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    6 years ago

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Food Prep!!

Weekly Update: Less than 3 weeks to go!!!   I am feeling larger than large these days.  A little part of me got discouraged when I realized I'm actually on par with what I weighed with my first pregnancy but then I remembered a few things.

1.  This time I started at higher weight, so I've actually gained a lot less
2. I am not even remotely swollen - a HUGE win since last time it was cankle city
3. I am continuing to workout, something I gave up much earlier in my pregnancy last time

So with all that being said, it's about honoring my body, and keeping myself accountable and healthy post partum as well.

And here it is - training to be a newborn mom?  I continue to get up each morning at 5:30 for my workouts, I am actually a little sad that I'll have to miss my workouts moving forward for a few weeks, but I'm pretty sure I'll still be up at 5:30am!

This little guy continues to stay with me through it all, I wish I could know what it felt like to be him during the course of the day!

And here I am with my first little one - the three of us workout together once a week.  Here we are after being awarded 'workout medals' after our weekend routine!

Food news!!! I've been getting sort of lazy with food - meaning I need it to be quick, so I went Italian a few nights - packed with veggies (homemade sauce and broccoli), measured out pasta, and ricotta for protein, packs a lot of nutrients and is SUPER easy to throw together.

And here's another protein and veggie packed meal - butternut squash pizza!

And of course pumpkin cookies, relatively healthy (not totally, but also way better than most!)

Another favorite prep that we've been doing - pre making eggs at the beginning of the week.  Scrambling up eggs and spinach before the week starts has made it super easy for a fast meal or snack instead of having to cook them on the spot (that's also easy, but I'm trying to cut as many breaks as I can these days with time!)

And here's another Italian dish I made that's super easy and full of veggies and protein!

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