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    6 years ago

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Small Steps, Big Results

Weekly Update: By now you may be noticing a trend, I'm laying low with weight checks - I'm still taking them but I'm shifting my focus since I've pretty consistently maintained the same weight for a full year now - my focus is going to get off the scale.  I am happy about my 75 pound loss, but happier about all the things I can DO now.

Here is a photo of my family from this weekend.  We went to the Roger Williams Zoo, I remember going almost exactly 2 years ago - and the experience was VERY different. I was uncomfortable the entire day. I wore my son in the Ergo carrier - but it only fit because I had to buy an 'extension' to fit around my stomach, something I was extremely self conscious of at the time.

This time, I went - I had energy, I felt comfortable and I ENJOYED my time with out getting caught up in being hot and cumbersome.

Which brings me to this quote.    My 75 pounds loss, my confidence, my happiness - they did not happen over night.

I repeat:

They did NOT happen over night.

Each day I plug away a little at a time.   Small steps, over time, have gotten me to where I am today.

I dedicate 30 minutes a day, 6 days a week to my fitness, I drink my Shakeology daily, I dedicate one day a week to food prep, I dedicate an hour or two a day to making connections, friendships and helping others.

Each day, for 2 years I have done these things.  And each day I have gotten a little closer to my goals.

Along the way I have found small goals - benchmarks.  One of those goals was when I could teach classes again. Something I loved before having my son - but had no time to do after, and was honestly too embarassed by my size and lack of fitness to do it for a full year after my son was born.

But small steps each day have gotten me not only to a place where  I can teach, but where I can teach WITH my son and help other mothers as well.

Speaking of small steps...


Yep, I get up at 5:30am.  

Why?? I stay home with my son, I work my coaching business when I want to on my schedule.

So WHY do I get up so early?   

Because, it sets the tone for my day, and when I don't do it - I FEEL it all day long.   I feel less energy, I feel less mental clarity, and I'm much more irritable.

These photos are taken 30 minutes apart - I may not look it, but I'm 100% more alive in the bottom one.

I mentioned food prep - some weeks it's more than others, but I try to mentally come up with a plan whether it's full out food prep or just mental plans of easy things I can eat during the week.  This week I made one thing - butternut squash mac and cheese - I made it while my son ate breakfast, it took minimal time to prep - and it has been a life saver this week in terms of my nutrition!

Finished product!

As for easy foods - I'm all about easy!  Every morning for 2 years I have had a shakeology shake and banana on the side - and every morning I am fueled and happy.

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