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    6 years ago

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Never Compare

Weekly Update:  This week I am up 0.2lbs for a current total of 73.6lbs.  I have been hovering around 75lbs for the past 2 months...sometimes more, sometimes less.  The key is, I'm maintaining and still continuing with my healthy habits.  It may take a bit to lose more, but I'm ok with it and will continue to move forward.  I decided to share the below photos as a reminder.  This is my chapter 75, it may be your Chapter 1. It may be your "I could only hope". Never compare someone else's journey to your own.  I am PROUD of these photos, but I realize that they may look like 'before photos" to many people.   I can't compare myself to those people, and no one should be comparing themselves to these. 

That being said, I spent YEARS comparing my story to others.  Years.  Seriously.  Years.  On the left, is the 'first' time I lost weight.  I was in my early 20s, and I had lost 60lbs on Weight Watchers.   I, however was still not satisfied.  Looking at that girl on the left, I see beauty.  At the time, I felt like a failure, I felt fat, I was 'fixated' on the '13lbs I still had to lose'.  I was 130lbs,  down from over 190lbs, but some chart told me that 117 was the lowest in my 'range', as a perfectionist I wanted that number, I craved that number.   But I could never hit it, so I was never satisfied.  I would eat barely anything all day, exercise for hours and 'save' my points for poor food choices at night.   

I then look at the girl on the right.  I am so happy, so CONFIDENT in my body.  That girl on the right is 32lbs heavier. But to me, she looks happier, and she looks healthy. I am still on my weight loss journey, but I have never been more comfortable with my weight as I am now. I earned this weight, and more importantly, the number does not define me.  I am strong at this weight. I can do push ups, I can run miles and miles. I am happy.

Speaking of running, this week I decided to lace up my running sneakers and hit the pavement. I used to love to run, but added weight made it very hard, that and lack of conditioning.   As I was running, I realized that my run was unprompted by a 'need' to 'burn calories' - it was just something I wanted to do, I felt like doing, and I enjoyed doing.  What a shift from the girl above, the girl above did discover she loved fitness, but she also was focused only on doing it for the sake of eating more.  She would add 5, 10, 15 minutes to get an extra 'point' ... to eat more.  Now I workout, I eat well, and I am happy. I do the two for my health, but they are no longer directly linked in my head. I do not workout so I can eat, I work out so I can move, I eat so I can live.

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I really love this photo, it is proof that I am also working on my ability to relax. I have a really hard time with relaxing.  My mind is always going.  At any given time, I have about 10 to do lists in my head, and 10 more written on paper. I have to do lists telling me what order to do my to do  lists in.  I'm not even kidding.   This weekend I forced my self to unplug and relax. was nice!

Speaking of relaxing!  I couldn't be having any more fun with my current fitness program. It is totally  not 'me' which is making it that much more fun. I've committed to a 30 day dance program, I may not look like the other dancers, but I feel accomplished and it's fun!

Here is a photo from an event called "Super Saturday" I attended this weekend.  I totally forgot to take photos of my own, and this was taken at an odd angle, but I thought it was important to share.  Super Saturday is an event where coaches just like me from across Connecticut get together to learn, sweat and collaborate.  I haven't missed on since becoming a coach, and I don't intend to!

With the summer months, I've been picking up a lot of extra classes at the gym.  It's the gym I used to teach at when I was working full time at Travelers and so I really enjoy going and seeing familiar faces from my 10 years of going there daily.   The only thing is, I am so accustomed to working out at home these days that I forget most people wear sneakers when they are working out! I usually workout barefoot, so when I got to the gym to teach a friend's cardio class on Monday I panicked when I realized I had forgotten my  sneakers!! Thankfully, she had a spare with my name written all over them.

Rewind a bit to earlier in the week as I talk about food news!  Sunday, as a part of my 'me relaxation' I had planned a day by the pool with nothing but me, a tube and a book.  Well, Mother Nature postponed that plan a little with some rain.  So I decided to make some food instead!  I really love cooking, but usually am doing it along with a million other things at the same time trying to multitask. It was so nice just to take a deep breath and cook some food with no distractions.

Here is one of my creations!  Cauliflower crust pizza (a favorite), with butternut squash cream sauce and an array of garden herbs and veggies.

Here is the butternut squash cream sauce I made!!  Full of veggies and protein...sneaky, sneaky!

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Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Weekly Update:   This week I felt good, REALLY good.   Going into my weekly weigh in, I was confident.  And it paid off!! I'm down 2lbs in a week, my total is back to 73.8lbs and I'm just shy of being back at 75lbs.  This past few months has been a bit of a 'plateau', but I'm OK with it.  I had 5lbs of fluctuation for about two months.  The key is I didn't gain massive amounts because of frustration.  I just let myself figure it out, and I feel finally 'back' at it.   

I had a fantastic week last week, and this blog will highlight my experience with a trip to Nashville that happened to come right around my 1 year 'fit-aversary'.

I found these two photos and wanted to draw the comparison in this blog post.   On the left, I was about 45lbs into my weight loss journey.  I felt AMAZING in this photo.  Here I am practicing "Combat" in a group workout with 300 others of all ages, sizes and abilities.  I remember feeling SO PROUD.   I then look at photos from this past week in Nashville, about 30lbs lost since the first photo, I can't get over how my body has changed.  And my determination is still there, but in photos these days I'm also seeing my happiness really come out.  I missed that happiness about me in photos.  I used to be 'silly' but my lack of confidence took the silly out of me for almost 2 years. It's such a blessing to see the SILLY back in me!

My trip to Nashville was called 'Summit' and it was an event for all the Health and Fitness Motivational Coaches for the organization I advocate for.    My dear friend, Katie, came with me.   We took this photo after a group workout with 10,000 others (how cool is that?).   I then searched back and found the two photos of us from last year.  We both met each other months before we started our journeys and last summer we decided to make a change.  In that year, we lost a full person!   I am grateful to have had some amazing friends by my side over the course of this past year.

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So I said I had a great time in Nashville, what I forgot to say was that I had to get up at 5am every morning!  I didn't 'have' to, but if I wanted to get up and workout with a mass of other happy people looking to improve their lives, 5am was wake up time!  We had 6am live workouts with celebrity trainers (Shaun T, Autumn from the 21 Day Fix, Chalene Johnson, Sagi from Body Beast and Tony Horton).    The feeling you get working out with 10 to 20 THOUSAND others at all different points in their journey is well worth getting up at 5am, eating a banana and moving on with the fun.

Our last workout was literally so big, the city shut down the main street in downtown Nashville.  How amazing, right?

What was fun about this trip, it was also the first time in 3 years I've really had a 'vacation'.  I did a mini trip with my husband (2 nights) to practice about a month ago, but this trip was out of state from my 2 year old son and really 'disconnected' me from any and all responsibility.  I missed him dearly, as well as my husband, but it really was so cathartic to be away, focusing on me and really just letting myself relax for the first time in a really long time.

I love this one! Here I am with my friend and fellow Coach, Katie.  We had access to a private vent for other leaders in the coaching network and they really did it up with the fun including a live band and this man on stilts!

While I got to workout live with Autumn, this is the closest I got to taking a photo with her.  I'll take it!

And of course, you can't go to Nashville without taking a photo with Elvis!

While in Nashville, I had early access to purchase the newest program by Team Beachbody, "CIZE".   If you know me, you know I DON'T dance.  I never have. I was the girl at dances who would avoid the dance floor for anything.   

Until now!

I am really working on going out of my comfort zone, which includes letting a little dance into my life.  I am doing a 30 day program called "Cize" which really aims at helping everyone dance - even people like me who have no rhythm.  And you know what, it's fun!

On to food news!  Another thing I was able to pick up in Nashville was this amazing cookbook!  It's a great addition to the clean eating program I follow that has helped me lose all my weight.  The program I follow is the 21 Day Fix, but now all of Team Beachbody's newest programs are all including the container system. It's easy, and it gets you eating the right balance.  This cookbook is wonderful and makes my days that much easier!

For example, I usually make my Shakeology pretty simply, I'm a creature of habit and am afraid of messing up a good thing.  Well, I decided to go out of my comfort zone for a second time this week and try a Shakeology recipe from Fixate.  Man, it was SO good!

Even my 2 year old son loved it - so much that I only got to drink half.   The best part?  The basil is from our garden and the blueberries we picked at the farm last week.

Yet another yummy recipe, Southwest Quinoa Salad

And this tasty jicama and watermelon arugula salad.  So good!!

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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Rise & Shine

Weekly Update:  This week I'm up 0.2lbs for a total of 71.8.   I consider this a huge win.  Coming off of vacation, my food has been significantly better but not 'great'.  To me, that 0.2lbs is a maintain, and I'm more than OK with it.   The rest of this week I'll be spending at a coaching convention for health and fitness in Nashville, TN and I'm more than positive that I'll be making some great choices while there.

I titled this particular blog post 'rise and shine' because that seems to be the theme of the week!  Here is a fun shot of me this morning, on the left was me trying to convince myself to get out of bed.  As you can see, I REALLY didn't want to.  On the right, is me just 30 minutes later.   Sooo much happier.  Had I stayed in bed those 30 minutes instead, I would have STILL felt groggy and gross, but instead I turned my morning around and got started off with a smile.

When I say rise & shine was the theme of this week, I mean it.   I spent half of the week with a workout buddy at 7am every morning.  It brought me back to my college days when I used to meet a friend of mine at the college gym for 'Boot Camp' classes at 5:30am.    I never thought I'd get to have a workout buddy again as a mom, but when you only live a few miles a way, why not!?   We now have a standing 'date' one a day a week to workout together at 7am on Mondays - the plan is that it will set the tone for a really strong and healthy week!

I mentioned I'll be headed to Nashville for the rest of the week. I  couldn't be more excited!  The last time I was in Nashville it was actually at the peak of my fitness. I went down to run a half marathon with a friend of mine, who at the time I actually didn't know at all!  She was my fitness instructor at the gym and had posted on Facebook that she wanted to run a race. Sometimes I amaze myself, and I responded to her message (not really knowing her at all), and the rest is history - we became extremely close from that day forward!

This time, I'll be heading down for a Team Beachbody Coaching event.  I get to go and learn and workout with coaches from around North America and just soak up the happiness for four days straight.  It's a little weird, this will be the first stretch (for more than 2 days) without my 2 year old son.  That being said, I'm excited to get to wear fun jewelry without having to fear it will get torn off!

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I like to share progress photos every week, this is a reminder of how far I have come, and it's also for anyone reading this blog to let you know that now matter how far you think you have, it IS attainable.   I am not perfect, and some weeks or months I struggle.  But then I look at my photos and realize, that even with the struggle, I have and will continue to be successful.   I believe in you, and I believe that you can too.

In the middle of last week, I started to just have a really 'happy' day - no particular reason, I just felt happy.  Ever have one of those?  Well here it is, big smile and quote of how I was feeling.  I am a butterfly! I change, I try to go with the punches, and I always try to find something positive out of every situation and every day.   

Ok, I said I didn't know why I was happy?  Well this could be a small part of it! I literally had finished my last serving of Shakeology the day before.   For those of you who follow me, or know me well, you know that my Shakeology is VERY important to me.  I love the way it tastes, but more than that I love how good it makes me feel.  I also love knowing that it makes me feel that great because of all of the quality ingredients and nutrients that are in it.  When I saw this green box on my doorstep, I literally jumped up and down.

On to food news.   I talk a lot about how much I love my water.  LOVE it.  It's so important, and the more you drink, the more you realize that it does have in impact on things like headaches, hunger, digestion, energy, mental clarity...and so much more.  A friend shared this photo with me and I absolutely loved it.

Ok, so fast forward from my 'happy' day.    This is proof (well, I guess the very first photo in this entry was proof), but so is this - that sometimes I DO drag. I'm not, and never will be 'perfect'. I try to be happy and positive, but that doesn't mean sometimes I don't get anxious, or sleepy, or want to just take a nap in the middle of the day.  Here I am mid-day trying to just push through the day.  I grabbed a coffee and kept pushing through.  Needless to say, it was a pretty long day!

This time of year is one of my favorites because of all the amazing foods that are literally at the tip of your fingertips. I feel so grateful to be able to live in a part of the world where I have access to fresh grown produce.  I went blueberry picking with my 2 year old in the middle of the week and we brought home 5 pounds of amazingness.

Then I came home, and picked all these lovely greens from my herb garden!  It amazes me how expensive herbs are (fresh or dried) in the grocery store.  The things literally grow like weeds! I can't seem to use them fast enough, but I keep growing them and sharing them with friends, family and anyone in the area who can benefit!  Below: Sage, Tarragon, Oregano, Chives, Mint, Basil.

This photo is pretty basic, but I don't think I've shared a 'dinner' photo like this in a while.   Eggs are my go-to food when I'm strapped for time, or energy.   I always have eggs, baby spinach and cheese on hand for a quick breakfast, lunch, or dinner that's packed full of nutrients and keeps me satisfied!

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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Happy, Healthy

Weekly Update:  This week I am up 1.2lbs for a total of 72lbs.  This reflects 2 weeks because last week I was away and unable to do my weekly weigh in.   I went into vacation planning to stay on 'track' but then quickly realized this particular vacation happens once a week and I honestly wanted to enjoy myself. I feel no guilt at all, and I am working to get back at my habits.  And honestly, every morsel I ate I thoroughly enjoyed. I am very happy because in the past, I would have used this as an excuse to avoid reality, not this time! It's not all about numbers, but this is keeping me honest and not spiraling up 30lbs through avoidance (like I have in the past)

I am proud of myself, I didn't miss a single workout and I water-skiied every single day of vacation (except the two that I was away at a hotel for my anniversary).   I was active, and I enjoyed life to the fullest.   THIS is the reason I have been working so hard, so I can do the things I love in life.

Speaking of progress, check out these face photos.  The one on the left was Fourth of July week last year vs. Fourth of July week this year on vacation.  It always amazes me to look at photos like this and realize just how far I've come in such a short period of time.  

Something fun, we stayed in a hotel room for our anniversary this past week and it happened to be the EXACT room the put us up in last year (at the hotel we got married at).    You can tell from the wall paper!    I remember taking the first photo on the left seeing other people's 'before' photos and thinking I should take my own. I was pretty discouraged when I took this, and refused to even include my face.   But now having it as a comparison point makes me so happy!

This vacation marked so many fun changes from last year, water skiing, paddle boarding, swimming.   I felt so free.    Here I am playing Pilates on the paddle board, it wasn't easy but I was determined to be able to balance in each of the three plank positions!

So this one is sort of random, but I wanted to share this as well. I was talking to a fellow coach about proper squat form and took these two photos on the Fourth of July amidst dinner by the grill.  Can you see the difference?  The one on the left is incorrect form, my knees are way over my toes, the one on the right is proper (and safe) form with my knees just above my ankles!

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In food news!

I love how these seemingly small containers really do fill a BIG bowl. When you eat the right things, you can eat so much more.  This is my giant pasta bowl filled to the brim with tofu, veggies and a little cheese.

Here is a hodge podge mixture of veggies from my CSA - pretty much whatever was in the bag I sauteed, I love trying new veggies!

We got home from vacation to find our herb garden had gone haywire.  So much!!!  But that's not a bad thing, what I don't eat or dehydrate I ask around until I can find homes for all the abundance of herbs.  It always amazes me how expensive herbs are in the grocery store when they literally grow like weeds in the garden!

Getting back from vacation, I realized what I had been missing the few weeks leading up to vacation were my prepping.  I took a deep breath, looked at what we had and created a few things that literally make my mouth water.   This is zucchini casserole and cauliflower crust pizza.  Not shown are the quinoa stuffed peppers that I made. I have enough food to last me through the weekend and it's all amazing!

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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

A Year in Review

Weekly Update:  I was unable to do my 'standard' weigh in this week (I messed up some logistics, and I'm picky about the scale being consistent).  I would guess I stayed about the same, I am on vacation and have upped my food intake a little (planned) so that I can enjoy myself without going totally overboard.  That being said, I have a lot to say about the week and YEAR!   

This week I am on vacation with my family, it was exactly a year ago this week that I decided to become a Health & Fitness coach and tackle my own Health & Fitness at the same time.  I think doing them together has made me a better coach, and a stronger individual.

Last summer, for those who were with me since the 'beginning' you may recall that my breaking point was trying to waterski and being unable to get up. I had many mini-breaking points, but this was what made me realize how far I had let my health slip.  

This photo below was taken this week - here I am, doing what I love to do more than anything in the world (except maybe hiking).  I got up with out a care int he world, and skied for 15 minutes or so soaking up every minute of happiness.

A year ago I was frustrated with myself, I was sad, I was mad, I was a lot of emotions.  But then I committed to making a change one day at a time. I truly designed the life I am living today, and I have to say, I am loving every second of this life.

This is a fun progress photo I dug up the other day.  This is January to June progress.  It's about 30lbs worth of change, and it's my "launch" class teaching Mommy & Me fitness classes vs. my 5K this summer with my Couch to 5K Mommy group.  I often show beginning vs. now photos, but I think it's important to see some of the 'middle' vs. now progress as well.

That being said, here is a nice 'beginning' vs. now photo.   Even though I am hovering around the same weight these past few weeks, I still can't deny how very far I have come.  And I can't help but smile in pride.

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Here is another set of 'middle' vs. now photos from my latest program. I committed to an 8 week "PiYo" challenge.  This program definitely was a change for me.   I actually tried to commit to it in the Fall, but dropped off after a month, this time I saw the whole program through and feel so much stronger.   What I love is that my weight really didn't change (4lbs), but my body totally changed.   Notice how my hips have pulled in, and my stomach has pulled 'up'.

The beginning of this week we moved our way up North for vacation, and I made sure to bring my workouts with me.  One thing I never miss is a workout, I crave them (and in a good way).  Here I am doing my last PiYo workout of the program while my 2 year old plays beside me.  He's watching my every move, and I love it.

I love this photo of my family.  This particular dress makes me feel like a million bucks.  Ever have an outfit like that?  I just love how happy and relaxed I look in this photo!

This one too, this is me in my happy place with my WHY on my lap (my son) and my other WHY behind me (the lake where I have skied since I was a child).

Food news!  I don't have many photos this week, but I am LOVING this recipe so I figured I'd share it.  I use my "spiralizer" to make noodles out of veggies, then mix in whatever I have in the house.  I've been topping it with fresh kale pesto (kale, pine nuts, olive oil, lemon & garlic).  So good!

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