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    6 years ago

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Double Post!

Weekly Update:  I missed last week!!  I am so sorry about that, but this post will make up for it.  As you can imagine, with the holiday I was enjoying my family time and Thanksgiving hit on the same day that I do my blogs and weekly updates.   This week I am down 0.6lbs for a total of 78 pounds!!    This represents two weeks and the holiday. I am still really playing around with this whole "maintain" mentality.   I never missed a workout over the 2 weeks and I am feeling really good in general. I will say I overindulged over the holiday weekend.  Oddly it was really the days AFTER that were the issue, not so much the actual holiday!

I wanted to take some time here to highlight a few things I am grateful for. I have a wonderful private group of women who support each other in all aspects of healthy living - and they have helped me not only with my health and fitness journey - but also with so many other things.  In the last year I have started to wash and moisturize my face regularly, floss daily, stop biting my nails and also get my workouts done in the morning (instead of at night).  And all along the way I have really learned how to focus on optimism as well.

I love this quote - it really summarizes my life these days.  Before I left my full time job in corporate America, I was sitting in my HR's office and this was on her wall. I thought, well that would be nice, but no one gets to do that.

I can honestly say, I work pretty much all day long these days, but it never feels like work because I LOVE what I do. I chose to work because I am enjoying every second of every day.  I hate to even call it 'work' because it more or less feels like my purpose in life.

With the holiday weekend I wanted to share a photo comparison - the top photo is about 30 pounds into my weight loss journey (before then it didn't occur to me to take back shots), the bottom is from this weekend.   It's photos like this that remind me how far I have come, even with an 'off' weekend, I am extremely proud of the changes I have made in my life, and with my body and strength.

Here is another one - I love showing photos with my son.  My love for him hasn't changed, but what these photos remind me is just how much my ability to interact with him has changed.   I am now able to run around with him without worrying about being winded or hurting myself.  I can love him AND play with him at his pace and that is truly an amazing feeling.

When I started, I had NO clue where I would end up, I just knew I needed something and I knew the 3 weeks ahead of me would pass either way, I am so grateful that I took a chance on something...a chance that changed my life.

With the holiday weekend, I participated I the Manchester Road Race for the first time since having my son.  This is a 4.8 mile run on Thanksgiving day.   What was really exciting was that as I was picking my outfit for the run, I put on a pair of leggings and thought immediately "wow, I love what I see!" that is a big step for me, and I had to capture it and share it!

Here I am at the road race with my friend and fellow coach, Katie.   We ran the entire thing and in 48 minutes almost exactly.   It felt so great to be able to get out there and run and have no doubt that I could do it.

I also kept up with my workouts all week - I am having a ton of fun with P90X3 using the medicine ball instead of weights! I love using fun fitness equipment.

As I was working out mid week last week, I was struck with gratitude over something actually sort of strange.   My left knee is very 'crunchy' and quite honestly on the verge of serious injury.  It is a result of some permanent damage I did spending so much time overweight.  When I workout, I have to be careful what I do, but as I continue to gain strength I am constantly reminded that I am still capable of moving and that I was able to turn my health around before the injury turned into a knee replacement or other type of surgery.

I think the most exciting part of last week was this!! My husband and mom helped clean out a spot in our basement so I could have my own GYM!  I have been slowly getting stuff from ebay, craig's list, local tag sales....and it finally is complete AND I have a space.  I actually am going to start working out at 5am now, because I really love the space and having my 'me' time.

Food news!!  I have been totally obsessed with the crock pot this fall.   I attempted a chili with some squash instead of sweet potatoes - total victory!

Here's a post race shot of me on Thanksgiving morning - I rewarded myself with two bananas after the race!

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