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    6 years ago

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Rough Week!

Weekly Update:  This week was HARD to get motivated!! I woke up with a headache more days than not and got some uneasiness in my stomach a few days too - but I KNOW if I stop, it will be near impossible to pick it back up.  Thanks to my all access streaming though I had no excuse -  today I picked something I could mentally handle but I still moved!

I'm also proud to say I finally got back to some food prep after a week of wishy washy food prep (see my latest posts sharing recipes!!).  

And HERE is why I am not giving up  - at 22 weeks pregnant, I'm bigger and rounder and slower- but I also know that moving will help me in so many ways (and my baby!).  So there is no excuse NOT to do it in my opinion.

And for this little guy - he's a reminder of the first year I spent being so unhappy, out of shape and tired.  I know I'll be tired again after the baby comes, but for the baby AND my son I need to be a better mom and that includes making time for MY health now and post baby.   

Recipes were posted in different links, but here are my two main meals for the week!! Vegan potato soup (creamy!!) and vegan stuffed peppers (but you can add cheese before you heat up for some cheesiness at any point!


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