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    6 years ago

Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Weekly Update:  Getting down to the wire!!  With my first pregnancy, I was put on bed rest unexpectedly at 37 weeks - now I'm at 36 weeks and refuse to take any workout for granted. And not just workouts - but moving FREELY for granted.  So as I move the next few days and weeks it is for nothing other than the PRIVILEGE of being 'able' to.  I challenge you, pregnant or not - if you are ABLE, don't let the opportunity to 'move' pass you by.

That being said, my movements are slower at best - here is a fun photo from the weekend where I realized I can barely see my feet even sitting these days!  Bending over is more than a chore (it's flat out impossible!) and I get winded often.

Here is a fun 4 year comparison - my first pregnancy and my current.  I don't look much different, older and in less clothes, about the same weight now - but I FEEL a lot different. I have more energy, I'm still moving consistently and my mindset is a heck of a lot different as well.

One thing I particularly like about my workouts these days are that I do them at home, in my time in my space - at MY pace.  I can modify, pause the video, take a break if I need to- and as a result I can continue to maintain my strength without risking injury.

This weekend was also proof that my fitness and consistency is paying off.  We went on a family trip for Mother's Day (a week early) to Boston.  I LOVE Boston, but it's a heck of a lot of walking around - I have to say the most physically draining part of the trip was the hotel beds!  We did about 5 hours of walking around on Sunday and I didn't get sore at ALL the next day - this is a huge win even not pregnant!

Here is another fun shot from our weekend away taking the T.  

While my nutrition wasn't 100% over the weekend, I did what I could to balance out my meals. I made smart choices at restaurants AND brought my trusty Shakeology to start the day.

Once we got home, it was right back to business, not because of how it makes me 'look' but because of how it makes me FEEL.

Here is a staple in our house - Ezekial English muffins - they are found in the freezer section because they are all whole natural ingredients (sprouted grains versus flours).   I like to grill one on the stove with a teaspoon of olive oil..YUM!

And eggs! Always a must in this house - we've been making a weekly batch of them and that way it saves even more time in the mornings just to grab a portion and eat them up!

Here is another photo from our trip away - my cooler with snacks for my son and I, as well as my trusty bananas!

Another quick prep tip - cook a bunch of ingredients and store separately, then you can make various meals with them.  Here is a fajita bowl I made out of sauteed peppers/onions, rice and tofu!

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