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    6 years ago

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Final Month!

Weekly Update: One month to go!!! Or less?!  I am super proud of myself for staying so active this pregnancy but I'm definitely noticing myself 'slowing down' - that being said, my current version of slow is still so much stronger than when I started my health journey 3 years ago.

This photo is of me holding a pose instead of 'jumping' - I'm ok with SOME moves being jumping, but others just feel weird.   So I am doing what I can, and still so proud of being so strong!

Here is a move I can still jump with - squats/burpees I find easier (oddly) than things like sumo jumps.

Don't let the workout clothes fool you - by day I'm all belly!  My son took this photo of "his baby" and I'm actually pretty impressed with the shot he got!   Workouts are easy, every day life is hard!

One thing a baby bump is good for?  Catching sweat!

And one more belly shot, just because I find them fun - I had to bend over for this one to see my toes, but it's a fun view to see just how much by body is changing these days.

Despite not always being as 'strong' as I had been pre pregnancy (for obvious reasons), I'm proud that I've yet to miss a single morning workout.   These are important to me because they give me my 'alone' time, they start my day out with a positive attitude, and I never have an excuse not to do my workout because there's nothing else I'd be doing that early in the morning!!

One tip I have besides 'just getting up' - is smiling! The second I get up I snap a photo with a smile, it really helps with my mood!

I've also been really working on spending some quality time with my son - not that we won't have time after the baby comes, but I know life is about to get a lot harder.  Here we are enjoying "Mexico" with bubbles and tubes!

I haven't yet taken this week's photo - but here's a fun comparison from the prior two weeks - I am seeing the 'shape' of my stomach change from week to week!

This week was bitter sweet for me in a few ways - it marked the first week of my "Maternity Leave" from teaching.  I remember being pregnant with Ben and counting down the days until I could take off from work.  This time is different.  Between coaching and teaching, I LOVE what I do.  While coaching is my primary job these days, it enables me to be able to have the flexibility to teach these Mommy & Me classes - and I didn't realize just how MUCH I loved them until this week when I realized I won't be teaching for a few months. 

Food news....

I've been craving ICE like crazy.  It must be a pregnancy thing, normally I don't like ice! So instead of just chewing ice all day, I've been using it as an opportunity to make some really 'icey' shakes - most recently Cafe Latte has been my favorite!

Including some wild blueberries we picked and froze from NH last year!

Here's my food prep for the week (along with grilling and eggs!),  Stuffed shells! Packed with veggies and protein - the stuffing is spinach, ricotta, egg, sage and butternut squash.

And here is the grilling!  How do you feed a family with different dietary needs?  You do a buffet!!! 

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