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    6 years ago

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Making an Impact

I have been reading a lot about mindset, and it truly does affect how I look at my days, and my life.  We don't always have control of what comes our way, but we ALWAYS have control of how we look at it.   

A big topic has been around having 'faith' - not necessarily religious faith, but faith in life itself.  That if you look around, you can always find a way to learn from every experience and have it change your life for the better. 

For example, Thomas's short life has helped me appreciate this little guy more than I ever thought I could.  I loved him more than anything, but since Thomas I have learned to appreciate him, even the hardest days, that much more.

I have also found comfort in spreading love and support in Thomas's honor.  This is my first set of gifts I have put together, each with a handwritten note, for other families and siblings that leave the hospital without their baby.

I continue to work on my personal health daily, which may seem odd - that I have mental capacity to do this.  But honestly, I can't imagine where I'd be if I DIDN'T make this time to eat well, and move each day. I am forever grateful that I was in the habit before Thomas was born, because it lifts me up on the hardest days.

I have a community I work with, and taking photos like this for the group, and seeing all of them working bit by bit, day by day as well, has been extremely helpful for me. 

Moving on with food news, I wanted to share a few simple recipes in this post.   Here is a staple recipe in our house - my son (4) devours them.   Easy, and full of actual foods! 

This one is not so much as a recipe, as it is a suggestion.  Each week, I cut up all the veggies I have on hand, and just simmer them until they are cooked.  This time, I started with sweet potato and regular potato.  Then added onion, peppers and finally spinach.  Easy to add seasoning too and have with any meal during the week!

Another quick & easy food - eggs! I often do eggs with spinach, and if I have room for it, add in cheese, or have with toast.   This week I added in turmeric and black pepper for added nutritional value.

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