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    6 years ago

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

A Million Bucks

Weekly Update:  I am feeling like a million bucks!!!  I can't say enough about the nutrition plan I'm following now that my morning sickness has passed.  I don't feel bloated, I have tons of energy, I haven't had a blood sugar 'crash' since I started and the food is AMAZING.   

I found this quote last week and it really spoke to me - simple but true.  I am continuing to eat well and workout BECAUSE I CAN.   I never want to take for granted what my body can do ever again.  It's not about 'making' time to be healthy - well all have time, it's about prioritizing my time so that I put ME first. I started this whole journey perhaps at the most stressful, least 'available' time in my life (working full time, waking up every 2 hours, mom of a new born), and I did it then - so I can do it now.

My new fitness program (not so new, 3 weeks in!) continues to amaze me. I picked it because I wanted something with weights but lower impact and it's really pushing me with the weights, but the fun part is 2 days a week the structure changes and it's more focused on cardio and muscular endurance.  I snapped this photo because for those two days I exchange my 30lb weights for 5lbs (and even 3lbs on some moves). It's amazing how the 'how' in which you do a move really impacts what you can lift!

This photo signifies every morning, but the good news is I've been able to get back to 5:30am wake up calls (I had been snoozing until 6am) and now I'm feeling MUCH LESS rushed in the mornings!! Again, who knows what the baby will bring in June, so I might as well take advantage of all the ME time I can get for now.

And that includes push ups!! During my pregnancy with Ben, I remember modifying push ups more and more as I got bigger, then it took a long time to be able to do them again, I am continuing to listen to my body but reminding myself if I CAN then I should.  Pregnancy isn't an excuse!

And finally, with getting up earlier again, I finally get to get back to my 10 minutes of READING each morning!! I start my morning fueling my mind before I fuel my body and it really has made an impact on how I feel during the day (and my workout).

Food news!!!  I'm continuing up with  my hydration after leading a group of 30 or so women last week to hydrate, it reminded me how much better I  feel when I do it regularly, so the goal has been 100oz a day and I'm MUCH more mindful of it, and feeling better as a result.

I also have shifted my morning banana to before my workout - I think a big part of this has to do with pregnancy, but I find I'm really hungry as soon as I wake up the past few months, so I'm rolling with it.

I have a separate blog post on my journey with the Ultimate Reset (such an amazing plan!), but here is a sample of one of my day's worth of food. It's been so insanely satisfying and I feel amazing.  As of day 8 the plan moved to fully vegan, something I have wanted to try but always struggle with. The fact that all the food (and recipes!) are all mapped out for me has made it so much easier.  So we'll see after 2 weeks of veganism how I feel and what I decide to do after.

Here's an example of my breakfast another morning (yes, I've been having 2 bananas a day, and no, I don't feel guilty!).

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