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    7 years ago

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Ultimate Reset

Weekly Update:  I started a version of the Ultimate Reset this week and I am feeling AMAZING!   I am also almost a week into no morning sickness.  Between the amazing foods I've been eating (see my separate blog post above) and the morning sickness waning now that I'm at 19 weeks things are looking up!  I'm still tired, but my morning workouts always make my days better so I refuse to give them up.

Here is my first day's nutrition and morning workout!

Another fun part of this week - I am starting to 'look' pregnant, I'm hoping that it will feel more real between this and soon feeling some kicks. I have to admit I don't have the same excitement this time around that I did with my first two pregnancies - I think there is a big fear still of getting too connected.

Here's another baby belly shot - I'll try to share more frequently!

One thing I am LOVING now is the new All-Access Streaming - I prided myself in my 'collection' of workouts (programs I have done start to finish!), but now it's even better - it's all available through streaming for LESS than a typical program.     Such a space saver and convenient since I can do my workouts literally anywhere that I have my phone.

Here is another day's worth of food!

And Day 3 (probably the most food so far!)

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