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    6 years ago

Thursday, April 23, 2015

New Certification!!

Weekly Update:  Weekly Update:  Up 1.4lbs this week (total loss 64.4lbs).  I can't say I'm surprised, but I'm also not terribly upset.  Last night I decided to go out to dinner last minute and going out to dinner always makes me retain fluid.  I can't be sure if the full 1.4lbs was from the sodium, but I FEEL great this week and I won't let a gain hold me from having a successful week ahead.

This photo is of my son who scraped his knees this weekend.  Did that stop him from walking? Running? Getting back up and tackling the day head first? Of course not! 

Sometimes you fall, it's the getting back up that matters.

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I love this quote, and it's something that has made me so successful these past few months.  In sharing my story - including my struggles, I am really able to do anything.   I find sharing the struggles more important than the successes most days.  Those struggles are what connect me with people and make me realize I'm not alone, and either are you.    So I ate 3 cadbury eggs, does that make me bad? No. It makes me human.  It also helps make me stronger as I learn ways to move on and not dwell in something like that.

In addition to when I struggle with food, another 'struggle' I have some days is to get my workout in.  Most days I look forward to the workout, but there are certainly days (like the one below from Friday), where the LAST thing I want to do is workout. The thing is, I know how great I feel after so no matter how many excuses I have I never skip my workout because it ALWAYS leaves me in a better mood.

Speaking of workouts, this weekend was a really exciting one. I decided to get certified in a program called Insanity.   I have several other certifications under my belt, but none of which have been since my weight gain last year.   This certification meant so much more to me then just getting another credential.   Being able to participate, jump around and do the moves without any limitations was so incredibly rewarding because just a few months ago I was struggling to get through any workout with out modifying.   I have never felt so proud of myself for achieving a fitness certification as I did this past weekend.

This weekend we also tested out a projector to run a 'Fit Club' at my house this summer - the thought is that we will invite people to come over and do a workout video (most likely the 21 Day Fix) with a group of people on the big screen.  I'm so excited to pick a date for this!

This photo is sort of silly, but I got a new tank top (usually I hate tank tops, I always struggle with my arms), but I absolutely love how comfy this one his.  

Some more fitness news, this is the awesome moms in my Couch to 5K program pushing hard during our core work at the end of the 20 minute run/walk.   We have a great group of moms and I'm really enjoying working with them!

In food news, I have gone back to measuring using my containers and it's actually pretty fun. I forget just how much food they fit!! This bowl is a GIANT pasta bowl (just to put it into perspective on how much food is here).

Another fun treat I made this week was home-made tortillas using Joseph's wraps and my toaster oven.  I got some fresh Pico de Gallo and made some pretty awesome 'chips and salsa' out of it and totally Fix friendly and satisfying!

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