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    6 years ago

Monday, October 30, 2017

Happy Halloween!

This week's post is mainly food related, now that the New Year is just around the corner, I decided to take the last 8 weeks of the year and fully commit to my next program, picking an 8 week program I love and committing to the nutrition aspect (goal: 90% with exceptions on actual holidays, but not the slippery slide between).

After a week I am already feeling amazing!

We even lost power on the start of my newest accountability group, so I wasn't able to do my 5:30am workout (I was confused, and not so sure I could shower).    Then once I got up, I got creative about where I'd shower and enlisted this guy to come do a workout in the dark by lantern with me!!

And now for the FOOD!

Here is a treat that I plan to bring to my Pilates classes this week - pumpkin cookies!  Complete with lots of real pumpkin and no refined sugar (and trust me...they get devoured!).

And my 'chicken' salad - with just mayo (vegan mayo),and chickpeas to make a vegan alternative!

This is something I have often, with various variations. I always keep veggies, a variety of frozen veggie burgers, and wraps on hand.  So I can easily put hummus/avocado on a wrap, toss on a frozen veggie burger (it thaws by the time I eat it later in the day, and a variety of whatever veggies I have (peppers, cucumbers, carrots)'s delish!

Another use for the same wraps...cut them up and toast them with pam and pink salt for 'chips' that can be used with peanut butter or fresh salsa!

Here's a basic meal, chickpea tofu, broccoli and cheese!

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