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    7 years ago

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Weights, Weights, Weights!

Weekly Update: This week started a new fitness regime!!   It's a 90 day program focused on WEIGHT training, but lower impact/intensity than the prior programs I've done.  I wanted to get back to weights (heavy weights!) but also be kind to my pregnant body.    I took the first steps and took my measurements (tummy excluded of course), and next week starts the nutrition plan!  Be prepared for TONS of food photos in next week's edition. 

Mornings are getting a little easier - I find if I just suck it up and get up, the whole day goes better than when I sleep even an extra 30 minutes.

I also got back to a habit I have been slacking on - WATER consumption.   My goal is always 100oz, and for the most part I get it in - but being pregnant has made it really hard for me for some reason, so I set up a water challenge and it's really working!

And of course my Shakeology - back to having it daily now that I can handle it again and I missed it oh-so-much.

Next week will have more prep, but this week I did two simple things to make eating easy. I made this yummy vegan chili along with prepped salad ingredients for the week.   Those two things with Shakeology and eggs give me a complete day's worth of food!

Here's one way I make my eggs! Scrambled with whatever veggies I can find!

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