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    6 years ago

Monday, April 13, 2015


Weekly Update: This week I'm down .4lbs for a new total of 64.2lbs!  I'm learning I really need to anticipate hiccups before they happen.  This week I was doing well, and then the holiday weekend hit.  I was actually totally expecting to do well since we didn't have any plans.  Unfortunately, all the 'talking' about Easter foods somehow put me into a mental tailspin.  I devoured my son's Easter Candy and then we got grinders (no fancy dinner this year) and I ate a grinder that I'm pretty sure was 2 feet long.  That being said, I still lost which has shows me that my daily actions and half hour workouts ARE making an impact!

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I also had an 'Ah-Ha Moment' mid week - I have been struggling mainly with the 'late night munchies' and that has been giving me brain fog (poor choices).   Then it clicked - I have also been skipping my final Shakeology shake of the day! I KNOW from experience this always leads to munchies, yet this week I wasn't taking action.  I am committing to drinking it every night next week and I am positive I'll have a better week!

These photos are a reminder of how far I have come in the past 9 months. Check it my facial expressions!

I found this quote for one of my Challenge Groups, and I loved it so much I wanted to share it again.  I'm really learning to take my 'problems' and turn them into things that can help drive me forward. I'm also harnessing positive energy around my dreams to make them a reality.   This past summer I dreamed that I would be back at my pre-pregnancy weight, and 9 months in I'm so close!  

I also continue to focus on my Mommy & Me Pilates classes. I love the women I meet in these classes!  I captured this wonderful moment with a 4 month old watching her mommy, all smiles from the little one during class!

And then there is my little mad man - having fun playing before class!

One perk about Easter?  All the yummy & colorful sources of protein!   A perfect snack on the go. Two of them counts as one of my four protein servings a day which is extremely filling!

We went for a family bike ride Easter morning - I'm sporting the T-Shirt I got for free just for finishing T25 (my first ever at home program!)

In food news...I did some really smart things on Easter Sunday with my food PREP.  Here is my favorite dish - a pasta bake full of protein and veggies!

My other staple (and this one freezes REALLY well) - quinoa stuffed peppers with homemade veggie sauce.
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