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    6 years ago

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Miracle Mornings!

Weekly Update: This past week I reset, and started taking FOOD PHOTOS again of everything I eat in a day - and guess what, it works! Plus when I eat well, I 100% enjoy my food better than when I eat crummy (healthy food actually tastes better, and satisfies me more..go figure!).

Another great habit I have been loving from the past few weeks is reading 10-15 minutes of Personal Development. I actually picked this book up and am loving it because it confirms a lot of what I love about my  morning routine.   If you struggle with mornings - you need to get it and read it!

Just because I get up early, doesn't mean my eyes always pop open - I'm human too!

But when I'm done with my workout (and sometimes I have friends too), my day is ALWAYS better as a result.   With the added reading, it sets me up to be super happy all day long (and energetic!).

I love this photo taken from one of my Mommy & Me classes this week - My little guy hanging on his mat during class!

The best part of this week...all the GREAT FOOD! So the food section will be larger this week - here's my night time cafe latte shake (tastes like coffee ice cream and is great as a dessert).

A snack from mid week - our tomatoes are slow growing, but I've been able to have 1-2 a day!

Thai peanut stir fry with eggs!

Leftovers from my son's 3rd birthday party - deviled eggs, mexican caviar, and a veggie burger on lettuce!

YUM! PB with choc chips on a wrap...savory

Dehydrated watermelon (tastes like son loves it too).

Quinoa salad with veggies, red wine vinegar and a little parsley.

Vegan chocolate energy balls (SO GOOD)

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