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    6 years ago

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Back at it and 75lbs GONE!

Weekly Update:   This week I am down 1.8lbs for a new total of 75.4lbs and SURPASSED my 75lb goal!!! I am really proud of myself because last week was hard as was the beginning part of this week.   Whenever I get really close to a goal, or surpass one I tend to go a little 'off' for a while.  In the past, this would have started an unstoppable transition back to my old ways, but NOW even if it's a week or two, I always get myself back on track.   Starting Monday I recommitted to the 21 Day Fix nutrition plan with a 'refresher' in tracking and using the containers.   I FEEL amazing as a result.  

When I feel great, I like to snap photos - here is one of me wearing my newest zip up that I feel I earned through sweat (literally).  A few week's back I got certified to teach Insanity Live.  I love group fitness so this is a really fun certification to have under my belt.  If a year ago you had told me I'd be certified to teach Insanity, I would have called you insane!

We also had a really fun Fit Club at my house.  It was very casual, but involved a group workout on the lawn (21 Day Fix Cardio Fix), mingling and snacking on watermelon, cucumber water, Shakeology energy bits and samples of Shakeology!

As I said, when I feel great, I like to snap photos. I was walking through the grocery store feeling pretty amazing yesterday so I had my mom snap a photo of me in the parking lot.    Yesterday I also got a "Time Hop" photo pop up from a photo shoot we did exactly a year ago (left shot).  This was still a month out from me making the decision to "try that container program".    When I look back at the past year, I am grateful every second of every day that has passed.

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Here are some of my favorite foods from the week!

My 'leftover veggie' sauce is alway yummy and always different.  Here are our leftover veggies from the week boiled and blended into a really tasty sauce that we've used on all sorts of things from cauliflower pizza to rice to pasta stuffed peppers!

And here is the cauliflower pizza - one blue, one red, 2 greens - and amazingly delicious!

I like that I can even make smart choices eating out on this plan, my day got side swiped and I had to eat out unexpectedly, I got this amazing salad, 2 greens, 1 red, 1 orange.

As I said, I'm recommitting to measuring for the  next 21 Days to keep myself honest.    Here is a stir fry I made with 1G of lemon tarragon stir fried veggies, 1/2Y of brown rice, 1/2B of cheese and 1R of tofu!

I've posted these before, but I LOVE them as does my 2 year old son.  1 banana mushed up and mixed with 2 eggs.  Counts as 2P and 1R and they are so tasty.

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