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    6 years ago

Wednesday, October 12, 2016


Weekly Update: I've been focusing differently the past 2 weeks.  I typically focus on strength, physical goals like number of push ups, or pull ups or endurance goals.  As well as goals related to my nutrition/healthy choices.

Those goals are all still important to me - but with the last 2 weeks of yoga (something that was extremely hard for me to commit to). I have been focusing more internally.

It was a HUGE commitment for me to decide to do 21 straight days of yoga.

Historically, yoga makes me anxious, stressed and extremely uncomfortable.

I know that sounds bizarre, but it's true.'

But this time is different. 

This particular program is amazing.  Every day for 21 days, it's a different practice.   They build on each other, but no day repeats.  

Each week is a different instructor, which also makes it fun and keeps it interesting.

But most importantly is HOW the instructors have been teaching.

I've been able to get more out of this program than any of my prior experiences with yoga.  

I've been able to look deep - think about myself, my coping, my INNER STRENGTH.

I love this particular quote because it really drives home the purpose of being healthy - and it has nothing to do with a size pants.

It has everything to do with the fact that we are only given ONE body.  One body to live our lives, and leave our legacy.

Short food news section this week - but these are both of my favorite recipes!!   I made my beloved butternut squash pizza - taking advantage of squash season!

And this newer recipe - butternut squash mac and cheese!! Who says comfort foods have to be bad for you?!

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