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    6 years ago

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Meet yourself where YOU are.

Weekly Update:  Two words can be used to sum up this week: Tired and Migraines.  Yep, it's been a HARD week. I'm also noticing that my workouts are getting harder despite being consistent and that I'm actually getting weaker.   Super frustrating after spending 2 years getting stronger and more fit each day.    But I continue to push forward because I know that if I didn't, it would make things that much harder both now and after the baby comes!  

It's not always easy, glamorous or fun, but I know how it does I keep on keeping on! 

And a big part of WHY is this little guy - he deserves having a mom who is healthy and a mom who has energy!

So for that, I wake up each morning before the rest of the house is awake and I press play.  Doing it in the morning means I don't have to stress about it, and because I"m home, I don't need to battle with excuses why I can't 'make it' to the gym.

This quote sums up my week - I may not be where I thought I'd be, but I'm working hard to accept where I am and be proud of my ACTIONS.

24 weeks pregnant and lifting weights is something to be proud of, regardless of anything else!

And focusing on my nutrition, while not perfect, I've been 10 times better than when I was pregnant with my son and 'eating for 2' - I literally used pregnancy as an excuse to gain weight last time.  This time I may be gaining, but mentally it's not intentional and that is a BIG distinction. 

I've gone back to some foods I know make me feel good - like peanut butter and a banana in a wrap as a go-to snack.

And this new favorite - steel cut oats, maple syrup, apple and walnuts!!


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