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    6 years ago

Wednesday, October 5, 2016


Weekly Update: This week is fun - I'm spending the next 3 weeks doing something I typically HATE.   But I work on a daily basis to help support people to do things that they don't think they can do, so as a result I thought I should do something I don't think I can do.  And guess what, I'm actually ENJOYING IT!

Imagine that, I am enjoying yoga.  

I still love my intense workouts, but this program has been phenomenal. I particularly like the way they map it out. The cues are phenomenal, and I'm actually feeling a little sore, but also very calm after.   And I am not getting bored or anxious like I usually do with yoga!

Here I am at the end of my first practice - it's a big deal that I've done three days in a row of yoga, and a bigger deal that I'm enjoying it!

Here's another favorite photo from this week.  My little guy watching me teach class to my Mommy & Me group.  Every week we do an out door Boot Camp class together - and this is the highlight of my son's week! He gets so excited for 'the outside class' - and so do I !

I rarely get shots of me in action - but my mom was at class this week and snapped this one!

Food news - After a few weeks I decided to make my favorite pizza - butternut squash! I love LOVE this recipe. I made it up a few months ago when there was an issue with the cauliflower crop, and it's been a staple in my diet ever since!

As has this! My beloved Shakeology, even my little guy loves it!

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