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    7 years ago

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Pregnancy? No Problem!

Weekly Update:  Definitely feeling rounder, and kicks as I hit more than halfway through this pregnancy (21 weeks!), but it's not stopping me in my workouts!!  Since cleaning up my nutrition 3 weeks ago, I'm also feeling MUCH less lethargic and actually more limber.

Working out while pregnant is ENTIRELY possible.  Getting up early while pregnant ALSO possible.

As a mom who survived a newborn who never slept, I am grateful that I currently get uninterrupted sleep (most nights, except when my 3 year old decides to get up).  And with that gratitude comes a commitment to myself - I have no reason NOT to get up and workout. It's better for me, it's better for my baby AND it will help me post delivery.

THIS little guy deserves a mom who puts our health first.

Getting up is the hardest part, once I'm "up" all I have to do is scroll through my ALL INCLUSIVE library (yes, all are there for free with an annual subscription) and I can literally do anything from dance, to cardio to weights, stretch or prenatal workouts.

Here's a favorite photo from this week - doing my workouts at home has enabled me to get back into teaching, something I LOVE.   But since picking up teaching again, now I focus specifically on moms - showing kids that fitness is FUN, and helping moms fit it in when it would otherwise seem impossible.   Here's my son with one of his best friends from class - they have known each other about 2 years now.

And here he is playing while I teach!

This week has also been full of BABY prep.   Once I put my mind to something and commit (I need to feel committed), I get inspired to do it - so we picked a paint color for the baby's room and up went the clothes!!

Food news!! I did some prepping this weekend - my favorite sauce (I had leftover tomatoes that were going to go go bad).  It didn't take much and I ended up with five jars to freeze!

Here's a snap shot of one of my day's worth of food last week!

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