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    6 years ago

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Weekly Update:
This week I was up exactly 1lb.  I actually attribute this gain quite a bit to some poor choices (high in sodium) yesterday as a result of eating out for lunch.  That being said, I am confident that I will lose weight next week and I am not discouraged by the gain.  I am still down 42lbs and 42 is much more of an impact than the 1lb gain.  While I did not hit my New Years goal of 50lbs lost, I got pretty darn close in just 6 months time.   Here are my new goals both short and long term:

Short Term (end of February):
✔️ Complete all 60 Days of Insanity Max:30
✔️ Drink 75-100oz of water daily
✔️ Reach 50lb Weight Loss (minimum)

Long Term:
✔️ Hit healthy BMI by July 4th (145lbs) - a year after my journey started 
✔️ Sign up and register for a road race (thinking Manchester, but maybe one prior as well)  
✔️ Continue to motivate and inspire others to find or maintain their health by sharing my passion and story

If you enjoy my blog, I'd love to have you in my private (women only) Facebook Group dedicated to health, fitness and nutrition: 

In other news....

In my head this photo was cuter, but my son came down with a terrible cough, runny nose and double ear infection on the 23rd hence the blurry eyes.  This was a fun spin on leaving cookies for Santa - trying to help him shed some pounds we decided to leave him Shakeology and PiYo :)

Luckily his cold didn't stop his spirit, he totally loved his first Christmas as a toddler.

Halfway through the week I got a photo from a dear friend that I've had the pleasure to coach through her weight loss journey.  She's primarily used the 21 Day Fix paired with PiYo and now is graduating to Insanity Max 30 and 'craving' her workouts! Down 50lbs and now working on toning as she's only a couple pounds from her goal!

One of my favorite Christmas gifts was this bag with my business logo on it.  I officially launch on Tuesday in two locations with a third coming in a couple weeks!  This is all so exciting, I can't wait to meet the new moms that will be coming to my expanded class offerings!

While I was pretty on track this past week, I decided to run a 3 Day cleanse to jumpstart 2015, I can't wait to be back to 'normal' eating as well as to do this with the amazing group of over 20 others who decided to join in on the cleanse with me!  I'll share my results in next week's post.

Due to the extreme interest in the cleanse, I had to buy some Shakeokogy from a fellow coach to fill the orders.  It's always good to meet up with friends 😊

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