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    6 years ago

Monday, March 21, 2016

Reality Post!

Weekly Update! No weigh in this week - focusing on moving forward!

I am starting a new program - so I took new before photos!  I decided to wear the tiniest shorts I own because I intend on having them look much better in 8 weeks!   So here it is - my post cruise, post flu before shot!

And while I say it doesn't matter where I am coming from, I do like to  remember that  this mentality has gotten me so far both on a physical level but also with the ability to continue to move on. I know I had posted in the last blog, I totally enjoyed my cruise and do not regret it at all, but it's time to move on and get myself back into feeling good and energetic!

I love to use post-its on my workout programs because quite honestly I am Type A and HATE to have mark ups  on my calendars!   Plus it's fun and colorful!

I got this out of storage too after talking to someone the other night - a jump rope!  I am not very coordinated but I plan to start using it a little each day.

I had the flu for a good 4 days, so I wasn't able to really spend too much time with my little guy, but the time we did spend was fun!

This guy really is my why.  This is a photo take of the two of us during one of our Mommy & Me Pilates classes.  He is a very big part of the class and we talk a lot about how he 'helps mommy teach' - he's my reason for all of this.

My husband is awesome - I was so sick and we really had very few groceries yet he managed to pull together two GREAT meals for me for the week for dinners and lunches.   These butternut squash and
spinach stuffed shells (sooo good)...

and a butternut squash mach and cheese that I've been eating with a veggie burger for some extra protein!

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