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    6 years ago

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Emotional Weekend

Weekly Update:  This week was an amazing week for me, the weekend stirred up a lot of emotions (in a good way).   However, as a result I think I let my food choices take a back seat.  I can't say I regret it though, because in total this week was nothing short of amazing for me emotionally.  I am up slightly 0.8lbs for a total of 73.6lbs.   My goal is to hit 75lbs by next week!

As I said, this was a very emotional weekend, and it led me to take a handful of 'progress' photos.   I will get into why it was so emotional as the blog continues, starting with each photo.

My first victory this weekend, was going bathing suit shopping.  Last year at this time I did the same thing, I was clearly not going to be wearing a bikini, and my maternity suits were actually too tight as well.  Not thinking too much of it, I went to target.  Not a single thing I tried on fit. Finally, I found a suit that fit - it wasn't my 'choice' as much as it was literally the ONLY option and I needed a bathing suit.  This time in the dressing room, EVERY suit fit.  Literally every. single. one.  What an amazing feeling!

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I continued one from the bathing suit shopping to get a few more clothes as well.  Last summer I had given up on myself for a bit, and when we moved in May I got rid of  most of my pre-baby clothes thinking "I'm a mom now, I'm destined to be overweight".   As a result, my closet has minimal options the smaller I get (no complaints here!).  Similar to the bathing suit experience, every single thing fit!   I cried a few times in excitement.  All my hard work led to an extremely different experience then just 12 month before.

Here I am on the boat with my little guy, last Memorial Day weekend vs. this weekend.  Don't give up on yourself, SO much can change in a year.  Last May I was still 2 months away from being 'ready' to make a change, but once I was ready, my small consistent changes really started to add up.

Summer has always been my favorite season. I love the warm weather. I love water. I love flip flops.   When I lost weight in college it became my favorite season for so many more reasons. I love hiking, I love running, I love walking outside.  

I also have always loved waterskiing.  I started when I was 7, and no matter my weight I have always been able to do it.   Last summer in July, just before I committed to the 21 Day Fix, I got in the water and for the first time in over 20 years I couldn't get up. I was devastated and sat in the water crying.  One of my first non scale goals was to be able to get up.  Between July and September, I lost 22lbs and got up on those skis.  It wasn't easy, but I worked my hardest and losing the weight and gaining strength made it possible.  This memorial day weekend, my only thought was about getting up on those skis. I did it with NO effort and stayed up for over 10 minutes just soaking up the experience.  

This week I'm also recommitting to morning workouts.  I am currently coaching a few 'early birds' and together we text or message every morning to make sure we're up and ready to go for the day.   I took the first photo here just to privately message a friend as proof that I was working out, then decided it would make a good 'before and after' shot - so here it is!  Even my hair enjoys a good morning workout - the sweat tamed it down!

In addition to my morning workouts and waterskiing, I also got back on the paddle board.  I got the paddle board 3 years ago, and loved it.  I didn't go on it while pregnant (2 summers ago) for fear of falling and risking my pregnancy, and last summer I honestly was too embarrassed that it might sink if I stood on it as I was well over the weight limit.   It felt so great to be out on the lake, so calm and so relaxing.

And here I am on a walk with my little guy! When I say I love the summer, I really mean I LOVE it.   Any outdoor activity just makes me so happy and I'm beyond excited that I can comfortably do all my favorite things this summer - and the summer hasn't even officially begun!

I also had some fun 'revamping' my closet with the new additions to my wardrobe.   I forgot to take a before photo, but here is the 'after' of my newly color coded closet!

And now on to food news.  Saturday night, we had a blast at 'bingo' (I won $40!) and instead of hitting up the concession stand, I brought my mocha Shakeology - so much better than anything I would have bought there!

Here are the last few days of the Ultimate Reset (see my Ultimate Reset blog for information on my other meals and results).

This was a salad I got out at a restaurant but it was so good I needed to document it. It's super easy to replicate at home too - spinach, tomato, roasted red pepper, cubed baked egg and balsamic vinegarette.

Tuesday I was back home and back at the grocery store - my favorite place ever.  I got to go without my son which made it that much more relaxing. I seriously love to grocery shop and explore my food choices.

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