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    7 years ago

Wednesday, June 8, 2016


Weekly Update:  This week I am chosing to stay off the scale - and actually for the next three weeks.  I took my before photos and for the first time ever they were taken in my bikini instead of shorts and sports bra.  

Unfortunately, I can not share why at this point, but some very hard things happened to my family over the last week and I needed to give myself a fresh start and new outlook on life.   It has nothing to do with the photos even, but it has a lot to do with LIFE.

The last 3 months I have been struggling a lot with nutrition, but it was for something exciting.  Something that was going to be worth it all.   Except on Thursday morning.  A week ago exactly, my world came tumbling down.

I know I will be ok, and I am focusing on all the reasons I have to keep pushing forward, like this little guy.   This little guy is someone I waited for for a very long time, and he was exactly who I needed to be a mother to.   He makes my days hard, afterall he's a toddler! But he also makes me so happy, and so grateful that I was patient and waited for him.

In light of my pain last week and this weekend, I decided to stop everything and spend a day with him at our local lake.    I am grateful that I have a career that allows me that flexibility.  I am grateful that I let myself take the day off with him.

I have been really trying to focus on what I have, instead of what I don't have - and when I do that my heart fills back up.

Due to medical complications and doctor restrictions I had to take close to a week off from my morning fitness.   It was actually the last thing on my mind, but once I was given the clearance, I was excited.  Because the mental release I get when I move is something I missed.

However, when I got up Monday morning ready for my fresh start and new beginning, I was slammed with a lot of emotions.  When I had last done my morning ME time, life was very different.   My future was very different.  My vision for the next few months and year to come was very different.

I had two choices Monday morning.   Go back to bed and cry, or do my workout and be willing to cry along the way.

I chose to do my workout and cry along the way.    Why?  Because crying was going to make me sad, but at least moving would give me a chance of processing things.

And it did.

I have continued to move every morning this week - usually with some, if not a lot of tears.  But it is helping me to have a healthy focus.

And here are the 'before' photos - new start, new outfit for them.  The bikini has nothing to do with body image, but more or less a way of saying 'this is who I am, and where I am now"

My goal is 21 days, I have no weight or size or even photo tranformation goal.  

I love this photo, because it is the first and only wih my son in a before photo.    The joy on his face - Super Ben!    It gives me hope to a happy and full future.

My food news this week (and the next few weeks) will be fun, because with my commitment to me, that means commitment to my nutrition.  Here are a few things I've had over the week.

I forgot how GREAT it tastes to have some well planned healthy foods.  So much  yummier than random meals on the go.

A staple 'quick' meal of mine is a veggie burger on lettuce - so good!

Quinoa and veggie stuffed peppers!

Mexican yummy!

Banana and peanut buttery snack.

And this! One thing I missed the last 3 months was this amazing snack.    My Shakeolgy makes me feel good, energetic, healthy and just overall good.  The last 3 months, I was struggling with some sickness and unable to drink it most days - I would have gone years not drinking it if I needed to, but I am grateful at least that it can be back in my life, because I did miss it.

Stuffed shells! Ricotta, spinach, egg and butternut squash!

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