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    6 years ago

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Merry Christmas!

Weekly Update:  This week I am down 2.2lbs for a NEW total of 78.2lbs.  I am really proud of myself for committing to a new program despite the holiday madness.  Will be giving myself some leeway to stray a little on Christmas, but really I don't want to because when I eat well I FEEL better.

I love this quote I found earlier in the week - sometimes I feel like my speed is a little slow, but then I remember that I'm still moving in the right direction and setting new goals every day.

And when all else fails, I look back at photos like these of my Day 1 and my current - doesn't matter my pace, only thing that matters  is each day I move forward.

This week I made an effort to take some extra 'me' time and really relax.  I  have added a ritual of reading personal development books 10-30 minutes a day with ZERO distractions (this is hard for me but it's really been great), and I actually even decided to take a bath with some sea and epsom salts the other day - also very nice!

One of my favorite parts of this down time was snuggles with my little guy - he rarely cuddles but with a flew cancelled plans over the week we got in some much needed low key time including some cuddles!

This weekend I had a few friends over for a group workout - and I identified my awesome 'gym' holds 3 people max - but it was still fun!

Here is a video of us working out (it was put in fast mode), we are all moms and between us have lost 220 pounds (left: 80lbs, middle: 65lbs, right (me): 76lbs).   Busy moms, but we found the time each day and look at us now!

Here is a great photo from my Mommy & Me class this week before the holiday!

We had a rough night early in the week with a trip to the hospital - little guys OK but it was a late night! I'm proud that u didn't use it as an excuse to skip my workout the next morning though.

Food news!   My new favorite recipe of all time is my butternut squash pizza crust - a combination of sage, squash, almond flour and eggs - it tastes so decadent but it's very clean and very healthy!

I also made an amazing curry with a free curry I got from Penzey's Spice the other day - (get on their mailing list! They are constantly giving out free spices).  It was so easy and made 10 delicious servings!

The next four collages are of my food for the day on Thursday - I did a food challenge in one of my private groups to take a photo of everything you consumed - so here it is! All within my nutrition plan, it's so much food!

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