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    6 years ago

Wednesday, June 1, 2016


Weekly Update:  I wanted to start this weekly update with a non scale victory.   Two very small things that you may or may not notice in this photo without my arrows... 1.  My 'tail' - it's a big part of my workouts these days, I start my morning by putting a tie in the back of my pants so they don't fall down.   I could get new pants, but these ones have been with me for the last 2 years and I can't seem to break say goodbye!  1.  A very small amoutn of definition behind my leg, its small, but I saw it immediately and it made me smile!

Another big Non Scale Victory (NSV) - realizing that a very important part of my week with my son is our classes.   He socializes, the moms socialize, and we teach class together.  He's so used to seeing me move, and smile and help other moms value their health.   THIS is what I want him to think of fitness as he gets older.  That it's FUN.

I wanted to share this photo, because I want to live a long happy life - like this woman here next to me.  My grandmother probably never 'worked out' in the traditional sense, but she has lived a very active life.   Always doing all her own yardwork (since the age of 45 when my grandfather died), scrubbing and cleaning and real grunt work that I'm sure has kept her as healthy as she is today at 90 years old. 

We went away for the long weekend, and THIS was my office - how cool is that? My son napped, I did a little work while listening to the wind blow and the water lap.

But just because it was vacation, doesn't mean I didn't want my ME time.  I crept down stairs in the creeky cabin, and walked through the rain to the garage for 30 minutes of ME time each morning.   And I was happier as a result!

Still had a great view though!

I brought my goodies with me - they make me feel good, so I don't travel with out them!

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