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    6 years ago

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Migraines and Pregnancy!

Weekly Update:  I have continued to keep up with my healthy habits with a few stumbles - about 2 weeks ago I started getting headaches, then some nausea finally culminating with optical symptoms this past weekend - then it clicked. MIGRAINES!! I get them about once a month but the symptoms tend to all come together so having them separate was confusing me.  That being said it's put a bit of a damper on my workout intensity, but I'm continuing to move and listening to my body!

I'm also allowing for more sleep, and hydrating! 

You may not believe it by this photo but I have been starting my workouts a half hour later each day. It's been hard because that means I don't have time to do my personal reading (something that lifts my mind and spirit), but I'm at least able to get up and move!

Here I am squatting with 40lb dumbells - who says you can't workout pregnant? Certainly not me OR my doctor!

And baby boy is thriving - I am bigger than I had anticipated, but also focusing on being proud of my ACTIONS.  Through my 75 pound weight loss journey after having my son, I learned to focus on actions instead of results, the results and strength follow when you do things to strengthen your brain and mentality around it all.

And I'm also continuing to teach Mommy and Me Pilates a few times a week - don't let this photo fool you - my son talks as much as I move - but I love that I have the flexibility now with coaching to be able to teach classes to other moms (something I would not have had time to do had I been working my prior career), and the added benefit is that  my son sees this as the 'norm' - that fitness is fun!

Here's a quick tutorial and some before/afters of my make up routine.  Not fitness related but totally mental health related.  I have stopped wearing make up most days, but recently was reminded about how happy it makes me feel to have it on!  For no one else but myself - the routine takes about 5 minutes and puts a smile on my face all day!

And here I am contemplating my migraines - luckily the doctor did give me a new medicine to try to ease them - fingers crossed it works!

I've also been focusing on bananas and water (two natural headache remedies) as well as adding more turmeric to my days (it's already in my Shakeology, thankfully), but I've been adding it to my eggs too. It's a great natural remedy for inflammation!

I feel confident that I'm doing the BEST I can with nutrition starting my days with this and fitness.

And some food news! I made an oldie but goodie the other day - my favorite butternut squash pizza

And of course this amazing potato soup from the other day (soooo tasty and vegan!)


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