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    6 years ago

Wednesday, March 8, 2017


Weekly Update: It's officially here! Third trimester!! Here are some photos I took mid week - comparing my first pregnancy photos to my most recent one, and then last week to this week.   I actually feel like I see significant changes week over week (rounder belly but less bloated, and less bloated face!). 

Why's that?  Because I got my nutrition back in check!! And it was SIMPLE! And I feel amazing!!!

In addition, I am back to my FAVORITE weight training program of all time - balance is not what it normally is for me, but that's ok, the key is to just modify!

I may not 'look' perfect, I may be bigger than I anticipated, but I can still eat well and focus on being strong - two things that are super important when you are growing a baby.

They are also important when you are raising a toddler!   Showing this guy how important it is to be healthy is a top priority of mine.

Food news!

A new favorite: 2 eggs cooked in my homemade sauce with a toasted pita!

And I've also totally been on an Italian frenzy recently, point in case below!


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