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    6 years ago

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Push Through

Weekly Update: I know I said I'd never avoid the scale, but here I am avoiding it!   Since last June when I had my miscarriage my food has been all over the place.  Some good weeks, some good days, some terrible weeks days or months.   I'm not proud of it, but I AM proud that I continue to try, and continue to workout each and every day - without fail!

I still haven't brought myself to look at the number yet, however I had a big eye opening experience when I went in for a doctor's appointment this past week.  She basically said that I was not at a great weight.

Not news to me- but still I felt very uncomfortable hearing it.   Funny how that happens.  But the thing is - being uncomfortable won't help me.  SNAPPING OUT OF IT will! 

So it's time to let go- time to let go of the loss, not forget it, but let go of the emotional eating.  Let go of the fear.   Let go of the sadness and move on.

I got home from the dr, made myself a SOLID lunch (veggie burger and red peppers on a wrap) and I am moving on.

I talk a lot about my WHY.  There are immediate WHYs - like being able to do fun things with my son, feeling good, having energy.  But there are also WHYs like this. My grandmother while she has never really 'worked out' in the traditional sense has always been active.   She raised 7 kids, and has always been a very hard worker - widowed at 45, she worked and took care of the house including mowing her extremely large lawn through her 80s.  

My longer term WHY is to be like this woman - at 90 and still able to take walks, still in my own home, still as healthy as I can be for 90.

My other WHY continues to be this guy.   While my food has been off - we still teach our Mommy & Me classes together each week.   He still sees that fitness is a big part of my life and it's FUN.   During this week's class shortly after this photo was taken, I was doing some bridges and he announced (proudly) to the room "My mommy and I do this exercise in the basement at home!" and he's right - when I do my morning workouts he joins me on the weekends.   He is seeing me, he is watching me and he is having FUN with me.

My nutrition hasn't been all bad either - I still continue to start my days with my Shakeology and my banana - I can't imagine it any other way!  And this along with my workout are two things I'm insanely proud of. 

That and my water!

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