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    6 years ago

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Halfway Point!

Weekly Update: I experienced the loss of a baby at 12 weeks on 6/2 that was taxing emotionally, mentally and physically.  The same day I was supposed to feel 'safe' I found out that my baby's heart had stopped beating.

My body had been prepping - and my food choices were limited based on how I was feeling.  

It's been insanely hard to cope with this - I'm a planner so I already had 'ideas' of what certain dates would look like, or how my body would feel.

With the loss I decided I had two options - sit in bed and cry - or focus on things I know make me FEEL GOOD.   

So there won't be 'a scale' update until I hit my 21st day, but I wanted to share more about how I'm coping.  In the past, stress has led me to eat - which of course leads me to be more stressed and I'm realizing makes it harder to cope with emotions.  Because my brain literally feels 'fuzzy' from the food choices.  I also get down on myself, which makes coping harder - because instead of appreciating what I have done, I get frustrated with how I feel I've failed.

As of today, I'm just over halfway into my 3 week commitment to focus on ME.  I took before photos, measurements and a weight - but my goal is a healthy mind.

I actaully don't 'see' much of a difference yet - but this smile is not one you would have seen in the days that followed June 2nd - proud of myself for slowly getting back to 'me' through healthy habits.

I also have some fun things planned this month (that were planed months ago) including a "night run" which I've never done before - but it's a 5K race and all neon themed! I got these fun glow bracelets at Target for $1 for my friends and I to wear.   This will be my first 5K in close to a year!

I wanted to share this photo, a favorite from last week.   Every other Thursday my son and I get together with my Grandmother and Mom - it's been truly amazing. I love seeing the way my son and grandmother interact - motivation to stay healthy so I can see my great grand children one day as well. 

With our loss, we decided to go away from a family trip - I had remembered someone in one of my Pilates classes telling me about a place called Great Wolf Lodge - I looked it up and it seemed awesome, so we booked it at the last minute. And it WAS awesome!  Perfect for parents because it was pretty much all inclusive (with an indoor water park!) and you could bring your own food (see below).   I loved not having to 'leave the hotel' and then come back for naps, etc.

I am super dedicated to this 21 Day Nutrition and Fitness program - not for weight loss, but to reclaim myself and my health and my sanity to be honest.   I had a weird feeling the gym may be basic, so I brought along my own weights (a fitness band would have worked too but I decided on weights since we were driving).   Glad I did! They had barely any equiptment.

I even packed my energize too!  I love this stuff. 

Here I am in the morning doing my thing!

We brought 99% of our food but had to eat out one meal because of a little slip up on what I packed - opted for breakfast which I find the easiest  meal out for a few reasons...

1.  It's usually a buffet, so you can pick and choose your options
2. As a vegetarian, I find eggs to be the easiest protein source when eating out

This was a great part of the week too! We have monthly Team Meetings for my coaching team and try to get as many people in person as possible.  I love the community and just the fact that we are all 'real' people looking to be happier, healthier and lead fullfilling lives.

Here's some more food from our trip.   A new favorite snack is bananas with PB on them..SO GOOD!  And this is my favorite zucchini casserole (I adapt a little, use whole eggs, add corn, remove the cheese). 

I also packed salad but forgot dressing - so I got creative and added home made sauce - extra veggies and it was actually good!

We got home and had some fruit that was starting to 'turn' so I pulled out the dehydrator (I forgot about it!) and made "Candy" for my son - he loves it!  (Watermelon and Banana). 

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