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    6 years ago

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

33 Weeks and Counting!

Weekly Update: This week I'm starting to realize how SOON this baby is coming!!   I am continuing with my morning workouts, and teaching 3 classes a week (normally this time of year it's 5, but I've slowly been ramping down with teaching).   It's interesting to me, my daily workouts are modified but actually not that hard compared to my daily activities like putting on my sneakers, and walking up the stairs!

I think many women see those things as hard and imagine that workouts must be impossible, but the reality is when I workout (especially at home), I can modify, no one is watching me, I feel STRONG.  
Teaching has been amazing, but I will admit that it's getting harder to demonstrate moves, but at home I don't have to worry about modifying because it's me, my weights and my tv!

So here it is, my favorite quote from this morning's workout - no matter your struggle the only thing standing between you and your goals is YOU.  There is always a way.

I am just so grateful for the support and tools I have with coaching - they are making this pregnancy so much more manageable in general - and having a toddler, well - you need energy! So while every day stuff is hard, I'm still able to have energy and fun with my son (I can't imagine having this much energy the way I was eating with my first pregnancy!)

And here we are with our once a week workout together - he plays most of the video, but occasionally will jump in for some moves - here he is with 'his' weights (3lbs) doing some chest presses with me!

Another favorite quote from this week - coaching, as well as working on my own personal journey has helped me a lot as a PERSON, weight loss, strength, and physical health aside, it's helped me mentally and emotionally.

It's also allowed me time with this little guy that I'd never have had if I was still tied to my corporate job.   I 'get' to teach classes with him.  Teaching classes is a hobby, it is very hard to teach enough classes (even with my own LLC) to pay the bills and cover expenses associated with having your own business (rent, gas, insurance), but I LOVE it, which is why I do it.  And I would have never been able to have the time to teach these classes if I was working my old job.   

And THIS guy is my why 100% through and through.

Here I am at a team dinner with some of the amazing women on my coaching team. I love how we can get together and just have fun - I used to DREAD work dinners (yep, totally dreaded them), but these days I love them.

While I may not 'look' how I expected to pregnant, I feel 100% better than I ever imagined.   And I'm proud that I'm comfortable taking photos like this, and that my son SEES me being comfortable.

Less than 2 months until we meet this little nugget!

In food news!   The company just came out with our NEWEST flavors - vegan varieties of the vanilla and cafe latte.  I lean towards vegan so I was super excited to taste test, and they passed!!!

Here are some of my foods from the week - This is loaded up with veggies (the sauce is a TON of veggies).

And we officially started grilling season!

Another go-to for me is eggs (see the sauce under them..I love it!)

And I'm back to brussel sprouts as well - cooked with garlic, turmeric and fresh pepper for added nutritional benefits and flavor..YUM!

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