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    7 years ago

Monday, December 28, 2015

Bring it on 2016!

Weekly Update: This week I am down 0.6lbs for a new total of 78.8lbs.   I'm really proud of myself because I gave myself an advance 'ok' to eat as I pleased on Christmas Day.  Why am I pleased? For a few reasons...

🔹 I didn't beat myself up for some of the food choices I made
🔹 I planed for it, and was able to move on after the fact
🔹 I ended up feeling lethargic and not so great after, a reminder that eating well makes me FEEL good

I also learned that next year I need to prepare a little better in terms of what I contribute. Our holidays have gotten much smaller which means less options, and as a vegetarian, I had even less options. They included: Cheesy Mashed Potatoes, Cheesy/Buttery Broccoli Casserole, Butternut Squash (but the amount for the whole family of 12 was what I could eat in on sitting), Rolls, Butter, Pretzels & Cheese, Bread Bowl & Cottage Cheese.

I wanted to start the blog with this photo because it represents two extremely happy and proud women. On the left was last Christmas, I was sitting right around 40 pounds lost and I felt on top of the world proud. This was the first 'normal' outfit I had worn since I got pregnant 2 years prior. Looking at the two photos, there is another 40 pounds difference - and I'm still just as proud and happy. Both of these represent parts of the 'middle' of my journey and I thought it was really important to share.

So two my earlier point, on my fitness and nutrition plan - I wanted to share these photos - leading up to the holidays I was starting to see my nutrition do a slippery slide after Thanksgiving (photo on the left - puffy and bloated, and up about 5 pound from where I've been maintaining the last 6 months).  I thought, I could wait until the New Year, but why?!  The photo on the right was taken two weeks later on Christmas morning after my workout.  I chose to dial my nutrition back in and it has made a huge impact on how I feel (and my ability to 'keep' my indulgent eating to the one day on Christmas.

I wanted to give a pull up update - close to 2 months in and still not nearing a real pull up - I do a combination of jumping up and using the assist band - but what I'm most proud of (despite the fact that I thought I'd be able to do one by now) is that I have not given up on myself or let feelings of frustration and self defeat get in the way.

This girl right here, she is DETERMINED.  This was taken mid workout and I am wiped, the video footage that captured this shows me huffing and puffing.   The workouts don't get easier, because the stronger I get the more I push myself - that's what makes this journey so much fun (once you get over the fact that you are working out, of course!)

So this week was sort of fun in a few ways because we had some freakishly warm weather - 60s on Christmas day and the days leading up to it. I LOVE warm weather, so you better believe me when I say I took advantage!

We had a fantastic Christmas morning - 7 of us total celebrated and enjoyed presents from Santa (my parents, sister, her fiance, my husband and I and of course my little 2 year old baby boy).

My favorite gift of all came from Santa (aka my parents) - I got this amazing bench for my workouts!   Who'd have thought 2 years ago that I'd be working out again?  Not me!   And here I am getting benches from Santa.

This blog wouldn't be complete without a photo of my family on Christmas Eve.  This little guy and his happiness is really at the forefront of everything I do.   I am proud to say that he insisted we leave Shakeology (which is what's in the milk glas) and water with chia seeds in it for Santa - he's clearly watching me day in and day out!

And it's a good thing, since I snagged some of Santa's "milk shake" and chia water after Ben was asleep!

Some more food news..

On Christmas Eve day, I had also given myself some flexibility, I didn't go overboard, and I made sure to start my day strong - I just ate a little more for breakfast than I typically do.  I love this particular option of putting veggies on the side instead of fruit or potatoes!

And my new favorite food recently has been this curry that I've been making. I've been mixing it with various 'extras' depending on the day - here it is with a veggie burger, rice and asparagus. 

I highly recommend the recipe: 

My other favorite recipe I posted in my blog last week - but it's my butternut squash 'pizza crust' topped with any toppings of my choice. It's insanely easy and extremely tasty.  I prefer it over regular pizza!

Here is my proof! For Christmas Eve we got regular pizzas, I enjoyed my regular pizza instead - I did have half a piece of one of the pizzas and realized it wasn't even half as good as the butternut squash one I had made.

Here is another new favorite and it's So easy - scramble some eggs (uncooked), spray a few muffin tins - put half a muffin size worth of egg, top with chopped veggies and pour a little more egg on top.  Back at 350 for about 20 minutes and freeze or just eat!

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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Merry Christmas!

Weekly Update:  This week I am down 2.2lbs for a NEW total of 78.2lbs.  I am really proud of myself for committing to a new program despite the holiday madness.  Will be giving myself some leeway to stray a little on Christmas, but really I don't want to because when I eat well I FEEL better.

I love this quote I found earlier in the week - sometimes I feel like my speed is a little slow, but then I remember that I'm still moving in the right direction and setting new goals every day.

And when all else fails, I look back at photos like these of my Day 1 and my current - doesn't matter my pace, only thing that matters  is each day I move forward.

This week I made an effort to take some extra 'me' time and really relax.  I  have added a ritual of reading personal development books 10-30 minutes a day with ZERO distractions (this is hard for me but it's really been great), and I actually even decided to take a bath with some sea and epsom salts the other day - also very nice!

One of my favorite parts of this down time was snuggles with my little guy - he rarely cuddles but with a flew cancelled plans over the week we got in some much needed low key time including some cuddles!

This weekend I had a few friends over for a group workout - and I identified my awesome 'gym' holds 3 people max - but it was still fun!

Here is a video of us working out (it was put in fast mode), we are all moms and between us have lost 220 pounds (left: 80lbs, middle: 65lbs, right (me): 76lbs).   Busy moms, but we found the time each day and look at us now!

Here is a great photo from my Mommy & Me class this week before the holiday!

We had a rough night early in the week with a trip to the hospital - little guys OK but it was a late night! I'm proud that u didn't use it as an excuse to skip my workout the next morning though.

Food news!   My new favorite recipe of all time is my butternut squash pizza crust - a combination of sage, squash, almond flour and eggs - it tastes so decadent but it's very clean and very healthy!

I also made an amazing curry with a free curry I got from Penzey's Spice the other day - (get on their mailing list! They are constantly giving out free spices).  It was so easy and made 10 delicious servings!

The next four collages are of my food for the day on Thursday - I did a food challenge in one of my private groups to take a photo of everything you consumed - so here it is! All within my nutrition plan, it's so much food!

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On My A-Game and Feeling GREAT!

Weekly Update:  Last week I opted not to 'look' at my weight.  I am trying out having less of a focus on my weight and seeing how it goes.  If you know me, you know I am a firm believer in weighing no more than once a week, but now I'm working on maybe spacing it out even more.  This week I am down 4.2lbs for a total of 76lbs down! 

This week I feel amazing!  Truly amazing.  I recommitted 100% to my nutrition with the start of a new program.   I want to see exactly what this program can do for me and I know with inconsistent nutrition choices, I'll be short changing myself.  My current program is 60 days, knowing we have a holiday in between I have decided that if I want, I will allow for a day 'off' on Christmas, but honestly I am not sure I'll even want that since I am feeling so well eating well!

I wanted to start to days blog with our family's holiday card.  If you are reading this, you are a part of my life, and I wanted to wish you a very happy holiday season regardless of what you are celebrating.  

I know I've shared this a lot, but a friend recently shared something in my private group about 10 habits of extremely healthy people and I realized I do all of them!  At first I thought I didn't but then I realized that I do (the journaling was the one part I didn't realize I did, but through my private group and this blog, I am thinking I actually do!).  So here is the list:

🔶 Set a Schedule and Stick to It - Regardless of if I'm working out, I'm always up by 6am!
🔶 Wake Up as Early as 6am - Check! I'm actually up at 5:30am, I find I'm more clear when I get up early
🔶 Drink a Lot of Water - If you know me at all, you know I am BIG on water! 100oz a day
🔶 Exercise Before the Day Starts - I start every day with my workout program!
🔶 They Eat a Hearty Balanced Breakfast - Yes! I always start my day with Shakeology and a Banana
🔶 They Meditate - After my 5:30am workout!
🔶 They Journal - Yep, via my blog and private group!
🔶 They Read - This is a habit I actually just picked back up again, 30 minutes a day
🔶 They Listen to Music - Music really gets me going - many of my classes I teach to music too
🔶 They Tell Someone 'I Love You' - Of course!! I actually think I say this about 5,000 times a day

So in terms of the list - here is the book I started (and finished!) this week. I'm a slow reader, so for years avoided it, but I am finding the more I read the faster I get (just like anything else, it gets easier!).   I actually read this in 4 'chunks' - I would set an alarm and promise myself I wouldn't do anything but read during that chunk of time.  Now I'm off to read my next book!

Here is a fun photo from this week!   I had the pleasure of having a good friend and buddy in this whole journey sleep over.   Katie and I started the 21 Day Fix at the same time last year together, I am technically her coach, but she has taught me so much along the way as well.  Together we have lost 140 pounds in the last 15 months - and continue to be strong role models for our little ones (which is how we met to begin with!).

Food news!!  There is a cauliflower drought, and usually I make cauliflower crust but decided to get a little creative this weekend for our 'pizza party sleepover' (Katie's family slept over and we did pizza night).  I have to say I LOVE what I came up with!

🔸 1 butternut squash steamed and mashed
🔸 Mix with 2 eggs and about 1/2 cup of almond flour (or any flour of your choice, almond flour I prefer because it's literally just almonds)

🔸 Add in sage, I used chopped fresh safe from my garden
🔸 Put on foil or parchment paper (sprayed), and make a circle about 1/4 inch thick, bake at 400 about 20 minutes until it feels solid to touch
🔸 Top (I used ricotta and the veggies sautéed in olive oil and honey)
🔸 Bake again about 10 min

Here is the finished product! I can't stress enough how great this was, even my husband ate it!  It as fluffy like actual crust.

Another favorite from the weekend was these egg cups - SO easy! Blended eggs with veggies and then baked, seriously so easy.

And of course - my favorite treat these days!  Shakeology mixed with coconut oil and then chilled.   I can't stress enough how great these taste.

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Monday, December 7, 2015

New Beginnings

Weekly Update: This week I gave my nutrition a little bit of a 'break' knowing that at the end of the week I planned to start Hammer and Chisel, my newest program and do the nutrition 100% (with the exception of Christmas).    This was intentional, so I expected a bit of a gain.  So that being said I have made the choice to not look at my weight this week.

I love to start these blogs with year over year, or progress photos.   I look back at the last 15 months and it's interesting to me, that in the last year I have lost 35 pounds, but in the first 6 months I lost 40.   goes to show you that weight really isn't everything and it's ok if it takes a while to come off.

I don't have photos from my back from the very before ones - but I did take this one last December, and compared to this December, I'm extremely proud of how my back has changed!

I wanted to share this photo here - this group of moms means the world to me.  I didn't know them before I had my son, they actually met me at the most challenging time in my life. I was so happy to be a mom, but I was struggling so much as well, and my stress for my son let me forget about myself.  These moms, women I just met 2 years ago have been the most influential people in my life so far.   We are all so extremely different, and would have never crossed paths had it not been for that one common thread - we all met in nursing group where we all were struggling with various things.  

These moms are the ones that encouraged me to follow my dreams.  They have supported me through my weight loss, never judging me before I lost the weight, and having confidence in me before I had the confidence in myself.

Next up - here are some fitness photos from the week!   I have two type of fitness I do many days - I have my ME time, at 5:30am.  This isn't always easy, but I'm always happy at the end of it.   I have a private group of sillies who all take morning photos and encourage each other at 3, 4, 5am to get up and get moving.  While I'm technically alone in my basement, I never really feel alone.

Here's a slightly less groggy fitness photo - as I mentioned, I am moving on to a new program, the company's newest one, Hammer & Chisel. This is not a program for the faint of heart, but after 15 months of dedication to my own health and fitness I feel ready to tackle this program. I spent the beginning of the week printing out worksheets and reading through materials so I would be ready to start!

So the 'second' part of my daily fitness is traveling all around the state helping other moms make time for themselves.  Here I am teaching a group of local moms core Pilates work using the stability ball.  These classes make me so happy!

Food news!  In preparation of starting the new program, I wanted to make sure I had foods ready to go for the week. I made this awesome butternut squash casserole with quinoa and tempeh - it made 10 servings!!

Grilled Asparagus

Cut up peppers

Easy quinoa salad!


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