 120 ounces a day given my headaches and fitness levels.

And of course my beloved Shakeology!  It's funny, I swore I'd never drink any sort of 'shake' - but the truth is I was getting smoothies frequently which are basically liquid calories in sugar form disguised as fruit.  Shakeology gives me a burst of energy, and satisfies me instead of spurring up cravings like any 'shake' I ever bought at a juice bar did!

We tried to limit our eating expenses to really good meals and restaurants on vacation - so we did  quick trip to a local grocery store to stock up and used leftovers (like the guac and picco you see on my plate) to spruce things up.  Our hotel had a full kitchen with a mini stove and fridge so here's a breakfast I made for myself on our second morning. SO GOOD!

One thing I was super impressed about was the variety of vegetarian and vegan meals in the Sedona area. I had a veggie burger with salad or on salad at most meals, but mainly because all the veggie burgers were so DIFFERENT! Here is a beet burger, which was amazing.

And here is a vegan dill dressing with salad at an all vegan restaurant (one I'll totally go back to!).

I'm impressed my husband came with me twice to the same vegan place - the main selling point was their amazing drinks - ginger, lemon and turmeric - yes please!


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